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What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a unique and very popular messaging app that connects the users in a quick and efficient manner. With this state-of-the-art social networking app, users can share files, songs, contacts, and visuals with one tap on the screen, and can send instant messages to the added connections. Besides that, WhatsApp also offers audio/video calling functionality, account privacy settings, block options, and online payment functionality to better engage the users while satisfying their needs. Due to such versatile and comprehensive benefits, many marketers are today actively investing in apps like WhatsApp.
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Easy Marketing

Easily market your WhatsApp clone app amongst millions across boundaries by leveraging its successful marketing models.

Assured Success

Get 100% success and better profits with less effort and in less time by investing in a reliable WhatsApp clone app.

Low Investments

Invest with less money and get guaranteed hundred percent returns on your investment in less time with our professional services.

Better Reach

Reach to millions and promote your brand easily with a popular and highly-customized WhatsApp clone app.

Unique Features of WhatsApp Clone App to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for the WhatsApp clone app that make your social networking app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
User Management

Manage your app users and add the new ones by validating their details and contact information with a one-time password.

Payment Management

Make it secure and effective for your users to send/receive payments through WhatsApp clone app by encrypting the details.

Account Management

Manage multiple accounts including the business accounts of your WhatsApp clone app with all their details.

Updates Notification

Send all the updates of your WhatsApp clone app including the update alerts to offer a smooth app experience to your users.

App Settings

Manage your WhatsApp clone app with all its settings including the font style, payment interface, background, and much more.

Privacy Policy

Make sure all your users follow your privacy policies and alert them for disputed messages by offering privacy policy in profile creation.

Group Management

Approve the users to form groups and manage their details including shared files, messages, policies, admin details, and more.

In-App Advertising

Advertise your products/services amongst all your users with personalized messages through your WhatsApp clone app.

Stock Level

Make store management easy for your partners and enhance their sales by offering stock management and re-ordering functionality.

Confirm Order

Through the Instacart clone, the store owners can confirm the grocery delivery orders by stock and time availability.

Contact Customer

Ensure an accurate delivery to the right person and at the right time by connecting the store owners and customers.

Delivery Schedule

Enable the store partners to contact the delivery agents directly through the Instacart clone for pick-up and drop.

Track Orders

Facilitate transparency to all your users and store partners by enabling them to track the grocery delivery in real-time.

Earnings Report

Offer a centralized and visual-rich dashboard to your store partners for viewing their sales, orders, and total earnings.

Online Invoicing

Help the store owners to send online invoices and bills to their customers and delivery agents through your Instacart clone.

Customer Queries

Provide the complete reviews and reports of the customers to your store partners and help them improve their services.

Profile Creation

Offer a quick and easy registration process to your users and enable them to create a detailed profile as per their preferences.

Account Privacy

Offer complete account authority to your users and let them manage their account’s privacy as per their will.

File Sharing

Include file sharing options and enable your users to share/receive files of all types including docs and mp4 tracks.


Provide a multilingual messaging platform to your users to facilitate streamline communications with emojis and GIFs.

Audio/Video Calling

Enable your users to connect with their added connections in real-time through calling functionality.

Business Accounts

Offer the businesses and professionals to create groups/business accounts for targeting their products/services to their connections.

Status Sharing

Offer various image filters, text editors, and status sharing options to your WhatsApp clone app users for better engagement.

Online Payments

Make it easy for your users to send/receive the online payments directly through your WhatsApp clone app in a secure way.

Delivery Alerts

Help your delivery partners to receive alerts and accept the delivery orders as soon as the store confirms.

Order Details

Offer a complete detail of the grocery orders along with the payment status and delivery location to the drivers.

Contact Customer

Eliminate confusion for your delivery partners and help them accept the orders on time by connecting them with stores.

Contact Customer

Facilitate a fast, secure, and accurate grocery delivery by connecting the delivery agents with the customers.


Offer a secure route to your delivery partners and ensure complete safety of your assets and drivers in real-time

Total Earnings

Help your delivery agents to calculate their total earnings including tips from each of the orders through in-app calculator.

Confirm Delivery

Enable your drivers to confirm the grocery delivery by scanning the signatures of the customers through the Instacart clone.

Ratings and Reviews

Help the delivery service partners improve their services by offering them the ratings and reviews provided by the customers.

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How does WhatsApp Work?

Experience a user-friendly, customizable, and risk-free social networking app development with our experts. Here’s how a WhatsApp clone app works for your business.
  • 1
    Profile Creation

    The user has to create a profile giving their contact information, email address, profile picture, username, and so on.

  • 2
    In-App Advertising

    Once the user gets registered, they can create groups and can promote their products/services in front of all the group members.

  • 3
    Instant Messaging

    If any of the group members is interested in a specific service/product, they can instantly chat with the admin to get more details.

  • 4
    Online Payments

    Through WhatsApp clone app, the user can finalize the product to be purchased and can make online payments to the admin.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App like WhatsApp?

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Calculating the cost of a WhatsApp clone app that offers similar kind of experience, and features to its users is somewhat a tedious task. But, with our professional expertise and certified app developers, all your concerns could be simplified easily. Right from validation of ideas to selection of latest and reliable tech-stack, features, and simple interface designs; our tech-savvy and proficient engineers strive to deliver the best for your custom app development project. Moreover, with our agile development methodology and automated testing, you could save huge on the total cost and time for your custom WhatsApp clone app. So, eliminate the hurdle of budget and fill our form for a cost-effective and profitable development.

Core Technologies Behind App like WhatsApp

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we make WhatsApp Clone?

Yes, you can definitely make a WhatsApp clone app that satisfies your business needs and matches the standards of your services. For developing an app like WhatsApp, you need to consider some crucial aspects like validating your ideas from experts, choosing the next-gen features with reliable tech-stack, hiring best UI/UX designers, testing your app, and submitting on various platforms. 

2. How to use the WhatsApp clone app?

You can use a WhatsApp clone app to promote your products/services amongst global audiences and brand enthusiasts. To do so, you firstly have to register on the app, and then you can create groups or can send personalized messages to each of your prospects to make it a lead. Apart from that, you can even share stories, files, contacts, or can even accept/send payments via WhatsApp clone app. 

3. Is WhatsApp clone safe?

Yes, WhatsApp clone is absolutely safe and secure. We always make sure to test your app and include all the security tools to protect it from third-party attacks. Besides that, we even follow agile methodology which ensures a safe and cost-effective app development. 

4. Which is the best app like WhatsApp?

There are many messaging apps that you can use to make your custom social networking clones for your business. To name a few, we have: 

  • WeChat 
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Telegram

5. How can you ensure a quality WhatsApp clone app development?

We follow an agile methodology for developing and testing your WhatsApp clone app. That means, at every stage, you are involved in the process which further ensures that app is made as per your expectations. 

6. How does WhatsApp make revenue?

WhatsApp makes revenue by using two monetization models, namely subscriptionbased model, and data management model. In the first one, the extra features and perks are given to specific users that have opted for a premium subscription model. In the latter one, all our data that is stored in WhatsApp is offered to the companies that deal in products/services matching our interests.  

7. Why invest in a WhatsApp clone app?

WhatsApp today is one the best leading instant messaging platform users all over the world. Right from businesses to teenagers, and even professionals. Everyone makes use of this instant messaging application due to its easy use and advanced functionalities. In such a case, if you launch another messaging app like WhatsApp, then it is sure that you will earn great profits and customer reach in just a small time.  

8. Do you offer app submission with social networking app development services?

Yes, we do offer app submission services with our WhatsApp clone app. However, that service is paid and it impacts the overall time and cost of your project. So, to avoid any future issues and to get an accurate time and cost estimation you should always mention app submission in your initial project requirement document. That way, our experts will have a better idea of your project and its deadline.  

9. How can I ensure security and privacy of my business ideas?

We sign an NDA that binds all of us to share your ideas and features with any of your competitors. The NDA is signed before the starting of any project that eliminates us from claiming that project once it is built and launched.  

10. Are you a copyright owner of WhatsApp?

No, we are not copyright owners of WhatsApp. However, with our professional and agile development approach and years-long expertise, we deal in making custom apps like WhatsApp. Right from features, to designs, everything can be chosen by you for creating your custom WhatsApp clone app. To know more, you can fill our form below!