Tata Power SMRD Case Study

Tata Power SMRD – Automating Electricity Meter Reading for Efficiency

Developing the Tata Power SMRD application presented Matellio with a significant challenge: digitizing the electricity meter reading and billing process for over 25,000 consumers daily. The objective was to create a solution that not only enhances efficiency and accuracy but also adapts to connectivity challenges. 

Matellio’s solution included features like offline sync, automated bill generation, efficient customer assignment, and real-time data processing. The focus was on creating a robust, user-friendly, and efficient system. 

The launch of the Tata Power SMRD app has revolutionized the electricity billing process. Its capacity to handle large-scale operations efficiently and accurately has made it a pivotal tool in Tata Power’s digital transformation, highlighting Matellio’s expertise in developing scalable and impactful solutions for the energy sector.

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