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Track your calls and eliminate poor customer services with state-of-the-art call accounting software developed by Matellio. Promote personalized customer services and optimize your telecommunication budgets by tracking outbound and inbound calls, automatically routing them, and eliminating unattended calls.
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    What is

    Optimize Network Activities while Complying with Regulations through Call Accounting Software

    Control your telecommunication budget while ensuring it is only used for productive calls through a smart call accounting solution. Boost the productivity of your sales and marketing team by tracking their calls and routings and ensuring that no call is left unattended. As a leading telecom software development company, we offer you cutting-edge services that help you optimize your network bandwidth and trunking configurations. You can check the effectiveness of your customer service staff while securing your network’s data from online attacks. Monitor your communications and get the perfect insights into your telecom processes through our smart call accounting software development services.
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    Compliant Services

    Shield your telecom processes against security threats and facilitate regulatory compliance by aggregating, monitoring, and analyzing data.

    Lower Operational Cost
    Cost Saving

    Track your inbound and outbound calls and eliminate those that are not business-centric, thereby cutting the telecom operations cost.

    Happy Customers

    Automate your client handling and call routing process through AI-driven modules and resolve your customer queries in real-time.

    More Productivity

    Maximize the effectiveness of your staff by managing the non-business calling activities, and get real-time insights into every call you receive through clients.

    Top Features to Add in a Call Accounting Software Solution

    Call Recording

    The call accounting solution records and indexes voice communication occurring through the network.

    Call Securing

    You can limit the financial liabilities due to fraud by employing various fraud prevention techniques.

    Call Monitoring

    Monitor your inbound and outbound calls to streamline your services, sales, and marketing operations.

    Call Invoicing

    Track the calls made through your systems and get accurate details of the calls while automating your invoice generation process.

    Customer Support

    Get a full suite of call center functionalities for retaining and acquiring new customers, resolving queries, and promoting new products.

    Call CRM Tool

    Get complete details and needs of your customers and target them with amazing offers they cannot deny through CRM integration.

    Call Scripting

    You can easily identify all the incoming call sources and provide your agents with campaign scripting and extra information.

    Call Tracking

    Recognize the source of incoming calls and locations, track who handled that call, and know the status of that call from lead’s perspective.

    Need More Exclusive Features for Your Call Accounting Software?

    Connect with our experts to discuss your ideas and get the best features matching your needs and modern-day trends.

    Our Call Accounting Software Development Services

    Explore various next-gen software development services that promote growth and innovation for your brand.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Will you consider my ideas during the product development?

    The best part about us is that we function according to agile principles. That helps us iterate the project during its development and include your feedback to enhance the product even before it is created. 

    2. What are the steps you follow for developing custom call accounting software?

    We follow the agile development methodology for all our software development projects. We change our approach according to your needs and provide you with timely updates of your project after every sprint release, thus saving your testing cost and time. Our development process includes:   

    • Validating your business idea   
    • Offering you the best features and designs for MVP   
    • Creating a minimum viable product based on your requirements   
    • Developing your product   
    • Testing your call accounting software   
    • Deploying on your choice of platforms   

    3. How long does it take to create a custom call accounting system?

    Many crucial factors, including features, platform selection, and customizations, can impact your development time. Besides that, the number of resources you hire can also affect the time taken for complete software development. Hence, the best way to figure out an exact time estimate is to fill out our consultation form below. Our experts will carefully analyze your requirements to give you an accurate time estimate.    

    4. What is the cost of developing custom call accounting software?

    Similar to the time, the cost of developing your custom solution depends on multiple factors and majorly on your requirements. For instance, if you plan to launch a solution with advanced features and tech-stack, it would surely add to your budget more than a solution with a mix of basic and advanced features. Hence, you can fill out our consultation form below to discuss your needs and get a free no-obligation quote from our experts.    

    5. What other services do you offer with call accounting software development?

    You get a comprehensive range of professional services, including technology consultation, testing, UI/UX, software re-engineering, code review, market analysis, app development, tech integration, third-party API integration, and even cloud integration services. You can connect with us to know more about our offerings.    

    6. Will you offer post-launch support services for my project?

    Indeed, we will. You can access any of our post-launch services at affordable rates to enhance your project’s specifications. We offer services tailored to your brand, from data and platform migration to support and maintenance, testing, UI/UX, and even feature and tech updates.    

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