1+1 Senior Care

1+1 Senior Care by Matellio

When embarking on the development of “1+1 Senior Care,” Matellio faced a significant challenge. The goal was to transform the operations of 1+1 Cares, a caregiving agency heavily reliant on manual processes, into a streamlined, efficient digital system. 

Matellio’s response was a robust, HIPAA-compliant digital solution comprising a mobile app for caregivers and care seekers, and a web-based administration panel for the agency’s operational team. This solution integrated secure document verification and automated several key processes, including caregiver matching and financial accounting. 

The impact of this transformation was substantial. The new system reduced the caregiver onboarding process from days to minutes, enhancing the overall efficiency of the operations. The platform’s insights module improved referral performance tracking and efficient handling of accounting tasks, contributing to substantial operational improvements. Both operators and end-users now enjoy a more efficient, user-friendly digital experience. 

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