VirTry Case Study

VirTry – Revolutionizing Online Shopping with Virtual Try-On

Developing “VirTry,” a virtual try-on and shopping platform, presented Matellio with the challenge of creating an innovative eCommerce solution. The objective was to develop a platform that allows users to visually try headphones and personalize their shopping experience. 

Matellio’s solution included real-time fitting using the phone’s camera, picture upload and editing, role-based access, and a customizable shopping experience. The focus was on creating an intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly shopping platform. 

The launch of VirTry has transformed the way users shop for headphones online. Its virtual try-on feature and user-centric design have made it a leader in the eCommerce market, enhancing the overall online shopping experience. This development highlights Matellio’s expertise in developing advanced eCommerce solutions. 

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