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The road to creating a perfect product always demands effort. Our continuous testing services aims at helping clients build their solution in the best way possible. At Matellio, you can rely on experts to handle everything and exhaust every test case. Continuous testing is a vital part of our process, and we ensure to do everything perfectly.

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    Build the Perfect Solution with Our Continuous Testing Services

    In our continuous testing services, we run automated tests throughout the software development lifecycle to provide rapid feedback on the software's quality. Our testers ensure maximum usability and see through every aspect of building the perfect product. If you plan a scalable app or software, continuous testing is essential for development. When you hire Matellio, you can avail a range of expertise our developers carry for different industries.
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    Helps Find Errors

    Our continuous testing methodologies help detect almost every possible outcome and error early on.

    Accelerates Testing

    Through automation testing methods like continuous testing, the product is tested automatically.

    Increase Release Rate

    The continuous testing approach ensures a perfect end product, which can be released early.

    Reduce Business Risks

    Testing eliminates all possibilities of failure, ensuring your business and product thrive.

    Why Matellio for Continuous Testing?

    Our focus has always been on creating top-quality technology solutions, and our team of QAs and testers includes some of the industry's best minds.
    Test Automation Leaders

    Our experts are some of the finest quality assurers across the world, you can depend on us to create the perfect and scalable application.

    Immediate ROI

    You can assume benefits starting day 1, the application would be tested throughout the course and saves you time and money on recoding.

    Seamless CI/CD Integration

    Continuous input, continuous delivery enables us to automate the entire process and test cases for the application to come out as required.

    Insightful Reporting
    Insightful Reporting

    Every bug and error is documented, rectified, and made sure the same mistakes won’t be repeated again, along with a detailed report.

    Want the Best Product Development for your Business?

    Hire our dedicated continuous testing experts at a flexible pricing model to create the perfect product.

    Continuous Testing Services Matellio Provides

    Explore the quality assurance services we offer under continuous testing.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is continuous testing in DevOps?

    Continuous testing in DevOps is a software testing approach that involves testing software applications continuously throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). It is an integral part of the DevOps process that enables faster and more frequent releases of high-quality software. 

    2. What is continuous integration testing?

    Continuous integration testing (CI testing) is a software development practice that involves continuously building, testing, and integrating code changes into a shared repository as part of the continuous integration process in the CI/CD pipeline. CI testing aims to ensure that the code changes made by developers are integrated and tested frequently and automatically, reducing the risk of bugs or conflicts and making it easier to detect and resolve issues as early as possible. 

    3. How is continuous testing better?

    Continuous testing automates the entire testing process, from unit testing to acceptance testing, and integrates testing into the CI/CD pipeline. This approach enables developers and testers to detect issues early in the SDLC, fix them quickly, and release high-quality software faster.

    4. How much does continuous testing cost?

    The cost of implementing continuous testing can vary depending on various factors, such as the size of the organization, the complexity of the software development process, the type of testing required, the number of developers and testers involved, the infrastructure required, and the tools and technologies used. 

    5. Can I hire testers or quality assurance engineers for an ongoing project?

    Of course, we offer a range of staff augmentation services to make that possible. You can hire our resources for projects or contracts as you require; we will take care of everything else.  

    6. Are continuous testing and automation testing the same?

    No, continuous testing and automation testing are not the same, but they are related. While automation testing is part of continuous testing, continuous testing also includes additional processes such as test planning, test design, and test execution management, which are not necessarily related to automation. Continuous testing is focused on the entire software development process. It aims to continuously provide feedback on the quality of the software, while automation testing focuses on the execution of specific tests using software tools.