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What is DeliveryMark?

DeliveryMark is a prominent name in the courier delivery market that has been catering to the needs of businesses and customers since its inception in 2013. This unique and easy-to-use app is specifically built for truckers, logistics businesses, shippers, and businesses that are willing to offer home delivery services to their customers. With this trendy and futuristic on-demand app, businesses make huge profits, while customers enjoy the perks of getting their products at their doorsteps. Due to such immense benefits to all the parties, marketers are readily investing in an on-demand courier delivery app clone like DeliveryMark.
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Future-Proof Business

Step into the digital world and make your business future-proof by investing in a courier delivery app development like DeliveryMark.

Popular Brand

Enjoy the perks of developing a clone of a popular courier delivery app and offer your customers an excellent experience like DeliveryMark.

Successful Models

Leverage the tried and tested monetization models of the DeliveryMark app and earn better revenues with less efforts.

100% ROI

Get sure-shot returns on your investments by leveraging features and marketing strategies of DeliveryMark app.

Unique Features of DeliveryMark Clone to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for the DeliveryMark clone app that make your courier delivery app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Social Registration

Enable a quick and faster registration process to your customers by offering the sign-up through their social media accounts.

Delivery Location

Satisfy your customers to the fullest by enabling them to add different delivery locations for the order shipment as per their choice.

Schedule Delivery

Let your customers schedule the time and place for delivery as per their schedule and needs, and enhance your user-experience.

Track Deliveries

Offer a real-time tracking functionality to your customers to allow them view every step of the product delivery.

Contact Agent

Through the courier delivery app, your customers can contact the delivery agents for an accurate and timely delivery.

Digital Payments

Facilitate digital payment options by offering multiple payment channels to your customers to pay for their deliveries.

Speedy Delivery

Earn a little extra by offering same-day delivery, or fast delivery to your specific customers against an extra charge.


Right from order confirmation, to order dispatch, notify your customers for every step of their product delivery process.

Receive Request

Through the app, the courier partners can accept/reject the order delivery requests made by the admin or the businesses.

Assign Delivery

Let your courier partners assign deliveries to their drivers based on their time availability and nearness to the delivery location.

Rider’s Information

Offer a centralized module to your courier partners that provides a complete detail of the rider with their delivery and past order details.

Contact Customer

The courier agency can connect directly with the customers to confirm the location and time, or to confirm product delivery.

Route Optimization

Ensure a safe and speedy delivery by enabling your courier partners to offer route optimization functionality to their drivers.

Mark Delivery

Once the product has been delivered, the delivery can mark the delivery by sending the e-signature of the customers.

Total Earnings

Offer a centralized view of the total earnings made by your courier partners through a dedicated total earning module.

Ratings and Review

Help your courier partners improve their services by offering them the ratings and reviews sent by the customers.

Order Confirmation

Confirm the orders of the customers and offer them a suitable time of the delivery by confirming the courier agent’s availability.

Dispatch Orders

Businesses can dispatch the orders from their stores/warehouses and can allocate them to the specific courier agencies.

Real-Time Tracking

Track the courier agents in real-time and be assured of your assets, driver’s safety, and customer satisfaction with one touch.

Total Earnings

Through the app, the admins or businesses can calculate their total earnings made via the on-demand courier delivery app.

Contact- Owner
Contact Customer

Contact customers directly from the app via text/call to locate the issues, or confirm their product deliveries.

Contact Driver

Ensure the safety of your drivers, and guide them through the right route via this amazing functionality.

Delivery Confirmation

Once the delivery is made, the businesses or the admin can confirm the delivery via customers and courier agents.

Return Management

Handle all the returns effectively, and allocate the nearest delivery agents to pick-up the order from the customer’s location seamlessly.

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How does DeliveryMark Work?

Experience a user-friendly, customizable, and risk-free courier delivery app development with our experts. Here’s how DeliveryMark clone works for your business.
  • 1
    Delivery Request

    The concerned businesses make online delivery request from the app which is then sent to the admin.

  • 2
    Order Allocation

    Upon receiving the requests, the admin allocated that order to the nearest available delivery agent with all the details.

  • 3

    The drivers receive the details of the order along with the user’s contact detail and a safe route for the delivery.

  • 4
    Confirm Delivery

    When the order is received by the customer., they can confirm it via the same app, or the drivers can scan the QR code.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App like DeliveryMark?

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The cost of creating an on-demand courier delivery app like DeliveryMark takes many crucial factors into consideration. For instance, the choice of technology, validating your idea with expert consultation, and hiring dedicated app developers; there are many factors that impact the overall cost of courier delivery app development. That’s why, it is always suggested to discuss your ideas and requirements with the experts before initiating app development as experts can accurately analyse all your requirements and can offer you the most suitable quote for your app. To get an exact quote for your DeliveryMark clone app, book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts.    

Core Technologies Behind App Like DeliveryMark

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a DeliveryMark clone?

DeliveryMark clone is a robust courier delivery app that works similar to the original DeliveryMark application. With a DeliveryMark clone app you can target customers from across the globe, and can entice them with similar features and designs as that of the original DeliveryMark app. Apart from that, the marketing and monetization models of DeliveryMark could also be used to make your app a hit with less effort.  

2. What other on-demand applications do you offer?

We offer a wide range of on-demand applications that cater to the needs of startups and enterprises in an effective manner. Right from finance, healthcare, delivery apps, social media, house services, and even eCommerce and video streaming, we have a long list of on-demand app offerings that can explore for youbusiness 

3. How can I create an on-demand DeliveryMark clone?

To create a custom on-demand courier delivery app that can compete against the already popular courier delivery apps, you need to follow some critical steps. 

  • Identify your target audience 
  • Select a less competitive target location 
  • Validate your idea with experts 
  • Select the latest and most reliable tech-stack 
  • Include some common and advanced features in your app 
  • Pay heed to UI/UX 
  • Hire professional and certified courier delivery app developers 
  • Test your app, and deploy 

4. What is the time required to build an on-demand courier delivery app like DeliveryMark?

Similar to cost, the time required to build a feature-rich courier delivery app like DeliveryMark takes many factors into consideration. For instance, the time for validating your idea and analyzing your target audience, selecting a suitable tech-stack, identifying advanced features and designs, and testing; all these impacts the overall time of development. Hence, if you want to know the exact time, then you should definitely consult with an expert and reputed courier app development company.  

5. What services do you offer with courier delivery app development?

We offer a vivid range of useful services with courier delivery app development to make your app a hit in the market. Our services include but is not limited to: 

6. Do you offer website development services too with DeliveryMark clone?

Yes, you can choose website development along with your courier app development to expand your project. In fact, we also offer desktop app development services through which you can further make your app suitable for all clients. You only need to discuss all your requirements with our experts during a free consultation call, and we will offer you the most cost-effective and accurate cost-estimation and timeline for your project. 

7. Is app submission covered in DeliveryMark clone development services?

Yes, our certified engineers are capable of submitting your app to multiple platforms including the Play Store/App Store. However, that service is paid, and you have to mention it in your initial project requirement documentation as it will also impact the overall time of development.  

8. Can we work on my idea for my custom courier delivery app development?

Definitely, we always welcome the ideas offered by all our clients for their custom app development project. Right from features, to designs, if you have anything to share, we would be more than happy. You only need to fill our form below and our experts will contact you soon for a free discussion. 

9. How can I ensure quality and risk-free development?

With our agile methodology for development and testing, you get notified during every stage of courier app development. Further we also sign an NDA that ensures complete protection of your idea and data from third-party competitors.  


10. Are you a copyright owner of DeliveryMark?

No, we do not own any of the materials of DeliveryMark. However, we have expertise in developing a similar on-demand courier delivery app like DeliveryMark catered to your business needs. Our tech-savvy team of experts have successfully delivered courier delivery apps to many of the enterprises and startups in the least possible time, and so we can do that for you. Connect with us to know more about our on-demand courier delivery app like DeliveryMark.