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Make your courier delivery business more successful and promote your services world-wide with a popular and scalable custom app kike DHL Courier.
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What is DHL App?

DHL is an excellent courier delivery service provider that offers its amazing services across the globe. With the DHL app, the users can track every aspect of their product shipment, right from packaging, to final delivery. Apart from that, this unique and versatile courier delivery app even offers a separate app for its truck drivers to offer them a quick and safe product delivery. Due to such immense growth in a short time, and with the world-wide adoption, today, the leading services have created similar courier delivery apps like DHL. Now it is high-time that you can become a part of that lead by investing in a custom DHL Courier clone.
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Popular App

Witness huge growth and market revenue for your DHL Courier clone by offering a similar experience of DHL to your target audience.

Next-Gen Features

Include successful next-gen features of the DHL app to lure more customers and make your DHL Courier clone a hit.

User-friendly Interface

Make your app accessible for users across the globe by leveraging similar aesthetic designs of DHL in your courier delivery clone.

Low-Cost Investment
Low-Cost Investment

Invest at a much less cost and get magnified profits with 100% returns at a faster rate without more efforts.

Unique Features of DHL Courier Clone to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for the DHL Courier clone that make your courier delivery app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Current Status

Offer the current status of the shipment to each of the customers in real-time along with other details of their parcels.

Track Shipment

Allot a unique tracking number to your users using which they can track every process of the product shipment in real-time.

Shipping History

Enable your customers to view all their past orders and shipping requests along with the delivery date, and parcel details.

Search Queries

Help your users to search for all their shipments using filters and offer them automated support using chatbot.

Nearest Office
Nearby Offices

Offer real-time support to your users by enabling them to locate the nearby shipment offices using a geolocation filter.

Contact Driver

Facilitate a timely and accurate product delivery to your customers by connecting them with the allocated driver.

Barcode Scanning

Through the app, users can scan their shipments for getting accurate details of the product inside the boxes.

Reviews and Ratings

Increase your customer-satisfaction by enabling the users to rate and review the services through your DHL courier clone.

Accept Deliveries

Increase the chances of earnings for your delivery partners by enabling them to accept deliveries on the first go.

Share Status

Help your drivers to streamline their schedule by enabling them to set and share their current status with the admin.

Shipment Queue

Offer complete details of all the shipments that are due with every driver to your delivery partners along with other details.

Driving Alerts

Offer driving alerts to your drivers and help them connect with you in case of any emergency through call/messages.

Confirm Delivery

Once the shipment is delivered, the drivers can scan the images or e-signatures of the customers for confirmation.

Safe Routes

Make it safe and fast for your drivers to deliver the product by offering them optimized routes for the courier delivery.

Contact- Owner
Contact Customer

Enable a quick and accurate courier delivery by connecting your drivers with the customers through calls, and chats.

Total Earnings

Offer data of the total earnings to your delivery agents and enable them to share the amount to their bank accounts.

User Management

Add users on one go by validating their details, and manage the existing users with all their past delivery details.

Driving Alerts

Get real-time driving alerts from your fleets including harsh-braking, and harsh acceleration and send them to your drivers.


Restrict your drivers on entering any disputed location and make their deliveries safe by creating virtual fences.

Allocate Deliveries

Allocate the deliveries readily to your drivers on the basis of their schedule, and nearness to the delivery location.

Total Earnings

Get real-time data of the payments made towards each of your deliveries by your customers in a centralized module.

Route Optimization

Offer safe routes to your drivers and provide them real-time view of the traffic and other details through a paid map feature.

Customer Reports

Manage all your customer reports, and solve their queries in real-time using automated ML-based chatbot functionality.

Multi-language Support

Offer a multilingual interface to your users and make your DHL Courier clone accessible for everyone across the globe.

Experience Boosted Revenues and Profits

Elevate your business with a fully-customized and budget friendly DHL Courier clone app and make great profits with less effort.
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How does DHL Courier Clone Work?

Offer the best user-experience to your customers and seamlessly elevate your courier delivery business with a simple working. Here’s how your DHL clone works.
  • 1
    Place Order

    Once the users pay for any of the products, the shops confirm the availability and requests for the product delivery.

  • 2
    Allocate Delivery

    The admin then allocates the delivery to the nearest delivery agent after looking at its schedule and past records.

  • 3
    Live Tracking

    The admin then offers a unique number to the users to track their delivery in real-time with DHL Courier clone.

  • 4
    Confirm Delivery

    Once the product is shipped, the driver scans the image or the e-signature of the user for confirming the shipment delivery.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a DHL Courier Clone?

Transform your idea of creating a profitable and scalable courier delivery app into a successful reality at your budget. Fill our form to get expert consultation and a custom quote today!

The cost of creating a custom courier delivery app like DHL requires a lot of calculation and complex analysis. Right from competitor analysis, MVP creation, market research, features, designs, and number of resources you hired for your project; everything impacts your overall app development cost. Besides that, there are a lot of other factors like post-launch services, testing methods, and app submission that can further impact your DHL clone app cost. Ence, the best way to get an exact cost is expert consultation. To get an accurate quote for your DHL clone, book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts.    

Core Technologies Behind App Like DHL

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create a parcel tracking app?

To create a parcel tracking app, you need to follow some crucial steps: 

  • Identifying a promising market 
  • Idea validation with experts 
  • Choosing a reliable tech-stack and next-gen features 
  • Including aesthetic designs 
  • Hiring professional app developers 
  • Following agile development methodology 
  • Testing your app 
  • Submitting it on different platforms 

2. How does a courier delivery app work?

A courier delivery app helps you track the current status of your parcel, and delivers it safely and quickly to your preferred location. Once the product is ready for shipment, the courier delivery service provider offers you real-time status of delivery and provides a unique number for shipment tracking. The admin then allocated the delivery to the available driver and once the delivery is made, both the parties confirm it.  

3. What are other apps like DHL that you can build?

There are many other successful courier delivery apps that you can leverage to make your own clones, like: 

  • FedEx 
  • OnnAway 
  • DeliveryMark 
  • WeFast 
  • Dunzo 

4. I have some ideas regarding my DHL Courier clone. Can we work on it?

Absolutely, we can work on all your ideas and can even check its feasibility. With our free consultation services, we offer you to discuss everything you have related to your custom app development project. You only need to fill our form below, and we will get back to you soon.  

5. Why invest in a DHL Courier clone?

DHL is undoubtedly the most popular courier delivery service in the world. Investing in a DHL Courier clone will not only help you generate customers easily but will even enable you to make your app a hit with less effort. You can leverage its marketing strategies and monetization models to earn more revenues, and can even attract customers with its next-gen features. In short, whether you are planning to launch a startup, or you already have a courier delivery business, the DHL Courier clone is the perfect answer for your needs.

6. What other services do you offer with DHL clone app development?

Expert consultation, MVP creation, flexible hiring models, devops services, automated/manual testing, agile development methodology, after-sales services, and more; you get a complete range of professional services that will make your DHL Courier clone a hit for many years to come.  

7. Can I get app submission services with courier delivery app development?

Yes, we can offer you app submission services on the Play Store/App Store. However, that service will impact your budget and time for app development. Hence, to get an accurate quote for cost and time, it is better that you mention this requirement in your initial documentation.  

8. How do you ensure a secure app development?

We follow best agile practices for developing and testing your app as per your expectations. Besides that, we also include all the security tools while making your app. Our NDA further ensures the safety and privacy of your ideas from third-parties.  

9. What is the time required for creating a DHL Courier clone?

Similar to the cost, the time required to create a courier delivery app like DHL takes many factors into consideration. Basically, the time depends on your requirements, viz., the choice of your technology, features you have opted for, testing method, MVP creation, designing of the app, and much more. Hence, to get an accurate time estimation, it is better to consult with an expert app development company. Experts will analyse your idea and will offer you the best time required for app development.  

10. Are you a copyright owner of DHL?

No, we are not the copyright owners of the DHL app. However, with our years-long experience in app development, we can deliver you a fully customized and budget-friendly DHL Courier clone as per your expectations. You only need to fill our form, and we will satisfy all your needs with our professional services.