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What is the eCare21 Virtual Care App?

eCare21 is a robust virtual healthcare mobile app that allows users to take care of their patients remotely. The app has different facilities for all kinds of users, making it a comprehensive mobile healthcare app of the age. Patients, especially Medicare beneficiaries, can use the app to keep track of their vitals. At the same time, Physicians can get all the lab records at the tip of their fingers. The remote, non-face-to-face monitoring further aids the providers in keeping a regular check on the patient's health. The app, at its core, is solving crucial healthcare problems related to timely communication in chronic healthcare management.
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24/7 Record Access
24/7 Record Access

Both physicians and providers can access the patients updated records remotely around the clock.

Chronic Care Management
Chronic Care Management

Simplifying non-face-to-face remote monitoring, the app allows providers to keep a regular check on patients.

Better Clinical Decisions
Better Clinical Decisions

Without time restrictions, physicians can make better decisions by analyzing the minutest details from a patient's medical history.

Preventing Hospitalizations

Regular vitals monitoring can aid providers in preventing medical emergencies and avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations.

Unique Features of App Like eCare21 to Set You Apart

Find out all the outstanding and quintessential features of the eCare21 Virtual Care App that will make your similar mobile health app development process a success.
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care management
Care Management

Providers, like family members of the patients, can easily register themselves on the app to keep a record of the patient's health.

Compliant Billing

Ensure the providers have no hassles when paying a bill and can rely on the app for the privacy of their records.

Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring

Allow providers to have non-intrusive monitoring right over patients so they can focus on other parts of their lives without anxiety.

Vital history
Vitals History

Providers can keep a vigilance on the entire vitals' records of the registered patient to track their health daily.

Location Updates
Location Updates

Through the app, providers can keep track of the location of dependent patients to avoid contingencies.

Activity Tracker
Activity Tracking

Offer the providers the right to keep track of the patient's real-time activities to ensure optimal health.

Live Communication
Live Communication

The providers can communicate with patients and other healthcare providers in real-time via live communication.

Community Groups
Community Groups

The provider will not be alone in their endeavor to care for the patient; other members can be added to the community.

Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring

Enable the Healthcare organization to monitor patients remotely to avoid contingencies and preventable hospitalization.

Virtual Visits

Caregivers and physicians can assess patient’s condition through virtual visits through the app itself.

Pre-Visit Assessment
Pre-Visit Assessment

Enable the clinics to make a pre-visit assessment of the patient based on the latter's medical and vitals' history.

Medical Test Reports
Medical Test Reports

Through the app, care institutes will have all-time access to share and read medical test reports of their patients.

Data Analysis
Data Analysis

Care providers can perform faster diagnosis by studying the historical record of activity, location, medication, etc.

Consistent Vitals Record
Consistent Vitals Record

With the app, clinics will have a complete record of the patient's vitals and history to make better medical decisions.

Live Chat
Live Chat

Hospitals can connect with patients and their care providers directly through the live chat platform to save time.


Let the hospitals make announcements in the community group of the respective patient for efficient communication.

Telehealth Visits

Save time and energy for the patients living farther away from on-location care via telehealth visits from physicians.

Vitals Management
Vitals Management

Help the patients in keeping track of their vitals with peer-to-peer connections with smart health devices.

Medication Care
Medication Care

Through the app, patients can take care of their medication via custom alarms and well-maintained records.

Clinical Updates
Clinical Updates

Enable patients to keep up with their clinical updates on the app without getting in touch with the facility deliberately.

Community Care
Community Care

Offer the patients reliable support of the community by allowing them to add as many family members to their care group.

Location Tracking

Enable the patients to share their live locations with the providers, and give them a calm of dependability.

Emergency Contact
Emergency Contact

Patients can contact their respective providers, caregivers, or hospitals immediately with a single point of contact.

Embedded Wearables
Embedded Wearables

The patients will integrate their wearable healthcare devices for regular tracking of oxygen saturation, temperature, pulse, etc.

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How does Remote Patient Monitoring App Work?

A remote patient monitoring app like eCare21 must function smoothly and maintain the consistency of records across the entire interface. This is how an ideal virtual care app works-
  • 1
    Patient and Provider Signup

    Providers can register themselves and the patient with the app to facilitate remote chronic care management.

  • 2
    Upload Medical History

    Registered users can now upload the necessary medical details of the patient to keep their record right there on the app.

  • 3
    Pre-Visit Assessment

    With the uploaded records, registered organizations can perform a pre-visit assessment to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

  • 4
    Wearables Integration

    The app will let patients integrate their vital assessment tools to regularly check their health and avoid sudden medical emergencies.

How Much it Costs to Develop a Virtual Care App Like eCare21?

Turn your Virtual Care App idea into a thriving reality. Leverage our custom services in mobile healthcare application development for a cost-effective solution today!

Grow the purview of your healthcare services by investing in the latest technological advancements. The healthcare industry is heavily investing in the best-in-class digital tools to keep pace with the rising expectations. And since they’re striving to meet the needs of today, they are benefiting from unforeseen ROI as well! You can leverage existing solutions for remote patient healthcare apps and have one built for your business, too, to reap similar benefits. Now while the cost of development for an app like eCare21 depends entirely on the list of features you want to include, one thing is for sure, if your idea is clear and solves modern problems, we can turn it into a profitable reality for you! Book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts today! 

Technology Stack for the Mobile Health App Development

Know about the latest technologies that can help you have an outstanding virtual care mobile app like eCare21.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to develop an app like eCare21?

Developing an app as comprehensive as eCare21 will require a complete dedicated process. Beginning from planning to feasibility tests, all the steps need to be taken care of with complete vigilance, keeping in mind all the applicable regulations. Some of the major steps the process of Virtual care health app development may include are- 

  • Conceptualization 
  • Planning 
  • Feasibility test 
  • Regulation’s research 
  • Tech-stack decisions 
  • MVP development 
  • UI/UX development 
  • Testing & Maintenance 

To know more about these steps, consult our experts today! 

2. What legal compliances are necessary for an eCare21 clone app?

When you develop a patient monitoring app like eCare21, you will need to comply with certain regulations related to the data storage of the app and the regulations to earn you the name of a mobile healthcare app. The exact regulations will depend on the location of your target audience. For example, for an app dedicated to people residing in the US, you must comply with HIPAA and the US Data Privacy laws. 

3. Will I get post-development services for my eCare21 clone app?

You can opt for post-development services when you hire Matellio as your healthcare application development company. We can offer you UI/UX renovation, features updates, wearables integrations, and, most importantly, comprehensive marketing solutions for your app. 

4. How to monetize a virtual care app like eCare21?

You can follow a similar business model for your virtual care and remote patient monitoring app as eCare21’s. Like the app, you can charge for each wearable and other device’s integration to the app. So that you can still reach out to as many people as possible with your healthcare solution and probably charge the ones that have the purchasing power of buying smart care devices. You can further provide clinics with a dedicated solution, using the same features of the app to keep track of their respective patients with more secure data protection facilities. 

5. How much does it cost to develop an app like eCare21?

The development cost of an app like eCare21 depends on a variety of factors. Foremost being the kind and complexity of the different features, the app will have. The number of different roles and dedicated users the app is supposed to have can also contribute to the overall cost of the app. Primary factors to calculate the cost of similar mobile health app development include- 

  • Use of native APIs 
  • The complexity of different features 
  • The geographical target of the app 
  • Tech-stack  
  • App design 
  • Updates and maintenance 
  • Security features

6. How long does it take to develop a healthcare app like eCare21?

An app like eCare21 requires multiple integrations and a regulation-compliant development procedure. The complexity of the app and the interdependencies of the features, data fetching, and security laws can further increase the time for the development of such remote patient monitoring app. But with our experienced developers and their keen understanding of all these features, we’re adept at developing an app like eCare21 in a speedy fashion. 

7. Can you develop some custom features for my remote patient monitoring app?

Yes, we can develop as many custom features for your virtual care and EHR app as you’d want. The only limitations would be the regulations. We ensure that all the essential government rules applicable to a healthcare app like yours are being followed throughout our development process, and nothing can hamper its smooth launch. You can ask our developers to create the app with more roles or features like video assistance, live chat facilities, vitals alarms, and more. If you can think of an idea for your EHR app, we will devise a solution.

8. Are you the copyright owner of the eCare21 app?

No, we’re not the copyright owner of the eCare21 app. That being said, we have developed some highly complex apps to the likes of eCare21 for our clients in the Healthcare industry. To know more about these projects, check out your portfolio or consult with our experts now!