Case Study Sachago

Sachago – Revolutionizing Eco-Friendly Courier Delivery

Developing “Sachago,” an ecological on-demand courier delivery app, presented Matellio with the challenge of creating an environmentally responsible and user-friendly delivery service. The objective was to develop an app that offers a wide range of products for delivery using electric vehicles, with features like GPS tracking and wallet integration. 

Matellio’s solution included diverse product offerings, an eco-friendly delivery model, real-time GPS tracking, integrated wallet management, and distance tracking for delivery partners. The focus was on creating an innovative app that combines convenience with ecological responsibility.

The launch of Sachago has transformed the courier delivery industry. Its commitment to using electric vehicles, combined with its user-friendly features, has made it a pioneer in eco-friendly delivery services, highlighting Matellio’s expertise in developing sustainable and innovative solutions. 

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