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Manage all your event management tasks, and reach your audience quickly while making bigger profits with an event ticket booking app like Eventbrite clone.
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What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is a popular event management and event ticket booking platform that allow users to manage, explore, and promote their events across boundaries. Be it individuals, companies, or even organizations of all kinds, anyone can use Eventbrite to manage all their events online with one tap. The users can browse all the local and international events, and can seamlessly book tickets using the same application. On the other hand, the event organizers can simply add the details of their tickets and can manage all the aspects of that event through their mobile. Due to such dynamic functionalities event management app like Eventbrite is becoming popular day-by-day. When are you planning to build your Eventbrite clone?
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Easy Management

Easily manage all your event management tasks with a tap on your mobile by creating a custom Eventbrite clone.

Quick Payments

Get instant payments for your event tickets directly in your account with a feature-rich Eventbrite clone app development.

Easy Promotion

Offer the best ticket booking experience to your users and promote your business across boundaries with tried and tested strategies.

Better Returns

Invest within your budget, and get quick and huge returns on your investment easily with our custom Eventbrite clone.

Unique Features of App Like Eventbrite to Set You Apart

Ensure success for your online ticket booking app development by including these smart features in your Eventbrite clone.
Need Custom Features?
User Management

Add new users on your Eventbrite clone and manage the existing ones with all their details, interests, and past bookings.

Event Management

Easily manage multiple events listed on your Eventbrite clone and add the new events by verifying their organizer’s details.

Payment Gateways

Integrate multiple payment gateways in your event ticket booking app like Eventbrite and make your app more engaging.

Online Commissions

Keep a real-time track of all the bookings made through your Eventbrite clone and deduct your commissions automatically.

Centralized Dashboard

Get a bird’ eye’s view of the total bookings and transactions that happened through your ticket booking app in real-time.

Chatbot Integration

Integrate AI-based chatbot in your Eventbrite clone and automate all your customer support operations at less cost and time.

Push Notifications

Easily notify all your users about recent changes in your policy or regarding the latest deals with a personalized message.

Custom Pricing

Get a real-time view of the latest market trends and demands to change the ticket prices of your most popular events easily.

Online Registration

Offer a seamless onboarding experience to your users by enabling them to log in using their social media account or a valid email.

Search Events

Let your users search for specific events nearby them or for any specific place using the dynamic search functionality.

Personalized Suggestions

Make use of the best AI tools to engage your users effectively by offering them personalized suggestions over the events.

Virtual Events

Make your Eventbrite clone credible and effective for all by offering your users to attend the events virtually with their mobile.

Online Booking

Let your Eventbrite users book their favorite events online by offering them multiple online payment channels.

Event Followers

Offer real-time data over the number of people attending any event to your users to help them make an informed decision.

Best Deals

Attract more users towards your event ticket booking app by offering referral bonuses and deals to your valuable users.

Multi-Language Support
Multi-Language Support

Promote your event booking app like Eventbrite across boundaries by offering multi-language support to your users.

Create Profile

Enable your event organizers to easily schedule their events on your app through a simple sign-up process.

List Event

Offer a seamless listing experience to your users by enabling them to list all their events with detailed schedules on your app.

Marketing Tools
Marketing Tools

Offer advanced marketing tools to your organizers to help them promote their events and make more revenue through your app.

Event Planning
Event Planning

From pricing to timings, allow your event partners to easily plan their events and charity functions through your Eventbrite clone.

Verify Bookings
Verify Bookings

Help your organizers to easily verify all their bookings with a valid passcode or OTP through your Eventbrite clone.

Total Earnings

Offer a centralized view of the total earnings made by your organizers for specific events with a dedicated earnings module.

Sell Tickets

Let your organizers sell their event tickets at their preferred price easily by registering themselves on your app.

24*7 Support

Increase your Eventbrite app’s credibility and attract more organizers by offering reliable and automated support.

Ready to Develop Your Custom Eventbrite App?

Hire our certified and experienced event ticket booking app developers to get the best features and tech stack for your Eventbrite clone.
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How Does Eventbrite Works?

Make the best of your event app development by offering an easy-to-use and advanced app to your users. Here’s how your Eventbrite clone works for your users!
  • 1
    Create Profile

    Your users need to create a detailed profile mentioning their name, email, contact information, and current location.

  • 2
    Explore Events

    Once the profile is created, they can easily explore all the events happening nearby them or at their preferred location in real-time.

  • 3
    See Details

    After exploring the nearby events, the users can easily view the details of specific events they are interested in including price, and timings.

  • 4
    Book Tickets

    Finally, the users can book the tickets online via the Eventbrite clone by choosing any suitable payment channel available on the app.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an App Like Eventbrite?

Ready to launch your event ticket booking app like Eventbrite? Here’s how much it will cost you for a feature-rich event app development like Eventbrite clone!

To create a custom event ticket booking app like Eventbrite, one has to consider a lot of factors like tech needs, customer needs, budget, and so on. In such a scenario, calculating the overall cost of developing an Eventbrite clone is also a complex task as it will undertake multiple aspects like the number of resources you have hired, testing method, designing services, and other app development services you have opted. Hence, you should always consult with an expert to get an exact cost estimate for your Eventbrite clone. An expert ticket booking app development company would accurately analyze your requirements and would present you with the best quotation as per your needs. You can easily book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts today to know more!

Core Technologies Behind App Like Eventbrite

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Eventbrite clone?

Eventbrite clone is an on-demand ticket booking app development service that deals with the creation and deployment of event ticket booking apps like Eventbrite. You can easily promote your online ticket booking business and can manage all the aspects of your event management with our custom Eventbrite clone. Plus, the need for a successful marketing and monetization strategy is also eliminated as you can use the same strategies of the original app.  

2. How does the Eventbrite clone work?

With Eventbrite clone, the users can seamlessly explore all the events nearby their area. They need to register themselves on the app, and then with geolocation functionality, they can view the nearby events. Besides that, the organizers can list their events and can make revenues by selling the tickets online using the same app. Finally, the admin has all the controls and management options through which he/she can easily manage the complete event seamlessly.   

3. How does a ticket booking app like Eventbrite make money?

You can leverage our expert consultation service to explore the best monetization model for our custom Eventbrite clone. For instance, you can use the subscription-based model for generating revenue or can charge a nominal commission from the organizers as your monetization model.  

4. Do you offer technical support for my Eventbrite clone after deployment?

Yes, we do offer reliable and cost-effective post-launch services including but not limited to: 

  • Data migration 
  • Platform migration 
  • Features addition 
  • Testing 
  • Technology updates 
  • Maintenance, and more 

5. What other event ticket booking apps like Eventbrite can you create?

You can create any sort of custom ticket booking app resembling any popular app by hiring our experts. To name a few, we have: 

  • Stubhub 
  • Ticketmaster 
  • EventsFrame 
  • TicketBud 
  • Soapbox Engage 
  • Meetup

6. Will I get complete ownership of the Eventbrite clone after deployment?

Definitely, you will be the sole owner of the Eventbrite clone once it is deployed by our experts on your choice of platform. We will also offer you the complete source code so that you can amend it as per your business needs and the customer’s wants. You can even make use of our post-launch services to upgrade your Eventbrite clone after deployment.  

7. Do you offer customizations for this Eventbrite clone?

Yes, right from features and tech-stack to testing models and even designs, you will be the one to decide everything for your custom Eventbrite clone. You just need to fill our form below, and our experts will connect with you as soon as possible. You can then discuss all your requirements and ideas with them for free! 

8. Are you a copyright owner of the Eventbrite app?

No, we are not the copyright owner of the Eventbrite app. However, we have expertise in creating similar event ticket booking apps like Eventbrite with your choice of features and designs. You can easily connect with our developers to get started with your Eventbrite clone app development by filling our form below!