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Empower your online travel and hotel booking business and make better revenues by investing in a business-focused and user-friendly Expedia clone at your budget.
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What is Expedia?

Expedia is a robust travel and hotel booking platform that elevates the travel experience of the users. Right from online tickets and restaurant reservations to accommodations and holiday packages, Expedia offers a complete solution to every traveller while benefiting their partners. The hotels can expand their reach, while the customers can get the perfect deals with assured support. Whether we talk about novice entrepreneurs, startups, or even leading hotel brands, an Expedia clone is the best way to step into the profitable online market and grow revenues multiple times.
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Wider Reach

Reach to masses easily and lure them towards your business with advanced models and features of an Expedia clone.

Increased Earning
Better Profits

Offer amazing deals and make better revenues and profits with less effort by investing in your own custom Expedia clone.

Less Competition

Enjoy the perks of an online presence in a low-competition niche for elevating your business growth with a hotel booking app.

Assured Returns

Get your Expedia clone at less cost and get 100% returns on your overall investment quickly with our monetization models.

Unique Features of Expedia Clone to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for your Expedia clone that make your hotel booking app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Add Users

Add users to your Expedia clone and manage their profiles while validating their contact information through OTPs.

Manage Listings

Manage the complete listing of your travel partners and add the new ones to your app with a simple registration process.

Customer Analytics

Get latest market trends and real-time anal;ytics of your visitors to enhance your user-experince and make more revenues.

Online Commissions

Deduct the commissions from every booking made through your Expedia clone and send the remaining amount to the merchants.

Reviews and Ratings

Answer to every query or complaint raised by your valuable customers and make your hotel booking app engaging.

Loyalty Rewards

Manage all the campaigns and loyalty offers started by you, and track the performance of specific ones in elevating your sales.

Ads Management

Promote your service or third-party businesses on your Expedia clone to generate extra revenues for your app.

Total Bookings

Keep a track of all the flight and hotel booking made through your Expedia clone app and track their real-time status.

Profile Creation

Help your hotel partners to create a detailed profile along with address and images, while validating their contact details.

Tour Packages

Increase the chances of bookings of your travel partners by allowing them to list custom tour packages as per the market needs.

List Places

Enable your hotel partners and resort managers to list the places easily with all the details, images, and price.

Confirm Booking

Once the payment is made, the hotel merchants can confirm the bookings while connecting with the user through the same app.

On-Demand Price

Let your partners change their pricing plans and packages in real-time as per the market trends using the same Expedia clone.

Total Earnings

Offer a centralized accounting module to help your partners view their total sales and transfer the amount to their bank accounts.

Online Reservations

Help your tour partners manage their online reservations by looking at the availability of the resources through Expedia clone.

Profil verification
Contact Verification

Enhance the services of your travel partners by helping them validate the contact information of all the visitors through the same app.

Social Login

Enable a fast and easy signup process to your valuab;e customers by offering social login and multiple signups at the same time.

Hotel Booking

Offer a comprehensive list of hotels and resorts to your users and increase the chances of booking through your Expedia clone.

Flight Suggestions

Analyze billions of flight searches on your Expedia clone and offer real-time insights on the searches and offers availed by other users.

Your Trips

Help the users to access their search history and past booking of hotels and flights booked through your Expedia clone.

Itinerary Sharing

Through the app, a user and his/her friends can get the same real-time notifications to save search time and stay connected.


Enable your users to save their recent searches and view them anytime through any specific platform including desktop.

Online Payments

Offer multiple payment channels including credit cards, digital wallets and bank transfer to facilitate easy online payments.

Reward Points

Attract more customers and entice the existing ones by offering them loyalty rewards and new-user discounts.

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How Does Expedia Clone Work?

Launch a user-friendly and accessible hotel booking app that offers the best user-experience and promotes your business goals. Here’s how your Expedia clone works.
  • 1

    The users have to register on the Expedia clone either with their social media accounts or with a valid contact number/email ID.

  • 2
    Service Selection

    After successful registration, the users can access all the services and can select the specific ones offered by your Expedia clone.

  • 3
    Online Payments

    Once the services are selected, the Expedia clone will offer them an estimated fare which they have to pay online.

  • 4

    The payment is firstly transferred to the admin, where the commissions are deducted and the remaining amount is sent to the merchant.

How Much Would it Cost for a Custom Expedia Clone?

Ready to kickstart your hotel booking app development project? Connect with our experts and discuss your requirements to get an accurate estimation for your Expedia clone.

Creating a custom hotel booking app like Expedia involves a lot of factors. Right from the selection of tech-stack, to addition of features, customizations, UI/UX designing, testing, and even post-launch services; there are multiple factors that one has to consider before analysing the complete project and calculating the final cost of app development. Hence, one of the easier and most effective ways to get a cost estimation for your Expedia clone is by discussing your requirements with experts. To get an accurate quote for your app, book a free 30-min consultation with our experts! 

Core Technologies Behind App Like Expedia

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Expedia different?

Expedia is a complete travel booking solution that offers ease to the customers with its dynamic services. Right from the car rental solution, to real-time analytics of flight suggestions, and multiple group logins makes Expedia a unique travel and hotel booking platform. Besides that, the use of smart AI algorithms also adds to the benefits offered by this amazing travel solution.  

2. What are alternatives to Expedia?

There are many other popular hotel booking applications that are playing big in the market, like: 

  • Airbnb 
  • Booking.com 
  • Trip Advisor 
  • Priceline 
  • Carnival Corporation

3. How do I make a travel agency app?

To create a travel agency app like Expedia, you firstly need to get clear insights on what your target audience want, and what will be your target market. After that, you need to validate the ideas you have for your Expedia clone with experts to check the feasibility and cost estimation. Finally, select the best hotel booking app developers from a reliable and cost-effective app development company to turn all your ideas into a reality. Focus on UI/UX, features, and testing to ensure an effective development.

4. What technology does Expedia use?

Expedia uses many robust technologies including java, AWS, machine learning, AI, python, and many other prominent tools. Besides that, the basic software that is used for real-time booking is based on java, and the cloud development is done in AWS.  

5. What are some ideas for creating the best travel apps?

To create the best hotel booking and travel apps like Expedia, you need to firstly do a competitor’s research to know exactly what your competitors are doing. Besides that, there are other effective ideas that you can implement in your Expedia clone to make it more engaging, like: 

  • City guides with AR technology 
  • Real-time flight suggestions 
  • Instant mobile offers 
  • Automated chatbot for quick assistance 
  • Car rental solutions 

6. What type of business model is Expedia?

Expedia is a B2C business model, and earns majorly through this approach. The company books bulk rooms at a cheap price from merchants and then rents it to the online travellers at best prices. Apart from that, it also partners with multiple small travel agencies to enhance its flight booking, car rental, and tour package services.  

7. Can we work on my ideas for Expedia clone app development?

Absolutely, we always value the ideas and thoughts of our customers and offer the best services to turn all those ideas into a reality. If you have anything specific for your Expedia clone, then you can avail our free consultation services to check the feasibility of those ideas and transform them into a successful reality.   

8. Are you a copyright owner of Expedia?

No, we do not own any of the material related to Expedia. However, with our certified engineers and access to some of the best app development tools, we can help you create a custom Expedia clone as per your needs and budget. Right from consultation and MVP creation to agile development and testing, we offer a complete app development package tailor-made to your business requirements at cost-effective prices. You can visit us to learn more about our Expedia clone.