FedEx App Development

Enjoy the perks of launching a custom app like FedEx with your choice of features and tech-stack, and witness a huge sale for your courier delivery business.
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What is FedEx?

FedEx is an extremely popular delivery platform that has been serving the clients across the world through its large network of delivery services. Right from its launch in 1971, this unique and first-ever fully dedicated courier delivery platform has been offering some valuable services which get updated with time. Due to its ever-evolving capabilities and launch of dedicated courier delivery mobile apps, FedEx today has a market value of $54.4 billion. In fact, the popularity of this platform is so much that almost every other courier delivery business wants to have its own FedEx clone. So, become a part of this profitable niche by investing in your custom FedEx clone today!
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Future-Proof Features

Include the most popular and successful features of FedEx in your custom courier delivery app to make it future-ready.

Successful Models

Enjoy better revenues and a wider reach for your FedEx clone with the tried and tested models from our experts.

Easy Marketing
Easy Marketing

Promote your courier delivery business and make more profits by offering a similar experience like FedEx to your users.

Guaranteed Results

Get 100% returns on your investments quickly by investing in a feature-rich courier delivery app like FedEx.

Unique Features of FedEx Clone to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for your FedEx clone that make your courier delivery app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Create Profile

Enable your users to enter multiple addresses and select a suitable one for delivery as per their preferences.

Live Tracking

Offer live tracking functionality to help users track their assets in real-time and connect with the drivers.

Real-Time Updates

Send real-time updates to your valuable customers right from product packaging to final delivery through instant notifications.

Nearest Office
Nearest Office

Enable your users to locate your offices nearby to their preferred locations and help them in all their queries.

Quick Quotes
Quick Quotes

Offer quick custom quotes to your users by knowing their location and type of courier delivery through FedEx clone.

Instant Shipment

Increase your chances of earnings and enhance user-experience by offering fast deliveries to your specific users.

Help & Support

Offer real-time support to your users and solve all their issues by implementing an automated chatbot in your FedEx clone.

Loyalty Rewards

Lure more users and get better revenues for your FedEx clone by rewarding your users for every referral and delivery.

Accept Deliveries

Help your delivery partners to increase their earnings by offering them delivery requests in real-time.

Live Navigation

Offer live navigation to your drivers and help them reach the destination fastly with offline maps and traffic view.

Delivery Details

Provide all the details of the shipments along with the customer’s contact details and real-time payment status.

Account Transfer

Give a comprehensive view of the total earnings made by your drivers, and offer them bank transfer functionality.

Barcode Scanning

Facilitate a safe and accurate product delivery by offering unique codes to each product and an in-app barcode scanner.

Total Shipments

Enable your drivers to view their complete schedule for the day and send their real-time status to the admin.

Panic Alerts

Help your delivery agents in every critical situation by locating them through SOS alerts and remotely monitoring them.

Rating Rewards

Offer rewards for every excellent rating received by the drivers through customers for their courier delivery.

User Verification

Verify all the contact details of all your users with one-time passwords, and make your FedEx clone credible.

Allocate Deliveries

Allocate deliveries to the right person by viewing their schedules and real-time status through FedEx clone.

Online Payments

Keep a track of all the deliveries and receive payments directly to your wallet through multiple channels.

Customer Support

Offer real-time support to your customers and drivers and increase your app’s experience with automated chatbot.

Driving Alerts

Get instant driving alerts like stops, harsh acceleration, fuel thefts, and identify the drivers with the most harsh driving conditions.

Route Optimization

Offer safer routes to your drivers and ensure a timely delivery with real-time tracking through route optimization.

Loyalty Points

Offer loyalty points to your customers and keep a track of all the rewards awarded by specific customers.

Ratings and Reviews

Improve the services of your FedEx clone by implementing the reviews and ratings provided by your customers.

Empower Your Courier Delivery Business

Invest in a custom FedEx clone and become a leader in the courier delivery market with advanced features and excellent user-experience.
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How does FedEx Clone Work?

Ensure a feature-rich and user-friendly courier delivery app development that could satisfy your customer’s needs. See how a custom FedEx clone works for your business.
  • 1
    Delivery Requests

    The merchants make the delivery requests using the FedEx clone as soon as the parcel is ready for shipment.

  • 2
    Allocate Delivery

    Once the request is received by the admin, it allocates the delivery to the available agent with all the details of shipment.

  • 3
    Live Tracking

    During courier delivery, a unique link is shared with the customers to track the shipment all the way to their destination.

  • 4
    Confirm Shipment

    After delivery, the drivers confirm it by scanning the code or by verifying the unique text received by the customer.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a FedEx Clone?

Launch your own FedEx clone and earn great revenues with less effort. Get in touch with our experts to know your app development cost-estimations.

A feature-rich FedEx clone may undertake a lot of crucial factors during the development. Right from tech-stack and complexity of the features, to designing components, and the involvement of certified resources, there are a lot of ways in which your cost for FedEx clone would differ depending on your requirements. Not to mention, the cost of idea consultation and post-launch services world further add to your overall cost of courier delivery app development. Hence, the best approach to finding the accurate cost is opting for expert consultation. To know the exact cost of your app, book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts.    

Core Technologies Behind App Like FedEx

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does FedEx do?

FedEx is a popular delivery platform that focuses on providing real-time courier delivery functionalities to the customers from merchants. Right from packaging, doorstep shipping, customer service, IT services, billing, and payments collection, FedEx is capable of doing all that with a unique courier delivery mobile app.  

2. What is a FedEx clone?

FedEx clone is an on-demand courier delivery app development service that is capable of offering a similar experience to the users like the original FedEx app. With this clone, you can get exact features, tech-stack and marketing strategies similar to that of FedEx for easy promotion and better profits. You can even clone the monetization models of FedEx to make your custom courier delivery app a hit in the market with less effort. 

3. What makes FedEx different?

FedEx has a comprehensive range of shipping networks all over the world. That means, it can deliver your parcel to almost any region of the world. Moreover, it also offers some beneficial services for every party involved in its shipping procedure which further elevates its customer-base. The platform offers unique courier delivery apps for all with advanced features which makes it useful for easy and fast delivery.   

4. What other on-demand delivery apps do you offer?

Food delivery, flower delivery, milk delivery, alcohol delivery, medicine delivery, and much more; you can find every type of on-demand delivery app for your business. Our certified professionals strive to deliver an error-free and advanced application that can solve all your issues efficiently.  

5. How can I make a courier app?

You can always consult with an expert courier app development company to ensure a successful FedEx clone development. However, if you are looking to develop an app by yourself, you need to follow some crucial steps, like: 

  • Understand the main goal of your app development 
  • Validate the idea of your FedEx clone with experts 
  • Choose relevant tech-stack  
  • Include competitive features and designs 
  • Create an MVP before development 
  • Choose your professional team of developers 
  • Follow agile methodology for app development 
  • Test your FedEx clone 
  • Deploy on Play Store/App Store. 

6. How does FedEx earn?

FedEx generates its total revenue from a lot of services and delivery charges. The company charges different rates for different kinds of deliveries like e-commerce, business deliveries, and large transportation for packers and movers. They also charge an extra fee from the customers for instant delivery, and get specific commissions from the merchants for each delivery as per the mode of transport used.  

7. What resources do I need for FedEx clone app development?

In order to create your custom FedEx clone, you will need to invest in a lot of resources, like: 

  • Project managers 
  • Front-end developers 
  • Backend developers 
  • Testers 
  • UI/UX designers 
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Digital marketers, and more

8. Are you a copyright owner of FedEx?

No, we are not the copyright owners of any of the materials related to the FedEx app. However, we have expertise in creating and delivering similar courier delivery apps like FedEx with your choice of features and designs. You can create your custom FedEx clone as per your requirements with our certified developers. Reach us to know more about our FedEx clone development services.