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Elevate your fitness and wellness brand and make millions of revenues with an increased customer-base easily by launching your own Fitbit clone.
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What is a Fitbit App?

Fitbit app is a very popular and user-friendly fitness and health tracker app that offers personalized health programs and workout sessions to its users. With over 240 workout sessions, personalized health programs, and fitness guidance, the Fitbit app has been able to deliver a true digital fitness experience at cost-effective prices to its users. Right from calorie intake and sleep patterns to activity tracking and motivation quizzes; this calorie counter app has lured millions of customers to its platform with these amazing functionalities. Due to all such benefits, the Fitbit clone has today become a popular trend in the calorie tracking app development market.
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Easy Marketing

Easily market your Fitbit clone in the global market by offering a similar experience to the users like the original app.

Better Brand Value

Stand apart from the competition, and make your business a global brand by launching a popular calorie counter app like Fitbit.

More Revenues

Get more revenue and better profits in comparison to your offline store by reaching millions of target audience with a Fitbit clone.

Low-Cost Investment
Low Investment

Invest in a Fitbit clone at a low cost and get 100% returns on your total investment quickly with trusted marketing strategies.

Unique Features of Fitbit Clone to Set You Apart

Deliver a user-friendly and next-gen calorie counter app to you users with our experts. Here are some advanced features for your Fitbit clone.
Need Custom Features?
Fitness Plans

Create new fitness plans for your target audience and manage the existing ones along with their videos and images.

User Management

Manage all your users by validating their details and managing their health profile and subscription plans.

Guides Management

Add new guides to your Fitbit clone to entice your existing users and manage the existing ones with the publisher details.

Premium Models

Offer customized subscription models to your users and generate better revenues for your Fitbit clone easily.

Device Management

Enhance the capabilities of your Fitbit clone by adding latest devices and managing the already integrated fitness devices.

Fitness Guidance

Manage all the expert sessions published on your fitbit clone, and record the new ones by consulting with wellness experts.

Real-Time Reminders

Increase the engagement of your Fitbit clone by reminding your users about their daily routine if they fail to follow the schedule.

Customer Support

Offer instant and reliable support to your users and automate all your support operations with an ML-based chatbot.

Device Integration

Enhance the capabilities of your app and lure more users by enabling them to integrate their favorite devices to the app.

Fitbit Challenges

Enable your users to view the latest challenges in real-time and compete with other users of the Fitbit clone.

Useful Articles

Increase your Fitbit clone’s engagement rate by offering motivational articles and videos to your target audience.

Community Portal

Enable your users to interact with their friends, family, and other users through the same Fitbit clone easily.

Sleep Monitoring

Help your target audience to monitor and improve their sleeping habits in real-time through expert suggestions.

All-Day Exercises

Let your users keep a track of all their daily exercises including walking and swimming to help them reach their goals.

Nutrition Tracking

Enable your users to enter all the food items they consume and help them track the exact calorie value for the day.

Health Monitoring

Offer an in-built health monitoring functionality to your users and integrate those readings directly into the Fitbit clone.

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How Does Fitbit App Work?

Offer a seamless and advanced calorie tracking app to your users and make better profits with an enhanced user-experience. Here’s how your Fitbit clone works.
  • 1
    Integrate Device

    The users have to create their account and need to connect the Fitbit clone with a suitable device of their choice.

  • 2
    Set Goals

    Once the device is connected to the app, the users need to choose a specific goal that matches their requirements.

  • 3
    Track Activities

    The users can then track all their activities and can even get a detailed diet and nutrition information from the app.

  • 4
    Get Reminders

    Finally, if any user forgot to follow his/her custom routine, then the admin can remind him/her in real-time.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Fitbit Clone?

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Creating an app like Fitbit requires complex evaluation and your requirements analysis. You need to carefully examine the market trends and need to check the feasibility of your ideas before concluding the final cost. Moreover, certain other factors like features, resources hired for the project, testing method, and designs also impacts the overall cost estimation. Hence, it is always a best idea to consult all your requirements with experts for an accurate cost destination. To get an accurate quote for your Fitbit clone, book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts.    

Core Technologies Behind App Like Fitbit

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Fitbit clone?

Fitbit clone is an on-demand calorie tracking app development service that deals with the creation and deployment of a similar calorie counter app like Fitbit app. With a custom Fitbit clone, you can include all the successful features and can even integrate your choice of features and tech-stack to make it apt for your brand.  

2. What does the Fitbit app do?

A Fitbit app helps you keep in sync with your fitness goals. With this robust app, you can set your goals, and can integrate any device of your choice to stay connected with your health and fitness goals in real-time. The app captures all the data from your wearable device and presents you a comprehensive video of your progress along with the nutrition value.  

3. How do I use the Fitbit app?

You can install the app and can connect your favourite device to the Fitbit app. Once the device is connected, you can track all your day-to-day activities, and can get detailed information on your progress. Besides that, the Fitbit app also offers you some amazing information on the nutrition value and calories associated with each of your meals.  

4. How much time is needed to create a Fitbit clone?

The time required to create your custom Fitbit clone depends majorly on your requirements and type of the app. For instance, if you chose an app with advanced features, and complex tech-stack, then that will eventually cost you more than a simple app with basic features. Hence, to get an accurate time estimation, make sure to consult your requirements with an expert.  

5. What all resources do I need for an efficient Fitbit clone?

To create a feature-rich and competitive Fitbit clone, you will be needing various resources before initiating the project: 

  • Experts for idea validation 
  • Front-end developers 
  • Backend developers 
  • API developers 
  • UI/UX designers 
  • Project managers 
  • Testers

6. Is it worth investing in a Fitbit clone?

Yes, with the growth in digitization, the need for a fit and healthy life became a necessity rather than a luxury. But, the high prices of nutritionists and busy schedules of the people forced them to use a calorie counter app that can work anywhere as per their routine. That’s why, today, we can see many leading calorietracking apps and the Fitbit app is one of them. Hence, launching your own app like Fitbit in a suitable target location will not only help you make better revenues, but will even make your business a global brand.  

7. How Fitbit make money?

Fitbit app offers subscription models to its users in order to generate the revenues. Besides that, the app also charges a specific amount of commissions from the trainers and nutritionists to list them on its app.  

8. Are you a copyright owner of the Fitbit app?

No, we do not own any of the materials related to Fitbit. However, we can promise to deliver a fully custom Fitbit clone with your choice of features and designs at your budget. We have certified resources and best development tools that ensure a quality and scalable Fitbit clone that matches your brand value. Fill our form below to know more about our Fitbit clone.