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What is Google Fit?

With a global reach of over 82%, Google Fit app has today become a prominent health and fitness tracker app. With features like custom goals, heart rate tracking, and sleep pattern tracking, this magnificent fitness tracker app has lured immense users from all over the world. Due to such a huge user-base, the investors of this app have benefited a lot and the recent pandemic situation further elevated the growth and usage of such fitness tracker apps. That’s the main reason that Google Fit clone app has become a trend in the fitness app development market. When are you planning to launch your Google Fit clone app?
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Successful Models

Enjoy limitless advantages of investing in a Google Fit clone app by getting the successful models of the original app.

Smart Algorithms

Lure more users and increase your app’s user-experience by including smart AI algorithms in your Google Fit clone app.

Better Revenues

Reach to a wider audience and make better revenues and profits by offering your services to people across the globe.

Easy Marketing

Easily market your Google Fit clone app in the market and make more customers by offering a similar user-experience.

Unique Features of Google Fit Clone App to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for your Google Fit clone app that makes your fitness app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
User Management

Seamlessly add users to your Google Fit clone app by verifying their accounts and manage their details in a secure manner.

Subscription Packages

Offer customized subscription packages to your valuable users and alert them for due payments before the end date.

Subscription Models
Fitness Plans

Engage your users and build trust for your fitness tracker app by offering customized fitness and nutrition plans.

Central Dashboard

Monitor and track every activity of your user through a centralized dashboard along with their subscription plans.

Calorie Counter

Offer a real-time view of the calories intake and burned by your specific users and help them achieve their goals.

Push Notifications

Notify your users about recent changes in your privacy policy or discounts in subscription plans in real-time.

Exercise Reminder

Remind the users when they miss their daily routines and build more engagement on your Google Fit clone app.

Manage Feedbacks

Manage the feedback of all your users and reply to them with a personalized message through the same fitness tracker app.


Enable your users a seamless onboarding experience by offering them registration through social media accounts.

Heart Rate

Offer real-time heart and respiratory rates to your users and help them to monitor their health easily with one tap.

Custom Coaching

Engage your Google Fit clone app users with customized fitness tips and nutrition plans that match their needs and goals.

BMI Calculator

Enable your users to access the complete fare details of their stay and travel as per their requirements.

Real-time Progress

Enable your users to track their real-time progress for any activity they are doing along with the total calories burned.

Favourite Activity

Add multiple activities to your Google Fit clone app and accelerate the in-app experience of your users.

Sleep Tracker

Include sleep-tracking functionality in your app and offer some best tips to help your users manage their sleeping patterns.

Device Integration

Entice your users with a great integration functionality by enabling them to run your Google Fit clone app on any device.

Get Fitness App That Fits Your Brand

With an excellent user-experience and next-gen features, we promise to deliver you a perfect Google Fit clone app that matches your brand value.
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How Does Google Fit Work?

Easily attract your target audience and surpass the competitors with an innovative and user-friendly fitness app development. Here’s how your Google Fit clone app works.
  • 1

    The users have to register on the app with the complete details and BMI index to get customized plans.

  • 2

    After successful registration, the user can integrate the google Fit app with any wearable device of their choice.

  • 3

    All that data is then sent to the admin that offers the exercise plans along with the specific health conditions to the users.

  • 4

    In case the users miss exercise on a particular day, the admin can then notify them in a personalized manner.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Google Fit Clone App?

Ready to develop your own fitness tracker app like Google Fit. Get in touch with our experts and receive an accurate cost and time estimation for your Google Fit clone app.

Creating any sort of custom fitness tracker app requires careful evaluation of your requirements and market trends, and Google Fit clone app is no exception. Whether it be the choice of tech-stack, or the relevant features, or even designs; everything is selected as per your needs and wants. That’s why, the best way to get an accurate cost and time estimation for your project is to consult with an expert. An expert will always analyze your business needs and market trends, and will then offer you the most suitable model for your fitness app development. You can fill our form to, book a free 30-min consultation with our experts! 

Core Technologies Behind App Like Google Fit

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of Google Fit?

Google Fit is a fitness app whose main purpose is to collect your health data from various sources in real-time. Whether from a fitness band, your app, or a smartwatch, Google Fit can collect stats and health information from any reliable source to track your progress and help you remain fit.  

2. What app is better than Google Fit?

There are many other fitness trainer apps that are prominent in the market. To name a few, we have: 

  • 8fit 
  • Runtastic 
  • Nike Training Club 
  • FitOn 
  • FitBit Coach 

3. How do I make my own fitness app?

You can follow these steps to launch your own fitness trainer app like Google Fit: 

  • Validate your idea from experts 
  • Choose a promising market 
  • Choose a suitable app development platform 
  • Include next-gen technology and features 
  • Invest in an aesthetic design 
  • Create an MVP 
  • Hire professional fitness app developers 
  • Follow agile methodology for app development 
  • Test your app, and launch 

4. What makes a great fitness app?

In today’s digital and competitive era, an app that has a simple yet engaging interface, competitive features, and reliable technology stack makes an app successful. If you have all the features that can satisfy the needs of your users, and some advanced features that none of your competitors have, then that can impact the overall success of your mobile application.   

5. How does Google Fit work?

The users need to create their detailed profile on the app, and then they can select any of the fitness activities they are doing. The app then tracks their real-time progress, and even notifies them in case they miss any of the sessions. At last, on the completion of any customized plan, the user is awarded a badge and then moves to the next level. 

6. Can we include custom features in our Google Fit clone app?

Yes, you can definitely include any custom features in your Google Fit clone app. You only need to consult your requirements and ideas with our experts, and they will surely convert all those feasible ideas into a profitable reality.  

7. What is the time required to create an app like Google Fit?

The time required to create a Google Fit clone app depends on your requirements and on many factors like: 

  • Validation of your idea 
  • MVP creation 
  • Product development 
  • Quality assurance method 
  • Customizations 
  • Complexity and scalability of your app, and more 

8. Are you a copyright owner of the Google Fit app?

No, we do not own any of the materials related to Google Fit. But, we can ensure you deliver a similar fitness trainer app like Google Fit with your choice of features and tech-stack, at your budget. You can completely own that fitness app and we can even help you market it with our professionals. Visit us to know more about our custom Google Fit clone app development.