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Flourish your taxi business globally by launching your own custom Grab clone with your choice of features, designs, and tech-stack.
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What is Grab?

Grab is a unique and popular online taxi booking platform that has been serving the needs of clients all across the USA, Australia, and South Asia. Whether we talk about grocery delivery, or taxi booking, or even financial services, there is no such services that Grab does not offer. Apart from that, the enterprise cab booking services also makes Grab one of the pioneer cabs booking platform in the world. Due to such versatile services and models, today, Grab taxi clone has become the most trending aspect of the development market.
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Popular Models

Enjoy the advanced features and successful business model of Grab to make your hotel booking clone a hit in the market.

Versatile Benefits

Offer versatile benefits to all your users with less effort by investing in a custom Grab taxi clone.

Less Investment

Get much more returns fastly with less investments by leveraging the certified app development resources.

Easy Marketing

Easily market your app in front of thousands and get huge user-base by offering similar customer-experience with your Grab taxi clone.

Unique Features of Grab Clone to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for the Grab taxi clone that make your taxi booking app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Vehicle Management

Manage all your vehicles from one place and make instant changes in your fares as per the latest market needs.

Rental Plans

Offer customized rental plans to your customers as per their needs and destination and increase your user satisfaction.

Ride Management

Manage all the rides happening through your Grab clone and track the payments associated with those rides.

Total Earnings

Monitor all your drivers and keep a track of their total earnings made through your Grab clone along with the tips.


Easily receive commissions from each of your drivers by dedicating the specific percentage from their earnings.

User Management

Add new users to your Grab clone by verifying their details and manage the existing ones with all their past records.

Customer Base
Customer Support

Offer a reliable and 24*7 automated support to all your users and locate them easily during any emergency with SOS alerts.

Digital Invoices

Send digital invoices to all your customers and drivers directly from your Grab clone and save a lot of time and budget.

Past Rides

Through the app, drivers can view all their past rides and can even schedule their upcoming rides easily.

Total Earnings

Offer a complete view of the total payments made by the drivers including the tips received from each of the rides.

GrabPay Wallet

Help your drivers to manage their earnings in a secure digital wallet, and transfer the amount to their bank accounts with one tap.


Offer incentives to your drivers based on their performance and help them redeem their points from a single place.

My Destination

Offer live navigation facility to your users and help them reach their destination in a secure and faster way.

24*7 Support

Offer automated support to your drivers and help them during any emergency situation through call or chat.

Contact Customer

Connect customers and drivers through in-app chat and call functionality and make your ride booking process more transparent.

OTP Verification

Eliminate the frauds and errors in your Grab clone by enabling the drivers to verify the customers with a one-time password.

Social Signup

Offer an easy and fast sign-up process to your customers by enabling them to login through their social media accounts.

Rental Cabs

Offer rental cabs to your business-class customers for managing their day-to-day reducing needs at custom cost.

Book Rides

Bestow your users to book their online rides from your Grab clone while selecting their favorite vehicle type.

Car Pool

Offer carpool options to your professional users and help them select a proper vehicle for their destination and number of people.

Fare Estimate

Provide a detailed view of the fare associated with each of your ride options based on the destination of the customer.

Place Detection

Automatically detect the current location and destination of the customers with mapping functionality.

Discount Coupons

Amaze your users with discounts and referral bonuses and compel them to bring more customers to your Grab clone.

Ratings and Reviews

Make your Grab clone more engaging by enabling your customers to rate and review the ride services offered by you.

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How Does Grab Clone Work

Experience a user-friendly, customizable, and risk-free taxi booking app development with our experts. Here’s how a Grab taxi clone works for your business.
  • 1
    Book Ride

    The users have to register on the Grab clone in order to book their rides online with easy fare options.

  • 2
    Select Plan

    Once the location is detected, users have to select a suitable riding plan including rental, carpool, instant booking, and more.

  • 3
    Pay Online

    After selecting the vehicle and getting a fare estimate, the users have to pay online via a suitable payment channel.

  • 4
    Get Cab

    After successful payment, the request is sent to the drivers by the admin who then confirms the users and drops them safely.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Grab Clone?

Calculate the exact cost of your custom Grab clone with our expert consultation services. Get in touch with us to book your free consultation slot!

Calculating the actual cost of your Grab clone is not an easy task. You need to firstly have an idea of a lot of factors involved in the development of your Grab taxi clone. For instance, what type of technology will you use, what features will be included, type of designs and interface, testing method for your app, and more. Apart from that whether you want to submit your app on the Play Store/App Store, the number of professional developers you need, any other engineer required for your Grab clone, etc. also adds to the overall cost of app development. To get an exact quote for your app, book a free 30-min consultation with our experts! 

Core Technologies Behind App Like Grab

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Grab clone?

Grab clone is a robust on-demand app development service that deals with the creation of custom taxi booking applications like Grab. with a Grab clone, you can easily satisfy the needs of your taxi business and can earn more profits with less effort. Right from features and design, to tech-stack and even marketing models, everything could be used as that of the original app to offer your users a similar kind of experience.   

2. What are the benefits of taxi mobile app development?

Whether it be customer, driver, or the admin, everyone benefits from the taxi booking app development in multiple ways like the customers get their favourite suitable cab in minutes with all the fare estimates and great discounts. Besides, the drivers also make great earnings as they get more rides with better charges. Regarding admins, they do not need to incur a lot of costs on other management tools because a custom taxi booking app is sufficient for all the tasks. Right from invoicing to support, fleet management, commissions, driver management, and more; everything could be handled from a single app.    

3. How does Grab Taxi make money?

Grab makes money by charging a nominal booking fee from each of the customers for every ride they book through the app. Besides that, the waiting charges, and the commissions from the drivers also adds to their overall revenue.  

4. What resources do I need for developing my Grab taxi clone?

To develop a feature-rich and a similar taxi booking app like Grab you need to have the following resources: 

  • A dedicated team of developers 
  • Project managers 
  • Testers 
  • UI/UX designers 
  • Best development tools 
  • Experts for idea validation 
  • Digital marketers 

5. What is other taxi booking apps like Grab?

There are many other popular taxi booking apps that can be used to create your custom clones. To name a few, we have: 

  • Uber 
  • Gett 
  • Curb 
  • MyTaxi 
  • Lyft 

6. How much time is needed for creating my custom Grab clone?

Similar to the cost, the time required to create your custom Grab clone depends on multiple factors including the level of customizations, complexity of the features, idea validation, development, testing method, and more. Hence, we would strongly recommend you to consult your ideas and requirements with our experts to get an accurate time estimation for your Grab clone.  

7. Do you offer post-launch services?

Yes, we do offer reliable and budget-friendly post launch services that are a perfect fit for your app. Whether it be updating the existing tech-stack, or adding some advanced features, or even migrating the database, we offer every other service that could help you stay a leader in your niche for a long-term.   

8. Can you work on my idea for taxi booking app development?

Absolutely, whatever be your ideas, we could validate them and make them possible to be included in your custom application. You only need to consult your ideas with our experts by filling out the form below, and we will handle the rest. 

9. What other services will I get with Grab clone app development?

We offer a wide range of comprehensive app development services, including expert consultation, agile development, flexible hiring models, digital marketing, UI/UX services, testing, and other post-launch services for your Grab clone.

10. Are you a copyright owner of Grab?

No, we are not the copyright owners of Grab. However, we have expertise and certified professionals that could transform any of your taxi booking ideas into a reality. To create your custom Grab clone, you can reach us today. We ensure to offer an exact app development that fits your budget and expectations.