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Elevate your mindfulness and meditation services by developing a complete digital and customized app like Headspace.
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What is Headspace?

Headspace is an emerging meditation and relaxation platform that has a unique mission - to improve the overall health and happiness of the world. This prominent app offers many useful meditation and mindfulness activities that can be used anytime and anywhere by the users. Whether meditation or masterclass sessions, you can choose whatever suits your needs, can customize the session length, and can even download the videos as per your convenience. Headspace app also offers a creative package for businesses to help them keep their teams motivated and healthy. Due to such versatile models, Healthspace clone apps are quickly becoming a profitable trend in today’s digital market.
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Versatile Models

Get versatile models for your Headspace clone app and attract individuals and businesses easily for bigger revenues.

Best Features

Include the most successful features of Headspace app to make your custom meditation app development a hit.

Wider Reach

Reach to millions and get a huge customer-base by offering a similar kind of user-interface to your audience like Headspace app.

Boosted Revenues
Boosted Revenues

Boost your revenues and profits and enjoy better brand value for years with a custom Headspace cone app.

Unique Features of Headspace Clone App to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for your Headspace clone app that makes your meditation app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
User Management

Add multiple users to your Headspace clone app and manage the existing ones with all their details and subscription plans.

Add Blogs

Manage the existing blogs on your platform and add the new ones to improve customer engagement.

Subscription Models
Subscription Models

Offer various subscription-model to your multiple users and keep a track of their due dates and payment status.

Business Webinars

Conduct various meditation webinars for your enterprise clients and help them stay fit and productive.

Automated Support

Resolve all your customer queries and automate your technical support with an automated ML-based chatbot.

Push Notifications

Notify your users about every change in your policy or app updates in real-time with a personalized message.

Real-Time Reminders

Remind each of your users about their missed meditation sessions in a customized manner and increase your app’s engagement.

Central Dashboard

Get a bird’s eye’s view of all the processes happening on your Headspace clone app with an intuitive dashboard.

Meditation Videos

Enable your users to meditate anytime they want by offering them meditation videos in online and offline mode.

Virtual Events

Engage your users while sitting remotely by offering various virtual events with experts on a global scale.

Live Webinars

Stay connected with your target audience and enhance your mindfulness sessions with live webinars especially for businesses.

Community Platform

Bring all your brand enthusiasts to one platform and help them stay connected and compete in a healthy way.

24/7 Support

Offer reliable technical support to all your business and individual users and help them access all your features efficiently.

Meal Plans

Help your users with mindful eating, and let them focus on their inner peace with a proper and nutritious meal plan.

Group Meditation

Enable your users to connect with their friends, and family members for a group meditation session.

Useful Articles

Educate your users with better and engaging meditation articles and help them improve their mental health efficiently.

We Value Your Business Goals

Leverage our years-long expertise and reliable meditation app development services to make your Headspace clone app a perfect match for your brand.
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How Does Headspace Work?

Offer a user-friendly meditation app to your users and experience better sales and a huge customer-base. Here’s how your Headspace clone app works.
  • 1
    Register Online

    The users have to create their profile to get started with the Headspace clone app and access all the meaningful sessions.

  • 2
    Select Session

    After successful registration, the users can avail any of the meditation sessions or music to relax their inner mind.

  • 3
    Track Progress

    Once the plan is selected, the users and admin can track the progress and can update the plan anytime the user wants.

  • 4
    Get Reminders

    If any of the users fails to comply with the planned schedule, then the admin can remind him/her in real-time with a personalized message.

How Much Does it Cost to Make an App Like Headspace?

Ready to kickstart your meditation app development? Here’s how much you need to invest for building your own custom Headspace clone app!

To create a custom meditation app like Headspace, you need to analyze various factors like competitor’s app, market trends, user needs, and feasibility of the idea. Besides that, your business requirements also play a crucial role in determining the scope, and eventually the cost of your Headspace clone app. Without these, it is certainly impossible to calculate an exact cost of app development. Hence, if you are looking for an accurate quote, then consulting with our experts is the best possible way. To get a free consultation and a no-obligation quote book a free 30-min consultation with our experts! 

Core Technologies Behind App Like Headspace Clone.

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Headspace clone app?

Headspace clone app is an on-demand mobile app development service that deals with the creation and deployment of meditation apps like Headspace. With a custom Headspace clone app, you can easily market your meditation and wellness brand in front of millions without actually investing in marketing resources. Plus, the perks of having a dedicated mobile app further increases the revenues and profits for your brand. 

2. What is Headspace used for?

Headspace is used to help people with all sorts of mindfulness exercises including deep meditation, power napping, mindful eating, and so on. Not just individuals, but businesses can also utilize the Headspace app to increase the productivity and mental health issues of their employees. 

3. What is similar to Headspace?

There are many other meditation apps that are similar to Headspace, such as: 

  • Calm 
  • Buddhify 
  • Insight Timer 
  • Unplug 
  • Final Verdict 
  • Simple Habit 

4. How much time is required to create a meditation app like Headspace?

The time required to create a similar meditation app like Headspace depends on many factors and majorly on your requirements. Idea validation, project management, MVP creation, quality assurance technique, and development; everything impacts your overall app development time. That’s why consulting with an expert is the most effective way for getting an accurate estimation.    

5. How do you ensure a quality and secure meditation app development?

We follow the best development methodologies and latest security techniques to make sure that your app is built with next-gen tools and with complete safety. Besides that, all our engineers are certified and experienced making them suitable to solve all your problems that may arise during meditation app development.   

6. How does Headspace make revenue?

The main source of Headspace for generating revenue is through a subscription-based model. The brand offers various subscription models to their individual and business clients that adds to their revenues.   

7. What services do you offer for my Headspace clone app?

You can discover a wide range of professional app development services for your Headspace clone app, such as: 

  • Quality Assurance 
  • Expert Consultation 
  • Agile Methodology 
  • UI/UX Services 
  • Flexible Hiring Models 
  • App Maintenance
  • DevOps Consultation Services 
  • Data Migration 
  • Platform Upgradation 
  • Technology Update, and more

8. Are you a copyright owner of Headspace?

No, we do not own any of the resources related to headspace. However, we have years-long experience in developing and delivering similar meditation and healthcare apps like Headspace tailor-made to our client’s expectations. You can choose your own features and designs, and can even clone the existing features of Headspace to launch your custom meditation app.