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What is Hopper App?

Hopper is a unique and smart travel app that helps users to book their flights and hotels online. The app uses an intelligent AI-based prediction system that can alert the users about the best timings to book their tickets at a low cost. Besides that, Hopper also allows the users to book their cabs for an easy and convenient journey. Due to the use of smart functionalities and accessible features, Hopper is one of the popular travel apps used in the global market today. Plus, the app has also generated a whopping revenue of over $64.5 million. Are you ready to launch your own app like Hopper?
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Intelligent Modules

Entice your customers and lure new ones to your Hopper clone with intelligent modules and successful features.

Online Business

Experience the perks of bringing your business online and make more revenues easily with a Hopper clone.

Quick ROI

Ensure success for your project and get a 100% return on your total investments easily with a travel app like Hopper.

Easy Marketing

Easily promote your business online and reach millions of promising prospects with a dedicated Hopper clone.

Unique Features of App Like Hopper to Set You Apart

Boost your user experience and revenues, and stand apart from the competition with these unique features for an app like Hopper.
Need Custom Features?
User Management

Add users to your Hopper clone and manage the existing ones by securely storing all the interests and details.

Host Management

Manage all the businesses listed on your Hopper clone and add the new ones by offering them exciting bonuses.

Price Predictions

Use smart AI tools to predict the best deals for each of your customers and enhance your user experience.

Online Ads

Run online ads for third-party companies on your Hopper clone and make extra revenues for your travel business.

Total Commissions

Automatically deduct the commissions from all the bookings and forward the remaining amount to the host.

Total Bookings

Get a complete view of the total bookings that happened through your travel app along with all the user details.

Push Notifications

Alert your users about recent changes in your policy or about your amazing offers with a personalized message.

Customer Support

Integrate an AI-based chatbot in your Hopper clone and automate all your customer support operations.

Create Profile

Offer a seamless onboarding experience to your users by enabling them a simple and secure login process.

Book Flights

Enable your users to book the best flights to reach their travel destinations by offering them a comprehensive list.

Book Hotels

Make travel easier for your users by connecting them with different hotels and homestays from a single platform.

Cab Booking

Enable your users to book cabs to the popular places of their travel destinations easily from your Hopper clone.

Best Deals

Easily engage your users to your Hopper clone by offering them the best deals on flight and hotel bookings in real-time.

Fare Details

Offer accurate fare details of the hotels and flights to your users by amazing their travel details and needs.

Easy Returns

Make it easy for your users to cancel or postpone their journeys by offering them easy returns and refund functionality.

24*7 Support

Increase the credibility of your Hopper clone by solving all your customer’s queries easily in real-time.

Add Business

Enable your business partners to increase their revenues by allowing them to add their businesses to your Hopper clone.

Total Bookings

Offer all the booking requests to your business partners and allow them to accept/reject the requests as per the availability.

Edit Profile

Enable your business partners and hosts to edit their profiles anytime they want for better revenue generation.

Custom Pricing

Build more profits for your Hopper clone by allowing your partners to change the pricing as per the market needs.

Total Earnings

Offer a centralized dashboard to your hosts to help them view and transfer all their earnings to their bank accounts.

Push Notifications

Help your partners to increase their revenues and profits by sending push notifications about recent offers to the users.

Support Module

Offer real-time assistance to your business partners by solving all their issues through call or text functionality.

Contact Customers

Facilitate better communication between your hosts and customers by connecting them through calls or messages.

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How does Hopper Work?

Offer seamless onboarding and accessibility to your target audience with a simple yet engaging app. Here’s how your Hopper clone works.
  • 1
    Create Profile

    First, your users need to create a detailed profile mentioning their email address and a valid contact number for verification.

  • 2
    Select Services

    After successfully creating the profile, the users can select any of the services mentioned in your custom Hopper clone.

  • 3
    Book Online

    Once the services are selected with the date and place of travel, the users need to pay online at the time when the best deal is available.

  • 4
    Confirm Bookings

    Finally, the admin forwards the request to the owner who then confirms the bookings after viewing the availability.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Travel App like Hopper?

Ready to kickstart your travel app development? Here’s how much it could cost you to create a custom Hopper clone with your choice of features!

Any custom app development depends on many factors and in such a case calculating the exact cost may seem a tedious and complex task. The complexity of the features, customizations, tech stack, number of resources, other app development services, and even quality assurance method; there is a myriad of factors that must be considered before concluding the final cost of your travel app development. Hence, conducting proper market research and validating your ideas with experts is the best way to get an accurate cost estimation. To get an exact quote for your Hopper clone, book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts today! 

Core Technologies Behind App Like Hopper

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Hopper clone?

Hopper clone is an on-demand app development service that deals with the creation and deployment of travel app like Hopper. With a Hopper clone, you can easily develop your own travel app without investing music in the market research., since all the features and monetization models are readily available, you can leverage some or all of those in your custom app to quickly earn popularity.  

2. How does Hopper make money?

Hopper charges a specific amount of commission from the airline agencies and hotels for each booking they receive through their app. You can run third-party ads or can offer subscription models for earning extra revenues for your Hopper clone.  

3. What technology Hopper use?

Although there are many prominent technologies behind Hopper, the app majorly uses AI to predict the best deals to its users. The smart AI algorithms analyses all the previous data and experience of the users to suggest them the most suitable deal they cannot deny.   

4. What resources do I need for Hopper clone?

For an effective and feature rich Hopper clone, you will need various resources and tools like: 

  • Project manager 
  • Tester 
  • API developers 
  • Front-end developer 
  • Backend developer 
  • UI/UX designer, and more 

5. What are other apps like Hopper that you can build for me?

There are many prominent apps like Hopper that we can build for you, such as: 

  • Skyscanner 
  • Kiwi 
  • TripAdvisor 
  • Agoda 
  • Trivago 

6. How does the Hopper app work for hotel?

To use Hopper for hotel booking, you must freeze down your price. Now, if the price of the hotel stay as it is, then there is no worry, but, if the price goes up, the that difference is covered by Hopper. 

7. What is the time required to create a travel app like Hopper?

The exact time required to build your travel app like Hopper depends on many factors and majorly on your requirements. For instance, if you choose to create a travel app with complex features and designs, then the time required would be more as compared to a simple app. Hence, consulting with an expert is the best way to predict the accurate time of development.  

8. Are you a copyright owner of Hopper?

No, we do not own any of the material related to Hopper. However, we have a decade-long expertise in creating travel apps like Hopper as per your ideas and requirements. You can visit us or can fill our form below to discuss more about a Hopper clone.