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Transform your idea of meditation app development into a profitable reality by launching a custom Insight timer clone app with your choice of features and tech-stack.
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What is an Insight Timer?

Insight timer is an exceptional meditation and wellness app that is used widely by people from all ages and locations. Whether sleep, anxiety, stress, or even for normal health; Insight timer is considered as one of the best fitness and wellness apps that offers robust mindfulness activities. The app has meaningful meditation sessions and stress-relieving music for everyone including parents, individuals, and even kids. Plus, the app even lets the trainers enhance their skills by becoming a part of the app while promoting the Insight Timer. That’s why, the Insight Timer clone app has become a huge trend for anyone looking to invest in custom meditation app development.
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Easy Marketing

Easily market your Insight timer clone app by offering similar features and tech-stack like the original app to your users.

Faster Returns

Get much faster returns on your investment and ensure better customer-base in a short time with a popular meditation app clone.

Better Profits

Ensure huge profits by reaching millions of users in a short time without investing much by launching your own Insight Timer clone app.

Less Competition

Promote your meditation brand easily and stand apart from the competition by offering a dedicated mobile app to your users.

Unique Features of Insight Timer Clone App to Set You Apart

Enhance your user-experience and grab more users for your Insight Timer clone app with these user-friendly and competitive features.
Need Custom Features?
Add Users

Add users instantly with one touch by validating their details and creating their detailed health profile.

Add Teachers

Add trainers to your Insight Timer clone app and manage the sessions of esteemed guests on your app easily.

Subscription Plans

Offer unique and customized subscription models to your users and earn revenues for your meditation app easily.

24/7 Support

Offer instant and reliable support to your users and trainers and automate the complete process with a chatbot.

Central Dashboard

Get a bird’s eye’s view of all the processes happening on your Insight Timer clone app and control everything you want.

Push Notifications

Update about your recent policy changes or some amazing deals to your users in real-time in a personalized tone.

Guides Management

Keep a track of all the guides uploaded on your Insight timer clone app and delete the ones that break your policy.

Total Sessions

Record the total meditation sessions happening on your Insight Timer clone app along with the details of the guests.

Select Category

Increase the engagement on your app by enabling the users to select a specific meditation category relating to their issue.

Guided Meditation

Offer meditation guides and videos to your valuable users to help them practice their meditation sessions efficiently.

Expert Sessions

Offer expert meditation sessions and videos to your valuable users and increase the credibility of your Insight Timer clone app.

Music Playlist

Let your customers create their own music or meditation playlist to listen anytime and anywhere they want.

Meditation Courses

Offer a wide range of meditation courses to your users, and enable them to access their favorite courses with a subscription plan.

Solo Teachers

Let your users train the meditation at their own pace and with proper help by offering them professional solo trainers.

Premium Plans

Let your users enjoy every feature and benefit of your Insight Timer clone app by choosing a suitable premium plan.

Community Groups

Increase engagement amongst all your app users by connecting them through a centralized community platform.

Create Profile

Enable your trainers to create a detailed profile mentioning their experience and forte and validate their info with one tap.

Update Info

Through the Insight Timer clone app, the trainer can update their information and certificates anytime they want.

Training Portals

Offer a training portal to help your trainers learn new and advanced meditation skills while growing your brand services.

Total Earnings

Help your trainers to view their total earnings made through the app, and let them transfer the amount to their bank accounts easily.

Track Progress

Enable your trainers to track their meditation progress and help them become professionals to elevate your Buddhify clone app.

Upload Guides

Let your trainers spread their teachings easily while elevating your meditation app by uploading various meditation guides.

Session Schedule

The trainers can schedule their meditation sessions and can even send updates to the users in real-time with a single tap.

Support Module

Offer a dedicated support module to your meditation partners to help them resolve all their queries through the app.

Let’s Begin Your Profitable App Development

Get professional help and certified resources for your Insight Timer clone app to help you build the best possible user-experience for huge profits and revenues.
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How Does Insight Timer Work?

Deliver an easy-to-use and advanced meditation app to your valuable users and enhance their overall experience. Here’s how your custom Buddhify clone app works.
  • 1
    Create Profile

    The users need to create their detailed profile to access the app and enjoy all the meditation activities with expert sessions.

  • 2
    Select Category

    Once the profile is created the users can select any of the categories mentioned in the app as per their needs and interests.

  • 3
    Pay Online

    After successful selection of meditation activity, the users need to select a suitable subscription plan that matches their budget.

  • 4
    Start Session

    Finally, the users can start their chosen sessions and can even opt for expert help if needed while getting support from the admin.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an Insight Timer Clone App?

Get an accurate cost estimation for your Insight Timer clone app by connecting with our experts. Visit us or fill the form below to get a free consultation with a custom quote!

Designing, developing, and launching a custom mobile application includes many critical factors, and Insight Timer clone app is no exception. Moreover, it is majorly your requirements that sets the budget of any custom app development. For instance, the price of a highly advanced app would be much higher than a basic app with essential features. Hence, you should always consult with experts before beginning your project to get the latest trends and accurate estimations. To get an accurate quiet for your Insight Timer clone app, book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts.    

Core Technologies Behind App Like Insight Timer

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Insight Timer clone app?

Insight Timer clone app is an on-demand app development service that deals with the creation and deployment of custom meditation apps like insight Timer. With a meditation clone app, you can easily target all your services in a successful manner. Right from features, to tech-stack, you can either clone all of these, or can include your own as per your needs. Plus, Insight Timer clone app even saves your time and cost of making an app from scratch.  

2. How do I make my own meditation app?

You can follow these steps to make your own meditation app: 

  • Understand and identify a suitable market 
  • Validate your ideas with experts 
  • Hire a professional meditation app development company 
  • Choose next-gen features and tech-stack 
  • Create an MVP 
  • Follow agile development methodology 
  • Test your app 
  • Deploy on various online platforms

3. How does Insight Timer make money?

Insight timer charges a specific amount of commission from the trainers. Besides that, the brand also offers subscription models to the users in order to access the complete app. Some other revenue models include charges on guides, music playlist, and solo trainers.  

4. What services do you offer with the Insight Timer clone app?

App development, quality assurance, MVP creation, UI/UX services, dedicated developers, idea validation, data migration, post-launch services, and much more; you can get everything you need for creating an advanced and profitable Insight Timer clone app.  

5. Can you help me submit my Insight Timer clone app on Play Store/App Store?

Yes, we can help you submit your Insight Timer clone app to various online platforms including the Play Store/App Store. However, the app submission service requires usage of professional engineers, and that would eventually impact your final quotation and time estimation of the app development. Hence to eliminate future confusions, it is always better to initially discuss all these requirements with our experts on a free consultation call.  

6. Do you offer app submission services for Insight Timer clone app?

Yes, we do offer app submission services to help you submit your app on the Play Store/App Store as per your choice. However, that service is paid and it will impact your overall cost and time estimation. Hence, to eliminate such confusions and to get an accurate estimations for your Insight Timer clone app, it is better to discuss all such requirements initially with our experts.  

7. How can I ensure security of my data?

We follow the best security practices and latest safety tools to develop your successful meditation app. Beside that, we also follow agile methodologies that ensure a smooth and error-free app tailor-made to your business needs and expectations. Moreover, we sign an NDA that fully protects your ideas and data from third-party intervention. 

8. Are you a copyright owner of Insight Timer?

No, we are not the copyright owners of the Insight Timer app. However, we can help you get your open meditation app like Insight Timer with your choice of features and designs. We can even clone the exact features of Insight Timer as per your needs at your budget. Visit us to know more about our custom Insight Timer clone app development.