Inventory Management Software Development

Manage your inventory more efficiently by syncing your stock with our inventory management software development services. Get multiple benefits such as automatic ordering, electronic scanning, purchase order tracking, and much more.
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    Gain Real-time Insights of Your Inventories with a Smart Inventory Management System

    As a leading inventory management software development company, our aim is to help you redefine your inventory and warehouse operations. Whether stock syncing, re-ordering, inventory tracking, or even upselling the products with less expiry dates, our smart inventory management solution can automate all those tasks efficiently. You can also categorize your inventories through RFID or QR codes with our custom solution. Not to mention, eliminating stock-out conditions for greater profits and customer satisfaction is also an added perk of smart inventory management solutions.
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    More Revenues
    More Revenues

    A smart inventory management system identifies the customer needs so that you can plan accordingly and ensure greater revenues.

    Complete Management
    Complete Management

    We can develop a solution for you that can manage asset tracking, stock adjustments, accounting & future demand forecasting.

    Reduced Wastage
    Reduced Wastage

    With an exact demand forecast, you can know what products need to be re-ordered and at what time to eliminate wastages.

    Real time Updates
    Real-time Updates

    Eliminate stock-out conditions and optimize your order levels by getting real-time updates on your inventories.

    Top Features for a Top-notch Inventory Software

    Here are all the features that Matellio offers to make your inventory management software development successful.
    Returned Inventory Optimization
    Product Returns

    Deal with the fraudulent returns, eliminate your losses, and track all the returns and their payment details.

    Back Office Automation

    Automate all the tedious back-office operations, ranging from order processing, shipment tracking, re-ordering, and accounting.

    Periodic scans
    Periodic Scans

    Scan your inventories using our robotics and data analytics solutions to get up-to-date information on your assets for different categories and locations.

    Asset Valuation
    Asset Evaluation

    Get real-time insights about asset utilization, and make informed decisions to optimize them for maximum business output.

    Purchase Monitoring
    Purchase Monitoring

    Track and monitor the assets purchased by various organization teams and get data to optimize their use.

    Transfer Management
    Transfer Management

    Bundle your products to increase customer satisfaction and know the most profitable marketplace for your inventories with some amazing options.

    Supply Chain Optimization

    Optimize your supply chain operations and get real-time updates about your SCM process, including live location, weather updates, transportation mode, etc.

    Waste Reduction
    Waste Reduction

    Minimize the wastage of goods while eliminating the stock-out conditions by optimizing the flow and getting real-time data during shortages.

    Smart Warehouses
    Warehouse Management

    Streamline all your warehouse operations such as stock maintenance, re-ordering, categorization, and front-store operations.

    Need More Features for your Inventory Management Software?

    Connect with our experts to explore the best features that ensure a successful product development.

    Services We Offer for Your Inventory Management Solution

    SaaS Development
    Software Development Consulting

    We offer a free 30-minute consultation to help you validate your ideas and get the best features, tech stack, and UI/UX designs for your solution.

    Transportation App Development
    SaaS Development

    We can help you launch a cloud-based inventory management solution that secures your data and offers high performance and accessibility.

    Testing and Migration
    Inventory App Development

    You can launch an inventory management app that runs on multiple platforms and connects with third-party APIs using our app development services.

    Inventory Management Software Development

    Need Exclusive Inventory Management Software Development Services?

    Connect with our experts to explore all the other services for your inventory management software.
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    Implement Next-Gen Tech in Your Solution

    As a leading inventory management software development company, we know how to handle your challenges with next-gen tech.
    AI and Machine Learning
    AI & Machine Learning

    Integration of AI/ML technology will allow you to automate all your warehouse and supply chain operations. With our software development services, you can get custom chatbots, robotics solutions, and data intelligence models.

    Internet of Things
    Internet of Things

    IoT-based inventory management solutions will allow you to get real-time updates on your inventories in your warehouses. With IoT technology, you can easily track your specific products’ exact location and level in seconds.

    Location Based Services
    Cloud Services

    You can easily secure your inventory-related data or other financial information by migrating your existing solution to a cloud platform. We also offer cloud integration services and cloud-based software development.

    Cloud Computing
    Predictive Analytics

    Analyze a vast amount of data and generate useful insights by leveraging our predictive analytics services. Get business intelligence modules to predict the demand forecast for certain products while eliminating wastages.

    Looking to Implement these Technologies into Your System?

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    Why Matellio for Inventory Management Software Development?

    As a leading inventory management software development company, we take pride in delivering cloud-based inventory management software to various businesses in need. Our experts have years-long experience designing and developing smart inventory management systems equipped with the latest technologies. Using those solutions, you can easily streamline all your operations and can win the competition curve. Identifying the concerns and analyzing your competitors are some of the perks of partnering with Matellio. So, fill out our form below to begin your inventory management software development. Get a free 30-minute consultation and a no-obligation quote for your project.
    Agile Development Methodology
    Agile Development Methodology

    Our agile methodology ensures timely updates of your project to mitigate the testing costs and ensure expected product development.

    No Obligation Quote
    No-Obligation Quote

    You can get a no-obligation quote for your project tailor-made to your custom business requirements soon.

    Free Market Analysis
    Free Market Analysis

    We offer expert consultation and a free competitor and market analysis service to help you identify the latest trends in the market.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How much does inventory management software cost?

    The cost of developing an inventory management software depends majorly on your set of requirements. The type of features you choose, number of resources, testing method, and even the UI components impact your development cost. Hence, the best way is to leverage our expert consultation service to validate your ideas and requirements and get an exact quote for your inventory management software development. You can fill out our form below to get started today!  

    2. What services do you offer with inventory management software development?

    Right from idea validation and MVP creation to app/web development, UI/UX services, testing, and even re-engineering services, we offer professional services to ensure success for your inventory management software development. 

    3. How will you ensure the security of my data?

    Our experts at Matellio follow the best security practices during your inventory management software development. Besides that, we also follow a non-disclosure agreement policy to safeguard your data and idea from third-party access.   

    4. How much time is required for inventory management software development?

    Similar to the cost, the time required to develop your inventory management system depends on your requirements. For instance, if your inventory management software has advanced features and complex algorithms, it will take more time than a solution with a mix of basic and advanced features. That’s why we offer a consultation service to help you validate your ideas and get an exact time for your project development. 

    5. Do you offer post-launch services?

    Yes, we offer post-launch services to help our clients with updated software. Our services include:  

    • Data migration  
    • Testing  
    • Platform migration  
    • Feature addition  
    • Maintenace and support  
    • Cloud integration services

    6. Can you develop an inventory management app for my business?

    We can help you develop an inventory management app for various platforms. From Android and iOS to Windows and cross-platform, you can launch inventory management apps with our experts.