IoT in Automotives

IoT has shifted the paradigms of vehicle development in the automotive industry. Creating better, connected products like connected cars, and smart and autonomous vehicles, IoT enables businesses to offer a better service spectrum with state-of-the-art customer service. At Matellio, we help these organizations to accelerate IoT adoption and gain long-term value from their investment.
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    What is

    How is IoT Used in Automotive?

    IoT in the automotive industry is the integration of components like sensors, gadgets, cloud, and technology solutions to improve the production lifecycle. It also facilitates complex systems for predictive maintenance, connected vehicles, and managing fleets, among many more. These benefits drive widespread IoT adoption among automotive businesses. It is expected that the automotive IoT market will grow at a CAGR of 16.4% from 2019 to 2025 to cross the mark of $541.73 billion. Advancing from merely a production-related industry to creating services that focus on customer experience, the automotive industry is scaling up to match its potential with other industries using IoT.
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    Predictive Maintenance

    IoT-based sensors allow real-time monitoring of the vehicles to prepare maintenance schedules and send alerts if any fault is anticipated.

    Traffic Management

    Route optimization and shortest route discovery can allow vehicles to avoid crowded areas. This also helps the authorities to control traffic and manage it.

    Increased Safety

    Autonomous vehicles use cameras, sensors, radar, and IMU to guarantee road safety and user comfort at the same time.

    Improved Engineering

    As an integral part of production processes, IoT allows for better planning and offers customer insights to build better products.

    IoT Use Cases in Automotives

    Discover where IoT can fit into Your Automotive Business and its Core Processes.
    Fleet Tracking

    With the help of connected vehicles and in-vehicle devices, businesses can get real-time insights into their fleet.

    Connected Cars

    Connected cars take road safety and user comfort to the next level. One can even track vehicle location in real-time.

    Smart Vehicles

    Offer environmentally friendly communizing modes to your customers and ensure the best experience with smart vehicles.

    Automotive Maintenance System

    Benefit from IoT-based in-vehicle sensors to anticipate failures and plan ahead of time with automotive maintenance.

    Autonomous Vehicles

    Use autonomous vehicles to upgrade your fleet or service offerings. Semi-autonomous cars can also assist drivers.

    In-vehicle Infotainment and Telematics

    Boost user experience with in-vehicle infotainment and telematics that facilitate smooth vehicle monitoring from remote locations.

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    Applications of IoT in the Automotive Industry

    Address your specific automotive business challenges with the right IoT applications.

    Other IoT Service Industries

    Explore our industry-based IoT development services for other realms.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How long does it take to build IoT-based automotive applications?

    The time for custom IoT app development for learning depends on multiple aspects like: 

    • Type of application 
    • Scale of deployment 
    • Number of users 
    • Hardware/ software/ both development 
    • Team size and their expertise, and more.  

    For an accurate estimation, you can share your requirements with us.  

    2. How much does custom IoT-based automotive solution development take?

    The main factor that impacts the time to build automotive IoT solutions is the level of IoT functionalities. For instance, if you want to develop the device and application from scratch, it’ll take more time than the one where the only software application is developed. At the same time, if the features are more complex, the development will take more time. Accurate estimation is only possible once the IoT-based automation solutions development company has considered all your requirements in detail. 

    3. What is automotive IoT?

    Automotive IoT refers to the IoT implementation in automotive systems. They aim to create applications and solutions for making smart vehicles, promoting safe and efficient driving, and improving business processes. 

    4. What can IoT development services Matellio offer for my business?

    Matellio can provide you with: 

    • Hardware design and prototyping 
    • Embedded software development 
    • Data storage solutions 
    • Backend development 
    • Front-end development 

    5. Why should I hire Matellio for IoT Development?

    Matellio offers a unique development experience to the clients, regardless of the industry. Here is how we stand out in the IoT development realm: 

    • Specialized IoT Teams 
    • Vast industry experience with IoT products 
    • Hands-on experience in the futuristic technology stack
    • Secure data management 
    • Management for legacy and advanced devices 
    • High-performance data streaming and analytics

    6. Which hiring models does Matellio support for hiring IoT developers?

    We allow our clients to choose from three flexible engagement models: 

    • Turnkey model 
    • Dedicated developer model 
    • Time and material model