IoT in Telecommunication Industry

Custom IoT development services for the telecommunication industry can help telecom businesses drive business growth and customer delight for their organizations. The right set of IoT telecommunication applications enables you to deliver product range and services that bring additional value to your existing networks.
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    What is

    Why IoT in Telecommunication Industry?

    The telecommunication industry has been one of the early adopters of IoT applications. The greatest advantage is existing infrastructure accurately supports the ground for expanding products and services range based on 5G and IoT technologies. Telecommunication operators can capitalize on the opportunities of developing a comprehensive IoT ecosystem, enabling seamless communication between devices and people. Find out how IoT can help your business propel to horizons of the success., or understand various aspects it can benefit your organization. Start digital transformation the right way with our experts.
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    Better Services

    IoT protocols and 5G networks allow better data transmission from thousands of devices while offering better communication speed and bandwidth.

    Low Latency

    IoT helps telecommunication companies to minimize downtime, that boosts customer delights directly improving speed of real-time processes.

    Increased RoI

    Offering IoT-based services will help businesses attract customers, retain existing ones and boost customer loyalty. This ultimately impacts the bottom line.

    Power Efficiency

    Telecom companies can boost power efficiency and gain capability to handle millions of connected devices seamlessly, thus boosting sales.

    IoT Use Cases in Telecommunication Industry

    Discover IoT use cases in the telecom business to find out where it fits into your operations.
    Asset Management

    Companies find it difficult to manage widespread assets and keep track of them. However, with IoT-based solutions they can easily receive regular notifications about asset movement, usage, and similar metrics.

    Improved Customer Experience

    IoT solutions tailored for telecommunication industry allow brands to get detailed analytics about consumer data. They can, therefore, identify the pain points and address them accordingly with their services.

    Data Storage & Management

    Connected devices across geographic locations provide a lot of data for the enterprises to leverage for analytics. IoT systems help to make the most of this data as well as help manage it seamlessly, regardless of its size.

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    How Does IoT Address Challenges in Telecom Industry?

    Analyze your organizational challenges and fill the gaps with efficient IoT solutions in your business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is IoT technology in telecom?

    IoT in Telecom helps companies to build improved predictive analytics models, which assists in generating analytics that achieve expected results. With IoT in Telecommunications, companies can deliver improved location-based services by using proximity sensors in the devices. 

    2. How IoT can impact the telecom industry?

    • High speed and expanded bandwidth
    • Low latency
    • Increased power efficiency
    • Better job opportunities
    • Increased revenue

    3. What IoT development services can Matellio offer for my business?

    Matellio can provide you with:

    • Hardware design and prototyping
    • Embedded software development
    • Data storage solutions
    • Backend development
    • Front-end development

    4. How long does it take to build IoT-based telecom applications?

    The time for custom IoT app development depends on multiple aspects like: 

    • Type of application 
    • Scale of deployment 
    • Number of users 
    • Hardware/ software/ both development 
    • Team size and their expertise, and more.  

    For an accurate estimation, you can share your requirements with us.

    5. How much does custom IoT telecom app development take?

    The main factor that impacts the time to build an IoT solution for entertainment and media businesses, is the level of IoT functionalities. For instance, if you want to develop the device and application from scratch, it’ll take more time than the one where the only software application is developed. At the same time, if the features are more complex in nature, the development will take more time. Accurate estimation is only possible once the IoT development company has considered all your requirements in detail. 

    6. What industries benefit from IoT?

    Sectors that can benefit from IoT development include: 

    • Agriculture 
    • Energy 
    • Finance 
    • Healthcare 
    • Manufacturing 
    • Retail 
    • Hospitality 
    • Transportation and Logistics