Case Study Landscapper

LandscAPPer – Enhancing Landscaping Business Management with SAAS ERP

Developing “LandscAPPer,” a landscaping app and website with ERP capabilities, presented Matellio with the challenge of creating a comprehensive SAAS solution for landscaping businesses. The objective was to develop an application that streamlines project management, crew scheduling, and offers ERP features for efficient business operations. 

Matellio’s solution included a centralized dashboard, Google map integration for crew tracking, ERP features, and a user-friendly interface. The focus was on creating a complete solution that addresses the varied needs of landscaping businesses.

The launch of LandscAPPer has revolutionized landscaping business management. Its comprehensive features and intuitive design have made it an essential tool for landscaping companies, enhancing efficiency and project oversight. This development highlights Matellio’s expertise in developing innovative SAAS solutions. 

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