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We create a truly digital and feature-rich Nike Training Club clone app that matches your brand value and delivers an exceptional experience to your users at your budget.
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What is Nike Training Club?

Nike Training Club is a very popular and interactive fitness training app that has engaged more than 1.8 million users worldwide. This app offers nearly 500,000 workout sessions and even enables you to get training from world-class fitness professionals. Whether yoga or strength training, Nike Training Club gives you customized fitness plans that perfectly match your goals. You can even discover more featured sessions from their community portals that are tried and tested by other users. With such a huge user-base and feature list, Nike Training Club clone is a perfect app for investors of the fitness and healthcare market.
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AI-Powered Algorithms

Offer smart features and automated reminders to your users with AI-powered Nike Training Club clone app.

Easy Marketing

Easily market your app amongst your target audience by offering them similar user experience like Nike Training Club app.

Better Reach

Read to millions of users easily by adapting the successful marketing strategies and features of Nike Training Club.

Boosted Profits

Experience more revenues and greater profits for your fitness services with a dedicated Nike Training Club clone app.

Unique Features of Nike Training Club Clone App to Set You Apart

Get unique and next-gen features for your Nike Training Club clone app that promises a better business and more users for your brand.
Need Custom Features?
User Management

Add users directly to your Nike Training Club clone app by validating their details through a one-time password.

Workout Sessions

Add new workout sessions to your fitness trainer app and manage the existing ones with their videos and content.

Subscription Plans

Offer customized subscription plans to your valuable users and generate extra revenues for your app.

Daily Reminders

Remind your users when they miss any of the training sessions with an automated AI-powered module.

Push Notifications

Notify your users about upcoming fitness programs or policy changes in real-time with a personalized message.

Recipe Management

Keep a track of all the recipes shared on your Nike Training Club clone app with the publisher details.

In-Built Calculator

Easily calculate the BMI and other parameters of the user and convey that information to them with an in-built calculator.

User Support

Solve all the queries of your users and automate your customer support operation with an ML-based chatbot.

Fitness Plans

Offer customized fitness plans and popular workout sessions to your customers and enhance their in-app experience.

Exercise Levels

Enable your users to set the exercise levels by themselves and achieve goals as per the level schedules.

Trainer Programs

Provide personal training-led programs to your valuable fitness app users and enhance their satisfaction levels.

Device Integration

Enable your users to easily integrate any third-party device with your Nike Training Club clone app for better experience.

Activity Tracking

Allow your users to track their real-time fitness activities and help them reach their goals more easily.

Recipe Ideas

Engage your users by offering them the most perfect and customized meal plans and healthy recipe ideas online.

Goal Achievements

Offer a real-time steps tracking functionality to your users along with the calories burned and goal achieved.

Body Information

Provide accurate body information including heart rate, calories burned, and sleeping patterns to your users.

Your Vision, Our Development

Turn your amazing fitness app development idea into a reality with our years-long expertise and a certified app development team.
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How Does Nike Training Club Work?

Get an error-free and smooth fitness tracker app that your user loves. From onboarding to final reminder, here’s how our custom Nike Training Club app works.
  • 1
    Register Online

    The users have to register on the app, and need to integrate a device to start the fitness training process.

  • 2
    Select Plan

    After a successful registration, the users can choose any of the fitness plans, or can even customize one for themselves.

  • 3
    Track Progress

    Once the fitness plan has been initiated, the users can track their progress in real-time along with the calories burned.

  • 4
    Celebrate Achievements

    Finally, after successful completion of the fitness plan, the users get an achievement badge and can move to the next level.

How Much Does the Nike Training Club Clone App Cost?

Get an accurate estimate for the cost and time related to the development of your custom Nike Training Club clone app. Connect with our experts to get a free consultation.

Calculating the exact cost of any custom app is an improbable task as it involves attentive calculations and analysis, and Nike Training Club app is no exception. Right from the scalability of the app, to customization, project management, development, testing, and even the creation of a prototype; it is your requirements that make the overall cost of the app development. Hence, if you are looking for an exact quote for your Nike training Club clone app, then consulting with our experts is the best way. You can fill in our form to book a free 30-min consultation with our experts! 

Core Technologies Behind App Like Nike Training Club Clone App

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Nike Training Club clone app?

Nike Training club clone app is an on-demand app development service that deals with the creation and deployment of a fitness trainer app like Nike Training Club. With such a fitness clone app, you can include your choice of features and designs in a similar app like Nike Training Club. Plus, you can even use all of the features as it is from the original app under your brand name. That not only saves time and cost, but even facilitates easy marketing for your fitness clone app. 

2. Is the Nike Training Club effective?

Yes, investing in a custom Nike Training Club clone app is very effective and profitable in today’s digital world. The busy schedules and high fees of the gyms have facilitated the growth of these fitness apps in the market. Plus, the current pandemic situation further elevated the usage of such popular fitness apps. Hence, if you launch your own Nike Training Club clone, firstly it will offer a similar user-experience like the original app, and secondly, you can make more revenues by reaching millions easily. 

3. What services do you offer with the Nike Training Club clone app?

There are many significant fitness trainer apps that are prevalent in the market, such as: 

  • We offer a plethora of professional app development services that could make your Nike Training Club clone app a hit in the market, such as: 
    • Expert consultation 
    • MVP creation 
    • UI/UX services 
    • App development 
    • Quality assurance 
    • App maintenance 
    • Data migration 
    • Technology upgradation 
    • Features addition 
    • Third-party integrations, and more 

4. How can I monetize my Nike Training Club clone app?

You can follow multiple monetization techniques to earn extra revenues for your Nike Training Club clone app. For instance, you can offer various subscription-based models as a premium feature to your customers. Besides that, you can even partner with any third-party equipment company to offer their fitness equipment on your app. Displaying ads on your app for any third-party business is also an effective monetization strategy.  

5. What are other fitness trainer apps like Nike Training Club?

There are many popular fitness apps that are prevalent in the market, like: 

  • 8fit 
  • Google Fit 
  • Runtastic 
  • FitOn 
  • FitBit Coach

6. Who all can invest in the Nike Training Club clone app?

Any person who is either involved in the fitness business, or has contacts or various personal trainers, or wants to initiate a startup of its own can invest in our fitness app development. We offer various models and features as per your business requirements to help you succeed in a short span at your budget.  

7. What other on-demand apps do you offer?

We offer a wide-range of on-demand applications for all your business needs, such as: 

  • Finance apps 
  • Healthcare apps 
  • Pet care apps 
  • Delivery apps 
  • Social media apps 
  • Patient monitoring apps 
  • eLearning apps 
  • Travel and hospitality apps 
  • Banking apps, and more 

8. Do you own Nike Training Club?

No, we do not own any of the materials related to Nike Training Club. However, with our years-long expertise and access to the best fitness app developers, we ensure to deliver you a similar fitness trainer app that matches your budget and brand services. You can visit us to know more about the Nike Training Club clone app.