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What is Noom?

Noom is an excellent diet and nutrition tracking app that has been used by people to achieve their fitness goals while staying in their native place. The app categorizes the food items on the basis of the calories they contain. Next, the users can track their calorie intake from such diet charts, and can follow the custom diet schedules made by the experts on the app, to achieve their fitness goals. Not just individuals, but even enterprises and startups can avail the amazing benefits of Noom by opting for their employer's plan. Due to such versatile benefits for all, the Noom clone app is quickly becoming a hot trend in the calorie tracking app development market.
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Wider Reach

Easily reach millions of targeted audiences and offer your services to them with successful marketing tactics of Noom.

Popular Clone

Enjoy easy marketing and more revenues for your calorie tracking app by offering a similar experience like Noom.

Better Profits

Boost your profits and make extra revenues for your Noom clone app by using the successful monetization models of Noom.

High Brand Value

Achieve higher brand value in the global market by offering an advanced and future-ready calorie tracking app to your users.

Unique Features of Noom Clone App to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for your Noom clone app that makes your calorie tracking app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Fitness Plans

Manage all your fitness sessions and videos and add new ones easily with a tap on your mobile screens.

User Management

Add new users to your Noom clone app and manage the existing ones with their subscription plans and other details.

Subscription Plans

Offer customized subscription-models to your valuable users and help them access all your app’s functionalities.

In-Built Calculator

Track the exact health conditions of your valuable users and help them follow the right routine with an in-built calculator.

Daily Reminder

Remind your users about their daily routines in real-time when they forget to follow their planned schedule.

Push Notifications

Inform your users about recent policy changes or latest updates and promotions in real-time in a personalized tone.

Trainer Management

Add trainers to your Noom clone app and manage their existing details by keeping their tracks in a central module.

Educational Guides

Offer educational guides and resources to your users and trainers to engage them in the best possible manner.

Health Profile

Track all the issues of your users by enabling them to create their health profile by answering some simple questions.

Multi-Language Support
Multi-Language Support

Enhance your Noom clone app’s credibility and lure users from all over the world by offering a multi-lingual support.

Trained Coaches

Enable your users to learn from the diet and nutrition experts by connecting them with your app’s best professionals.

Enterprise Plans

Enable the enterprises to keep their employees fit and fine by offering them enterprise-level calorie tracking plans.

Custom Programs

Enable your users to create their custom routines and fitness schedules and enhance your overall user-experience.

Device Connectivity

Enable your users to connect the Noom clone app with their favorite device and attract more users easily.

Tips and Quizzes

Engage your target audience with online quizzes, health tips, and real-time reminders and generate more revenues.

Tips and Quizzes

Engage your target audience with online quizzes, health tips, and real-time reminders and generate more revenues.

Biometric Tracking

Bestow your users to monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, and sugar levels using dedicated devices connected with the app.

Community Portals

Engage your trainers in an effective manner by connecting them with other trainers virtually and physically.

Training Modules

Enhance your Noom app’s services by offering training sessions and videos to your coaches to make them experts.

Referral Bonus

Entice your existing trainers and lure new ones by offering them loyalty rewards and referral bonuses.

Total Earnings

Help your trainers to track their total income and transfer the amount to their bank accounts with one tap.

Track Progress

Let your health partners track the progress of their specific users in real-time through a centralized dashboard.

Multi-Language Support
Multi-Language Portal

Enable your trainers to access the portal in their preferred language by offering multi-lingual support to them.

View Reviews

Help your trainers enhance their diet and nutrition services by providing them access to all the reviews offered by the users.

24*7 Support

Make your Noom clone app credible for the trainers by offering them 24/7 support services in real-time.

Looking for More Features for Your Noom Clone App?

Connect with our experts and include every feature and design you need for your custom Noom clone app to make it a hit in the market.
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How Does Noom Work?

Enhance your app’s credibility and attract a larger audience for your calorie tracking app by offering an easily accessible app. Here’s how your Noom clone app works.
  • 1
    Health Profile

    The users need to answer a series of questions to help admin understand their health and fitness goals in a better way.

  • 2
    Food Coach

    Once the profile is created, the admin assigns a fitness and nutrition coach which then offers you a fitness and wellness plan.

  • 3
    Calorie Info

    The users need to follow the routine and should enter all the food items they had to get an accurate result of the calorie intake.

  • 4
    Track Progress

    Finally, the users can track the progress and can stay connected with their coach to achieve their fitness goals easily.

How Much Does Noom Clone App Cost?

Ready to launch your feature-rich calorie tracking app? Here’s how much it will cost to you for launching your own calorie tracking app like Noom with custom features!

Creating an app like Noom requires you to carefully examine the market, target location, audience, and competitors. Besides that, the complexity of your app, tech-stack, designing elements, and other services opted by you also impacts the overall cost of your Noom clone app. Not just that, but the type and number of developers you hire for your Noom clone app will add to your cost. Hence, it is always a wise decision to consult with an expert before proceeding with your app development. Experts will carefully analyze your needs and will offer you an accurate estimation. To get an exact quote for your Noom clone app, book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts.    

Core Technologies Behind App Like Noom

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Noom app all about?

Noom app is a creative and popular calorie tracking app that helps people to achieve their fitness goals at their own pace and with a mobile application. The app does not use any of the tools or equipment to enable people to follow their fitness regimes. Instead, it uses a physiological approach to inform people about the calorie inputs and health issues. The user enters all the information of their diet and then the app informs them about calories they have intake and activities needed to burn those calories.  

2. How to develop an app like Noom?

To create an app like Noom, you can follow these steps: 

  • Validate your business idea with expert consultation 
  • Choose a proper app development platform 
  • Include next-gen features and reliable tech-stack 
  • Look for the best UI/UX designers 
  • Hire cost-effective and experienced app developers 
  • Create an MVP 
  • Follow agile development methodology 
  • Test your app 
  • Deploy on various online platforms 

3. How can I monetize my Noom clone app?

There are many ways through which you can easily monetize your custom Noom clone app. For instance, you can run third-party ads on your platform in exchange for a certain amount. Besides that, offering subscription-based models to your app users and charging a minimum percentage of commissions from trainers are also some of the successful monetization models for your custom Noom clone app.  

4. What is the time required for creating an app like Noom?

The time required to create a custom Noom app requires careful analysis of your business requirements and market trends. For instance, the complexity involved in your chosen features, customization in the app, quality assurance method, and MVP creation; there are many factors that can contribute to your overall app development time. Hence, it is always wise to share your requirements with our experts to get accurate time estimations.  

5. What services do you offer with a Noom clone app?

We offer a wide range of professional services that can help you launch a feature-rich and efficient calorie tracking app like Noom, such as: 

  • Idea Consultation 
  • MVP Creation 
  • App Development 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Data Migration 
  • UI/UX 
  • Platform Upgradation, and much more

6. What other on-demand applications do you offer?

Finance apps, healthcare apps, banking apps, pet care apps, home services apps, e-learning apps, fitness apps, delivery apps, taxi booking apps, social media apps, live streaming apps, travel and hospitality apps, and many more; we can offer you all sorts of on-demand applications tailor-made to your business requirements. Visit us to know more about our on-demand app development services.  

7. Can you help me submit my Noom clone app on the Play Store/App Store?

Yes, we can help you submit a Noom clone app on various platforms as per your requirements. However, that service is paid and it will make an impact on your overall cost and time estimations for the project. Hence, if you want to eliminate the last-minute confusion, then it is better to mention this app submission requirements initially to our experts.  

8. Are you a copyright owner of the Noom app?

No, we do not own any of the materials or content related to Noom. However, we have certified and professional experts that are capable of developing and delivering your custom calorie tracking app similar to Noom at your budget. You can include your choice of features and tech-stack to make that Noom clone app perfect for your business needs.