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Expand your direct-to-consumer OTT streaming services by hiring our expert app developers for a feature-rich and next-gen OTT TV app development. Make more profits, and scale your streaming platform with our OTT app development.
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    What is

    What is OTT App Development?

    In today’s digital world, keeping with the fast-changing trends, development tools, and customer needs has become a complex task, and OTT streaming services are no exception. That’s why we have cutting-edge OTT TV app development for your video streaming business! Showcase the best content to your users by leveraging our best tools for your OTT app development.
    Optimize your business strategies, channelize your content distribution, and make the best use of our OTT app developers to build a robust video platform for your users. Engage your users with the best video content and offer them personalized recommendations with our OTT TV app development. Maximize your profits and get a huge user base with an experienced OTT platform development company.

    Get Cutting-Edge OTT App Development Services for Your Brand

    Leverage our comprehensive range of professional services to make your OTT TV app development a hit.
    Near Video-On-Demand

    Enable your users to view their favorite TV series or program at any time and anywhere by simply logging into your OTT TV platform.

    Subscription-Based OTT Platform

    Offer a subscription-based OTT platform to help your users view their preferred series or movies by choosing a relevant subscription model.

    Advertising-Based OTT Platform

    Help various businesses promote their brands with engaging videos and content through an advertising-based OTT app development.

    Digital Right Management Solution

    Eliminate the use of unauthorized content, and help the content creators to protect their quality content with a custom DRM Solution.

    Content Delivery Network

    Manage all the content of your OTT platform with a cloud-based content delivery network (CDN) solution by hiring our OTT app developers.

    IPTV App Development

    Develop and monetize your high-end IPT OTT solutions that meet your customer needs and scale your business with our OTT app development.

    Ready to Begin Your OTT TV App Development?

    Bring your over-the-top platform to the top by leveraging our free expert consultation services for your OTT TV app development.
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    Unique Features for Your OTT TV App Development

    Explore the most user-friendly and advanced features that make your OTT app development a hit amongst all the competitors.

    Our Portfolio

    For every real-world problem, we have delivered software solutions which reflect our expertise in diverse verticals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How much does it cost to develop an OTT app?

    Creating any sort of custom app requires a careful understanding of your needs and market trends, and OTT app development is no exception. You need to consider a lot of factors like the complexity of the features, tech stack, number of resources you have hired, and so on. Besides that, other services opted by you for your OTT app development also add to your overall cost estimate. Hence, the best way to figure out an exact quote for your app would be expert consultation. You can easily book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts for an accurate cost estimate.  

    2. Can I make my own OTT platform?

    Yes, you can easily launch your own custom OTT platform by hiring us as your OTT platform development partners. Our certified developers make sure that your OTT app is built with your choice of features and design at your budget. Simply, fill our form below, and our experts would connect with you for a free consultation at your preferred schedule.   

    3. How do OTT platforms make money?

    You can use any of the popular monetization models to make revenues for your custom OTT app development. For instance, you can offer a subscription-based model to your users. Similarly, you can charge commissions from your partners, or can run third-party ads on your OTT platform to make better revenues for your OTT TV app development.  

    4. How do I create an OTT app?

    You can easily follow these six simple steps for a feature-rich and functional OTT app development with us: 

    • Fill our form 
    • Consult your ideas with experts 
    • Choose the best feature, design, and tech stack 
    • Create an MVP 
    • Hire dedicated team for OTT app development 
    • Test and deploy your OTT app

    5. How do you create a streaming app?

    We follow an agile methodology to create your custom and advanced streaming app based on your needs. Here’s how we work: 

    • Expert consultation 
    • Wireframing 
    • Team selection 
    • Sprint creation 
    • Validation from the client 
    • App Development 
    • Testing

    6. What other streaming apps do you offer?

    From audio streaming to video streaming, and live TV app development, we offer a wide range of streaming app development services to cater to your business problems. You only need to share your requirements or ideas with our experts, and we will take them from there. 

    7. What services do you offer with custom OTT app development?

    We offer a wide range of services for your custom OTT platform at cost-effective prices. Our services include but are not limited to: 

    • Expert consultation 
    • MVP creation 
    • Dedicated OTT app developers 
    • App development 
    • Testing 
    • Data migration 
    • Maintenance 
    • Platform migration 
    • Features addition 
    • Tech updates, and more

    8. Which are the best OTT apps that you can create for my business?

    You can choose from any of the popular OTT apps and we promise to make a similar app like that for your business. To name a few, we have: 

    • Disney+ 
    • Amazon Prime 
    • Netflix 
    • Hulu 
    • YouTube TV 
    • Sling

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