Case Study Pneumatic Pump Tracker

Pneumatic Pump Tracker – Enhancing Dairy and Landfill Operations with IoT

Developing the Pneumatic Pump Tracker app presented Matellio with the challenge of integrating IoT technology to automate pump cycle tracking in the dairy and landfill industries. The objective was to develop an app that offers accurate, hands-free cycle counting and centralized control. 

Matellio’s solution included IoT integration, Bluetooth compatibility for touchless operation, and features for centralized monitoring and control. The focus was on creating a user-friendly app that significantly improves operational efficiency. 

The launch of the Pneumatic Pump Tracker app has transformed the way pneumatic pumps are monitored and managed in the dairy and landfill sectors. Its IoT capabilities and intuitive design have made it an essential tool for modernizing industrial operations, highlighting Matellio’s expertise in developing innovative IoT solutions.

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