5G Network Function (NF) Observability

5G, Network Functions, Observability

5G NF Observability Module for Enhanced Network Performance

Project Introduction

The module transforms network performance by implementing 5G Network Functions (NFs) as cloud-native applications. Our observability solutions integrate DevOps, continuous delivery, microservices, and containers, providing comprehensive visibility into the network's operation.
The observability module captures critical metrics, logs, and traces from network functions, allowing for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. This ensures seamless operation, improved scalability, and effective failure recovery in the 5G ecosystem.

Industry Brief

Discover the significance of observability in the 5G network ecosystem.



5G, Network Functions, Observability

5G networks support various communication scenarios and emerging services. Our observability module ensures these networks perform optimally, providing consistent and reliable service to customers. By leveraging advanced metrics, logging, and tracing techniques, we enable proactive maintenance and troubleshooting.

  • 5G Network
  • Network Functions
  • Network Observability
  • Cloud-Native

Technology Stack

Our experts utilize the best technology stacks to ensure cutting-edge network observability.
elastic search

Highlights of Module Development for 5G NF

Data Collection
Metrics Collection

Automated collection of metrics related to node and pod/container level resource utilization, traffic rates, errors, and service duration.


Comprehensive logging for exception tracking, configuration events, and security audits, with centralized logging management.

Real time Tracking

Detailed tracing of user journeys through network functions for optimization, performance bottlenecks analysis, and root cause analysis.

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