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AI-based Reporting Tool for Managing Schools 

Project Introduction

AIBRT aims to ease teachers’ analysis in a particular area that can be as big as a district. The app has multiple levels through which users with different permissions can access and log in to the app. The app work with automated speech recognition, making it easier to group and rate teachers.
The app is bifurcated to facilitate super admins, district admins, school admins, and teachers. Each level has different control over the features and offerings of the app, and teachers are the end users. The super admin would be able to add district admins, who can add school admins, who can add teachers.

Industry Brief

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Web App Development

The AI-based reporting tools step in as one-of-a-kind centralized education management systems. Apps like these have been revolutionizing the industry as a whole and changing how we have seen it till now. Centralized management brings stability to the sector and changes how we have perceived it until now. Everyone can expect a complete industry transformation as we move ahead, and apps like AIBRT will lead the way.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights of Development For AIBRT

Multi-level Management

Four separate levels, each manageable by the superior one based on hierarchy.

Speech Recognition

The app automatically prepares reports for teachers based on AI speech recognition.

Cloud Login

The app will be accessible from anywhere and is not dependent on the locality.