Dating App for Safer Experience

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A Doctor-Vetted Dating App for Safer Experiences 

Project Introduction

The doctor-vetted dating app is a special kind of dating application where users can upload vetted reports for sexual diseases. The app offers various features to make the entire dating experience safer and easier for users. There are different logins for users and their physicians for a seamless UI.
The app aims at stopping the unknowing spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infections by having users upload their negative reports for different diseases. Users can match with other users on the app or scan QR codes on other’s phones to add them. There is also an option for connecting socials for a more connected experience.

Industry Brief

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Mobile App Development

Innovative and popular mobile apps majorly capture the dating industry. Apps like the doctor-vetted dating app work towards making the community safer and stopping the knowing/unknowing spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infections. As technology advances, we can hope for many more such apps that work in a different yet effective way to help society as a whole.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights of Development for Dating App

QR Code
QR Code

QR implementation to enable direct matching through a user’s QR code.

Picture Upload
Picture Upload

Users can upload over nine pictures to make their profile stand out on the platform.

Report Upload
Report Upload

Ability to upload reports which can be verified by doctors and physicians.