Digital Asset Management App

Asset Management, PDF Viewer, Document Management 

Digital Asset Management App to Upload and View PDFs 

Project Introduction

Digital Asset Management is a combination of web and mobile apps where admins can upload PDFs, and users can view it on their phones. Multiple PDFs can be uploaded/deleted from a particular category, and the same can be done for entire categories as well.
The changes on the web app are instantly synced to the mobile apps, and various confidential information can be shared through the protocol. The apps are fairly simple and allow features like drag and drop to add PDFs, create categories, and view PDFs on phone apps.

Industry Brief

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Mobile and Web Development

The utility is a category in app development that stands out to be everlasting and evergrowing. Any app which could make things easier for businesses and users is accepted and celebrated by the community. With apps like Digital Asset Management, the problem of managing PDFs can be solved for businesses. Every PDF uploaded there comes with an expiry date and deletes from the phone app’s access as soon as the time arrives.

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  • Document Management 
  • Digital Assets App 

Technology Stack

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Highlights for App Development for Digital Asset Management


PDFs are broken down to categories for easy management and access through the mobile app.

Start/End Date

The uploaded PDFs are required to be set with a valid expiration date and would be deleted.

Easy Upload

Admins can easily upload PDFs through drag/drop or their device’s storage options.