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E-learning Mobile Applications for IFAS 

Project Introduction

The IFAS apps aim at taking learning online and making it easier for students to access tutoring material. The apps we created for IFAS offer functionalities for everything a student needs for studying. The most prominent features include 1:1 learning and online interactive whiteboards.
The apps are built and available for iOS and Android, enabling almost everyone easy access to the learning material and tests/quizzes through their phones. Students can attend lectures, access tutoring material, and access schedules and timetables from the app as well.

Industry Brief

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Mobile App Development

The eLearning industry has grown to be one of the decade's most prominent and important industries. There are tons of EdTech startups trying to make their mark in the industry by introducing different apps and software. IFAS has shaken the industry with its innovative and futuristic thinking. The eLearning apps we created for them cover almost everything a student requires to excel in exams.

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Technology Stack

From advanced to legacy software development tools, our experts pioneer in best of technology stack.

Highlights for Mobile App Development for IFAS

YouTube Integration

Pull from videos uploaded on YouTube to save server space and increase social reach.

Live Chat

Live video sessions along with 1:1 capability to enable personalized teaching.

Interactive Whiteboard

Teachers can access the interactive whiteboard to enhance how they teach.