Perception Change Platform

Philosophy, Perception, Mind-freeing

Philosophy Web App to Change Common Perception

Project Introduction

The perception change platform is a blogging website that helps the user browse a catalog of blogs published on the website. Users can log in and add comments as per their liking on the blog of their choice. The blogs are categorized into different segments based on users’ common choices.
The website is also optimized for online searches; through the specific implementation, the blogs are published in an SEO-friendly manner. While the concept is fairly new, the implementation revolved around getting a proper categorization and usable CMS for the client.

Industry Brief

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Web App Development

The education and online learning industry have been growing like wildfire in this decade, and while a sample approach, the Perception Change Platform can change the game. Not a lot of websites offer thought-approach content, and when one does, people tend to be attracted to it. Using technology to benefit can be learned from them, as even though it is a simple implementation, it can change how users view the world.

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Technology Stack

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react js
node js

Highlights for Web Development for Perception Change Platform


The client can make changes to their website without developer intervention.


Users can register to add comments on their favorite blogs and posts.


The blogs are categorized and cataloged for better searchability and access.

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