Resiliencia Care

Integral Well-being, Counseling, Mental Health 

Psychology Care App for Resiliencia  

Project Introduction

Resiliencia Care aimed to provide psychological care remotely and wanted a web application. The users and counselors can easily sign up on the platform and schedule availability and appointments. The admin can control interaction and payments for a smoother process.
There are various options, including scheduling one-time and weekly sessions with the specialist of choice, video calls, online payments, etc. The app is powerful and intuitive when it comes to handling queries and is easy to use by anyone over the prescribed age limit.

Industry Brief

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Healthcare/ Neuroscience


Web Development

Technology has improved healthcare by a huge margin and continues to do so, with more and more innovations happening every next day. Resiliencia is a great innovation in the field of mental health and well-being. Through the app, the industry, which usually faces issues in physical interaction, can look forward to much more acceptance virtually. Apps like Resiliencia open options for a variety of issues that people tend to ignore had the app not been developed.

  • Mental Wellbeing 
  • Appointment Booking 
  • Online Psychology  
  • Psychology App 
  • Mental Healthcare 

Technology Stack

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Highlights for Web App Development for Resiliencia

Real-time Video Chat

Twilio integration to enable video chat between counselors and patients.


Scheduling and booking appointments with specialists directly on the app.

Online Payments

Users can pay online, and specialists can avoid the hassle of collecting it.