Tata Power SMRD

Energy and Power, Electricity Billing, Billing Application 

Smart Meter Reading Application for Tata Power 

Project Introduction

An all-in-one billing and management application for Tata Power to generate electricity bills for customers using Tata Power and read electricity meters. The web and mobile apps offer different features, including customer assignment, billing, cash collection, and updating bill status.
The apps can also run offline, and the data gets synced to the servers as soon as the internet connection is restored, a vital feature required by Tata Power. The concept helps staff collect payments, do cash entries, and generate electricity bills in areas with limited internet connectivity.

Industry Brief

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Website and Mobile App Development

Electricity generation is a vital part of the energy industry, and to facilitate its distribution, many resources are spent. We created an application that could help electricity bill collectors by easing their job through comprehensive mobile and web applications. With innovations in the sector, we can certainly expect automation and increased reach to remote areas. The Tata SMRD is a simple yet basic necessity application for maintaining and running the services provided by Tata Power.

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  • Electricity Distribution App 
  • Smart Meter Reading 

Technology Stack

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Highlights for Web and Mobile App Development for Tata SMRD

Offline Sync

Users can use the app normally without the internet; the data syncs when it connects back.

Bill Generation

Automatically calculated bill generation on the spot based on the smart meter reading.

Customer Assignment

Customers are assigned to staff every day with their house location for convenient navigation.