Music, Album Promotion, Marketing 

Web Application for Promoting Music Album 

Project Introduction

Weezer wanted a new approach to market their then-upcoming album. The web app is implemented to determine if a real human is accessing the page. Different tests need to be passed by the user to access the end of the puzzle, i.e., the album art and link to pre-order the album.
Weezer’s way of announcing the album and distributing resources is truly one-of-a-kind. We implemented the app exactly the way they wanted it to be. The user starts with an image-based captcha, moves on to another and another captcha, and finally enters the email upon passing the previous one.

Industry Brief

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Web App Development

The entertainment industry has tons of ways to publish new content, but using technology like Weezer did is hardly seen. The one-of-a-kind approach lets them market in a unique way, wherein interested users would crack the puzzle to gain access to the new album details and art. As technology grows, so does the industry, and more and more unique ways like the ones with Weezer are expected.

  • Album Release 
  • Captcha Marketing 
  • Album Web-App 
  • Announcement App 

Technology Stack

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Highlights of Development for Weezer’s Web App

Email Integration

The emails captured through the app will be automatically sent to MailChimp.

Glitch Effect

A visually appealing effect for the Weezer’s W logo on the web application.


There are various different verifications implemented, including string verification.