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Revitalize your manual business processes, save cost, and evolve into a more advanced and successful business with our future-proof RPA services.
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    How Robotic Process Automation Adds Value to Your Business?

    Boost your business and make it secure and futuristic with our well-defined RPA services. Simplify your complex business operations, and make your machines smart and human-independent to save cost and enhance the customer experience. With our years-long expertise, we make sure that your business remains future-proof and thriving in the market.
    Our robotic process automation services are meant to flourish your pool of resources and offer high returns on your investments. Make smart RPA solutions with our experts that mimic human behavior and assist you in all your mundane tasks. Witness an unsupervised machine learning experience that enhances your business and increases your sales and brand value.
    Business Intelligence
    Virtual Assistance
    Reduced Risk
    Smart Operations
    Optimized Resources

    Get Industry-Wide Success With Matellio’s RPA Services

    Step into a smart era with our cost-effective and reliable RPA services.
    RPA Consulting Services

    Redefine your business operations with our smart RPA services. Discuss your project ideas and business requirements with our experts and develop a fully customize RPA solution that perfectly suits all your needs and wants.

    AI Application Development
    RPA Application Development

    Generate more business revenues and enhance your customer experience by implementing our cost-effective RPA services in mobile apps. Witness the ease of doing business with dedicated mobile apps using our RPA app development services.

    Deep Learning Services
    RPA Integration Services

    Export data from onsite and cloud-based solutions and transform them into actionable form with our reliable RPA services. Integrate various other digital solutions with your RPA software and expand the scope of your business operations.

    ML Solutions
    RPA Integration Services

    Export data from onsite and cloud-based solutions and transform them into actionable form with our reliable RPA services. Integrate various other digital solutions with your RPA software and expand the scope of your business operations.

    ML Support
    ML Support Services

    Make your machine learning solutions perfect for the digital world with our reliable and cost-effective maintenance and upgradation services. Leverage the latest trends and tech tools that would make your digital solution a hit in the market.

    Testing & Support Services

    We, at Matellio, value your business and investments. That’s why we provide reliable testing and support services to make sure that nothing hampers your RPA solutions. Get instant upgradation and support services on our RPA solution development.

    Do you have a project idea for RPA development?

    We understand your requirements and objectives. Share your project ideas and business requirements and kickstart your RPA development today!

      Technologies We Work Upon

      At Matellio, we use trending programming languages and technology platforms to ensure smooth and reliable RPA software development.
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      Our Flexible Hiring Models

      Choose the best pricing models that best fit your business.
      Time & Material Basis Model
      billed yearly
      Long-term projectsLong-term projects
      Varying scope and timeframesVarying scope and timeframes
      Dynamic project requirementsDynamic project requirements
      Turnkey Model
      billed yearly
      Short-term projects or MVPShort-term projects or MVP
      Well-defined scopeWell-defined scope
      Test task for the developersTest task for the developers
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      Dedicated Resource Hiring
      billed yearly
      Dynamic project requirementsDynamic project requirements
      Need-based scalingNeed-based scaling
      Long-term projects & flexibilityLong-term projects & flexibility
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      Frequently asked questions

      We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

      1. What is RPA?

      RPA or Robotic Process Automation is an excellent AI-driven technology that you can use to develop virtual assistants for your business. These virtual assistants or robots could simulate human behavior and can simplify and automate all your mundane and complex tasks without any human-dependency.  

      2. What can RPA do?

      RPA services could enhance your customer behavior and boost your business revenues and sales while facilitating your organization’s automation. Besides that, you can even leverage our custom RPA solutions to detect anomalies in your business operations without any resource-dependency. All that helps you bring innovation to your business and even saves your business costs and time.  

      3. Is RPA a part of Blockchain?

      Although RPA is an excellent part of artificial intelligence, it can work safely when integrated with blockchain solutions. That’s because we all know that the solutions’ security increases exponentially using blockchain technology. Hence, RPA solutions could seamlessly provide actionable outputs and, then the data could be shared securely within the environment using blockchain tools.

      4. How do you implement an RPA solution?

      With our quality development services, implementing any custom software solution/technology becomes a piece of cake for you. Here’s how we work:

      • Fill our Consultation Form
      • Consult with Experts
      • Select Suitable Features and Designs
      • Hire Professional Engineering Team
      • Test and Deploy

      5. What industries can use RPA services?

      Almost all the industries could use our reliable and cost-effective RPA services to enhance their work and bring value to their business:

      • Retail
      • Manufacturing
      • Agricultural and Food
      • Human Resources
      • Insurance
      • Healthcare
      • Logistics and Transportation, and many more

      6. How much does custom RPA software cost?

      At Matellio, we always follow agile development methods to develop custom applications to be made cost-effectively. However, the cost and time required to build a custom RPA software depend majorly on many crucial factors like complexity, designs, size of the organization, level of customizations, etc. You can reach our team to know the exact estimation of the project.

      7. How to ensure the confidentiality of my RPA software?

      At Matellio, we ensure the complete safety and security of all our customer’s data. That’s why, before initiating any project, we sign NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) to safeguard your critical data from thefts and leaks.

      8. What are the best RPA tools that you offer in your RPA services?

      Our certified developers and testers have access to the best RPA tools and platforms needed to make any digital solutions a hit in the market. Here are some of the prominent RPA tools that we use:

      • UI Path
      • MS Flow
      • Pega Platform
      • Blue Prism
      • Nintex RPA
      • Automation Anywhere, and so on.

      9. What steps does Matellio follows for developing a custom RPA solution?

      Our SDLC goes through the following stages:

      • Discovery
      • Architecture
      • UI/ UX design
      • Solution development
      • QA and testing
      • Intermediate release
      • Solution deployment 

      10. Can I hire developers for my project from Matellio?

      Yes, you can easily hire dedicated developers from Matellio for developing your project. We even offer flexible hiring models that are suitable for companies of all sizes.