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What is Skyscanner?

Skyscanner is a popular name in the travel app development market that has lured millions of travelers towards its portal. With Skyscanner, the user can plan his/her complete trip ranging from flight bookings, hotels, and even cab bookings. The portal displays all the possible options from which the user can choose any suitable option that is beneficial to him/her. Not just that, but the user can even be notified of the price drop for his/her travel destination. That means, an app with perfect user satisfaction!
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Popular Brand

Ensure success and profits for your travel application by investing in a popular and custom app like Skyscanner.

Low-cost Investment

Invest at a very low cost and scale your app as your business grows by hiring our certified and expert developers.

100% ROI

Get 100% returns on your overall investment with our successful models and monetization strategies.

Smart Features

Get AI-powered intelligent modules and self-trained ML models that will make your app a hit from our experts.

Unique Features of App Like Skyscanner to Set You Apart

Boost your user experience and revenues, and stand apart from the competition with these unique features for an app like Skyscanner.
Need Custom Features?
Manage Partners

Manage all your partners and add the new ones by validating their professional details with an OTP.

Add Users

Add users to your Skyscanner clone and manage the existing ones with all their preferences and loyalty rewards.

Online Commissions

Automatically deduct the online commissions from all the bookings happening through your Skyscanner clone.

Booking Management

Keep a track of all the bookings happening through your Skyscanner app along with the customer and host details.

Multi-Language Support

Reach millions and grow your brand across boundaries with a multi-language and multi-currency support module.

Loyalty Rewards

Keep a track of the loyalty rewards and referral bonuses for each of your customers effectively and in real-time.

Push Notifications

Notify your users about the latest policies or amazing discounts and offers in a personalized manner with push notifications.

Customer Support

Automate all your customer support operations and offer real-time assistance to your users with a custom chatbot.

Profile Creation

Offer your users a seamless onboarding experience by offering them to log in through their social media accounts.

Online Payments

Enable your users to pay for their services easily by offering them multiple payment channels including digital wallets.

Multi-Language Support
Multi-Language Support

Reach millions of users worldwide and make your Skyscanner app a hit by offering multiple languages and currency support.

Cab Booking

Bestow your customers with an enhanced travel experience by offering the capabilities to book their cabs easily.

Flight Booking

Offer online flight booking functionalities to your customers and show them the best deals on flights through the app.

Hotel Booking

Make your customer’s travel stays secure and amazing by offering them hotel booking functionalities.

Travel Updates

Update your users about recent travel policies of their destinations in real-time through the Skyscanner clone.

Deals and Discounts

Engage your customers and lure new ones by offering amazing deals and discounts along with loyalty rewards.

List Business

Enable your partners to list their businesses including flight companies, hotels, restaurants, and cab agencies to earn more.

Edit Profile

Allow your business partners to edit their profiles and listings easily with one tap on the Skyscanner clone.

Confirm Bookings

Let your partners confirm the booking requests made by the customers by viewing their inventories in real-time.

Check Availability

Enable your business partners and hosts to check the availability of their resources and confirm the booking accordingly.

Total Earnings

Offer a dashboard to your partners to help them view the total earnings and tips made by them through the app.

Account Transfer

Help your hosts to easily transfer the specific amount or their total payments from the app to their bank accounts.

Custom Pricing

Let your business partners change their prices as per the latest market trends anytime they want to use the app.

24*7 Support

Offer 24*7 support to your partners and solve all their business issues to enhance your app’s credibility.

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How does Skyscanner Work?

Ensure seamless access to your Skyscanner clone for your users by making it simple yet interactive. Here’s how your Skyscanner clone will work.
  • 1
    Search Services

    The users need to search for a relevant service by creating their profile and entering their travel details.

  • 2
    Select Options

    Once the service is selected, the app offers a plethora of options from which the user can select a suitable option.

  • 3
    Make Payments

    Next, the users need to pay online for the services selected by them by using a suitable online payment channel offered by the app.

  • 4
    Confirm Bookings

    Finally, the admin sends the booking confirmations using email or text messages through the Skyscanner clone.

How Much Would it Cost to Develop an App like Skyscanner?

Have a travel app development idea for your business or startup? Here’s how much it will cost you to launch an app like Skyscanner.

Calculating the exact cost of any on-demand application requires a careful analysis of the user needs and market trends, and the Skyscanner clone is no exception. Right from your chosen features, and designs, to the testing method, resources hired, services you have opted for, and even the MVP creation, everything requires resources that eventually adds to your cost. Hence, to get an accurate cost estimate for your project, you should always consult your ideas and requirements with our experts for better evaluation. To get an exact quote for the Skyscanner clone, book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts today! 

Core Technologies Behind App Like TripAdvisor

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Skyscanner clone?

Skyscanner clone is an on-demand travel app development service that caters to the needs of investors looking for travel apps like Skyscanner. With a Skyscanner clone, you can easily include all the successful features and technologies that make the original app a hit. Besides that, you can even generate better revenues and can get a huge user base by leveraging the marketing and monetization strategies of the original app. Not to mention, our custom app development capabilities enable you to add your choice of features and designs as per your needs easily.  

2. How does Skyscanner make money?

Skyscanner uses a commission-based model to generate most of its revenue. Meaning, all the partners listed on the app have to pay a certain amount to avail the benefits of the app. Besides that, Skyscanner also uses a third-party ads model to generate extra revenues for its app.   

3. Do you offer app submission services?

Yes, we do offer app submission services to help you deploy your app on various platforms including the Play Store/App Store. However, that service requires the use of resources and tools that eventually adds to your cost and time estimate. Hence, to get an accurate estimation for your Skyscanner clone app, you should always list all these requirements initially in the document.

4. Tell us more about your post-launch support.

We are known for offering reliable and cost-effective post-launch support to help you make your app a hit for years to come. Our post-launch services include: 

  • Data migration 
  • Platform migration 
  • Technology update 
  • Feature addition 
  • Testing 
  • UI/UX services, and more 

5. What other services do you offer with Skyscanner clone app development?

App development, idea validation, MVP creation, quality assurance (automated and manual), UI/UX services, and much more; you can find every service for your Skyscanner clone app development with us. You only need to fill our form to get started!

6. Can you build other travel apps like Skyscanner?

Yes, we can help you build various travel apps like Skyscanner tailor-made to your business needs. To name a few, we have: 

  • TripAdvisor 
  • Agoda 
  • Trivago 
  • Hopper 
  • Expedia 
  • Airbnb 

7. Will I have complete control over the app after deployment?

Yes, you will have complete control of the app once it is deployed from our side. You can then change its credentials and will even have all the data required to customize the app in the future. We also sign an NDA which ensures that none of your ideas or app development details will be shared with third parties.

8. Are you a copyright owner of the Skyscanner app?

No, we do not own any of the materials related to Skyscanner. However, we have expert developers that have decade-long experience in developing similar travel apps like Skyscanner. You can choose from the long list of features or can include your features and designs in a custom Skyscanner clone. Visit us or fill the form below to know more.