Supply Chain Management Software Development

With our custom supply chain management software development services, we help businesses streamline both the basic and advanced operations from production to the final delivery like order tracking, cargo management, analytics, and demand forecasting.
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    What is

    What will a Custom SCM Software do for your Business?

    As your business grows and its supply chain becomes more sophisticated, it needs a dedicated solution to streamline its workflow. Digitalization in this stage becomes a necessity, without which your records will become more prone to errors. And since no business is ever exactly the same, you need a supply chain management software development company that meets your specific requirements. Matellio, with over two decades of experience, has a knack for developing custom SCM solutions that can manage the flow of goods, finances, and data seamlessly.
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    Workflow optimization
    Workflow Optimization

    Streamline procurement and distribution processes to enhance productivity, eliminate redundancy, & improve accuracy at every stage.

    20+ Years Experience
    Improved CX

    Automation of SCM processes improves delivery timeline. This results in an ideal and more consistent customer experience.

    Operational Transparency

    Centralize and standardize all the relevant data by integrating varied legacy systems to bring organizational transparency.

    Enhanced Quality Assurance

    Implementing similar standards as suppliers will help in the early detection of quality control problems for quicker resolutions.

    Features of an SCM Software

    Build a feature-rich SCM software to streamline your business’ supply chain processes with best security and improved accuracy.
    material planning

    Material Planning

    Enables manufacturing units to automate procurement, track raw materials, and relay information directly to ERP.


    Order Management

    Supports all kinds of aspects like purchase processing, returns management, order fulfillment, and payment processing.


    Report & Analytics

    Enhance the productivity of the supply chain with the insightful order, inventory, and goods’ history reports.


    Tax & Accounting

    Effectively manage different taxes applied on the goods based on category, type, etc., with integrated accounting modules.

    RFID Tracking Embedding

    Fleet Management

    Track the fleets of your supply chain and ensure that all your supplies get delivered at right time, with quality assurance.

    Demand Forecasting

    Anticipate customer demands, and avoid the shortage, damage and wastage of resources by planning in advance.

    Asset Tracking

    Asset Tracking

    Track goods across supply chain channels through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification No.), and Barcode system.


    Suppliers Management

    Streamline the sourcing and maintain all transactional data and communications with your suppliers through one platform.

    Want More Features for your SCM Software?

    Connect with our experts to discuss your ideas, and get the best SCM features matching your needs.
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    Services Matellio Offers for Your Supply Chain Management Needs

    Enhance your supply chain management operations with tailored services

    Our experts will create an entire supply chain digitization plan for your business to streamline multiple process with improved productivity.

    Custom App Development
    Mobile Application

    We can develop apps for managing your supply chain and also integrate it with existing channels to enable greater mobility and scalibility.

    Cloud Inventory Software Services
    Cloud Based SCM

    Cloud based Supply Chain Management solution will enable faster operations, better data processing and efficient workflow throught the supply chain.

    Testing and Migration Services

    With our SCM migration services, migration and deployment to new solution will become easy and secure without any data loss.

    Are you looking for supply chain related services for your business?

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    Advanced Supply Chain Management Solutions

    Next-generation technologies to elevate your Supply Chain management Processes.

    Need Expert Guidance for Your SCM Software?

    Connect with our experts over a free consultation call and validate your ideas for an excellent product development!
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    Integrations for Enhanced SCM

    Returned Inventory Optimization
    CRM & ERP Software

    Optimize your supply chain by increasing visibility across all channels, and offer the best retail experience to customers. Integrating your SCM software with CRM and ERP will help you do that by identifying and resolving bottlenecks quickly.

    Smart Warehouses
    WMS Software Integration

    Integrate your SCM software with WMS to enhance your team's productivity by automating the flow of inventory and material seamlessly. The integrated solution will increase transparency in workflows and improve records accuracy.

    Inventory Software

    Bring efficiency in your inventory and material flow by seamlessly integrating your SCM software with the inventory management one, so your suppliers can automate purchase orders and optimize transportation to reduce OOS cases.

    3rd Party Logistics
    3P Logistics

    Simplify end-to-end logistics by integrating 3PL service providers' microservices for tracking and purchase orders with your SCM software to make it a one-stop solution for handling operations like packaging, transportation, and order fulfillment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a supply chain management software?

    An SCM software is an enterprise toolkit designed to streamline the supply chain operations of a business. This includes optimization of logistics processes, streamlining of inventory management, quality assurance, automating billing and taxes, and other processes associated with achieving trending customer experiences like omnichannel retail for improved revenues and customer retention rates. The objective of such a software is to improve productivity and eventually the turnaround time to offer customers the ideal experience, all the while ensuring resource optimization and job satisfaction for the team members 

    2. What kind of software solutions do you create for SCM?

    As a leading company offering supply chain management software and integration services, Matellio provides development services for a wide range of SCM solutions including- 

    • Warehouse Management Mobile Application 
    • Payment Processing Channels 
    • Inventory and Supplier Management Tools 
    • Logistics APIs 
    • BI and Demand Forecasting Software 
    • Route Optimization Tools 
    • IoT Solutions, etc. 

    3. What different engagement and hiring models do you have?

    To meet your SCM project needs in a way that suits your business requirements, Matellio offers four different engagement models. You can choose either of them as suits your preferences. 

    • Dedicated developer model  
    • Turnkey model  
    • Time and material-based hiring model  
    • Custom hiring model 

    4. Are your supply chain management software consultation services free of cost?

    Yes, we offer free consultation services and even create a complete project plan and timeline to meet our supply chain digitization processes.

    5. How soon can you deliver my supply chain project?

    Developing a customized supply chain software can take anywhere from three to fifteen weeks. This timeline can further be reduced or increased depending on the legacy systems you have in your business and the integration requirements. Generally, we do not give any precise time-frame for an SCM development project. Instead, we create a project plan with free quote and timeline, after discussing your project’s size, features, integration, custom functionalities, etc. 

    6. Can you improve existing SCM solutions with Analytics solutions?

    Yes, Matellio holds expertise in creating analytics solution for retail niche and can create plugins and custom features to equip your SCM software with analytical abilities like- 

    • Real-time analytics dashboard 
    • Sales pipeline data visualization 
    • Supply and demand prediction tools 
    • Budgeting analytics toolkit 
    • Prescriptive analysis 
    • Big Data analytics, etc. 

    7. What software do you integrate to develop a full-fledged SCM digital solution?

    A supply chain software is incomplete unless it streamlines all the processes that can be digitized and integrate them all for maximum automation benefits. Different software we integrate with an SCM solution to achieve this goal are- 

    • Supplier Management Software
    • Order Processing Software
    • Inventory Management Software
    • Warehouse Management System
    • Demand Forecasting Tools
    • 3rd Party Logistics APIs

    8. What is the different between an SCM and CRM solution?

    SCM and CRM software are two different but associated toolkits used to streamline business processes with the similar intent of improving customer retention rates, enhancing customer experience, increasing revenues, and eventually scaling business processes. It is the functionalities where these two software vary from one another. Where CRM (a Customer Relationship Management) software is used to manage relationships with customers and leads by nourishing them and solving their queries and grievance quickly, an SCM or Supply Chain Management software is used to manage the flow of products across supply chain channels, with the intent of keeping track of supplies and improve deliveries. 

    9. Why should I choose Matellio to develop my SCM software?

    There are many benefits of working with Matellio in addition to these- 

    • Round-the-clock availability 
    • Superior Testing Capabilities 
    • Flexible Engagement Models 
    • 20+ Years Experience 
    • On-Time Delivery  and much more. 

    10. How long would it be before you start working on my project?

    As soon as the client shares their requirements, our development team will start working on the development. 

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