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Streamline your healthcare consultation operations and consult more patients remotely with a custom and feature-rich app like TelaDoc.
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What is TelaDoc?

TelaDoc is an amazing and futuristic on-demand doctor app that remotely connects the patients with the best healthcare experts across the boundaries. With this robust telemedicine application, you can consult your symptoms, can exchange reports, and can get prescriptions through audio/video calls and online platforms. Not just patients, but the doctors and clinic attendants can also use TelaDoc to manage their daily routines, patient’s medical history, total payments, and monthly schedules. Due to such magnificent and versatile benefits, today, the TelaDoc clone has become the most trending aspect in the digital healthcare market. Ready to get your own TelaDoc clone?
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Scalable Solution

Get a scalable TelaDoc clone that follows the growth of your healthcare business and can be upgraded anytime at a low cost.

Profitable Niche

Enjoy the perks of investing in a profitable digital healthcare sector and gain popularity for your TelaDoc app instantly.

Futuristic App

Step into the future market by remotely connecting with your patients under all circumstances with a TelaDoc clone.

100% ROI

Get a 100% return on your investments easily by marketing your app through successful models with TelaDoc clone app development.

Unique Features of TelaDoc Clone to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for your TelaDoc clone that make your doctor appointment app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
Add Users

Add users to your TelaDoc clone by validating their contact details through a one-time password in real-time.

Add Doctors

Add new doctors to your TelaDoc clone and manage the existing ones with all their details and certifications.

Total Commissions

Automatically deduct your commission from every consultation fee received by the patients through your app.

Online Ads

Run online ads of other third-party businesses different from your niche and make extra revenues for your TelaDoc clone.

Intuitive Dashboard

Track every activity on your TelaDoc app in real-time and get updates about each consultation with reviews through a central dashboard.

Push Notifications

Update the users about your recent changes in policies, or lure them with your amazing offers in a personalized manner.

User Analytics

Get the latest market trends and user behaviour analytics through your TelaDoc clone and make future strategies accordingly.

Ratings and Reviews

Get all the ratings and reviews of the services received by the patients through your app, and answer them for an engaging experience.

Service Selection

Attract more users to your TelaDoc clone by offering them a comprehensive range of healthcare services including mental healthcare.

Doctor’s Listing

Include a variety of professional experts in your TelaDoc clone and offer options to your patients to choose any of the doctors.

Online Appointment

Enable your users to book an online appointment of their choice of doctor by checking their schedule and fees.

Health Support

Increase the trust and engagement for your TelaDoc clone by including personalized healthcare support modules.

Medical Prescriptions

Bestow the patients to receive all their medical prescriptions and report analysis on the same app in real-time.

Video Consultations

Foster a seamless connection between doctors and patients by offering audio and video consultation functionality.

Digital Payments

Facilitate digital payments by offering multiple payment channels including digital wallets to your users.

Ratings and Reviews

Make your TelaDoc clone more engaging by enabling the patients to rate and review all your services through the same app.

Profile Creation

Add more doctors to your TelaDoc clone and enable them to create their detailed profile with experience and fee.

In-App Calendar

Help your doctors to schedule their monthly calendars with the available time slots and share that with the patients.

Schedule Consultation

Through the TelaDoc clone, the doctors can reschedule their consultation timings in real-time as per their availability.

Central Dashboard

Offer a centralized view of all the appointments, consultation types, payments, and future schedules to the doctors.

Total Earnings

Enable your doctors to track their monthly earnings and offer them account integration for direct money transfers.

Medical Records

Let your healthcare experts view all the medical records and history of the patients in a safe mode with access-based rights.

View Feedback

Encourage the doctors to offer the best healthcare services to the patients by rewarding them on the basis of their reviews.

Online Prescriptions
Online Prescription

Enable the healthcare experts to offer medical prescriptions and report analysis to their patients in a safe and online mode.

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How does TelaDoc App Work?

Launch an easy-to-use and effective telemedicine clone app that helps your patients and generate revenues for your clinic. Here’s how our TelaDoc clone works for your business.
  • 1
    User Registration

    Users, including the patients and the doctors, have to register on the app with a unique ID to access its robust services.

  • 2
    Appointment Booking

    After successful registration, the patients can access the complete list and can book an online appointment of any doctor for consultation.

  • 3
    Online Payments

    Once the appointment is made by the patients, they have to pay a specific online fee for the service chosen by them.

  • 4
    Video Consultation

    Finally, the doctors are connected through the appropriate medium by the admin at suitable date and time fixed initially by patients.

How Much Does a TelaDoc Clone Cost?

Ready to begin your doctor appointment app development? Share your ideas and requirements with our experts to get an accurate cost for your TelaDoc clone.

Developing a custom TelaDoc app with your choice of features and technology consumes a lot of time. Right from framing the MVP, to designing the screens of your telemedicine clone app, things take time and resources. That’s why calculating the total cost of a TelaDoc clone is a tedious task. We need to know what your exact requirements are and what you expect from your telehealth app. So, to get an exact quote for your custom TelaDoc clone, book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts.

Core Technologies Behind App Like TelaDoc

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is similar to TelaDoc?

There are many other on-demand doctor apps that you can leverage to create your custom telemedicine clone app. To name a few, we have: 

  • MeMD 
  • iCliniq 
  • Amwell 
  • MDlive 
  • Doctor on Demand 
  • LiveHealth Online

2. Why should we invest in a telemedicine app like TelaDoc?

In today’s digital and competitive world, telemedicine has become such a huge trend that nearly every other healthcare brand is investing in telemedicine app development. Furthermore, the recent surge in the pandemic cases also made telemedicine app development a necessity rather than a luxury for the healthcare industry. That’s why, whether it is a small clinic, or a large hospital, everybody today has launched their own telemedicine app. Not to say, the start-ups are also in the race of launching their own telemedicine app and then offering them to various healthcare institutes for making money.  

3. What is unique about TelaDoc?

TelaDoc is considered to be the very popular and robust telemedicine app in the US region. In fact, it is one of the very first remote consultation apps that was started in that region. With successful models and attractive features, a TelaDoc clone could be your game-changer for succeeding in the digital healthcare market.  

4. What is the business model of TelaDoc?

TelaDoc generated its major revenues from subscription-based models. That means, any hospital, or clinic, or even doctors and patients have to pay an annual or monthly fee to access the app anytime they want. The app offers multiple models satisfying the requirements of different users.  

5. How can I monetize my TelaDoc clone?

There are many ways through which you can monetize your TelaDoc clone. For instance, you can include subscription-based models in your app for your premium members, or you can run online ads on your TelaDoc clone for third-party businesses. Charging an extra fee for waiting and for extra consultation is also one of the ways for earning an extra revenue for your app. You can consult more about this from an app development expert.  

6. Can you submit my TelaDoc clone on the Play Store/App Store?

Yes, we can help you submit your TelaDoc clone on any platform of your choice. However, that service is paid and will eventually impact your total cost and time estimation of your project. Hence, make sure that you mention this requirement in the initial consultation call with experts to get an accurate estimation.  

7. How long does it take to build an on-demand app?

The time for creating any on-demand app depends on many factors and majorly on your project requirements. For instance, the technology you choose, features you want in your app, complexity of the design, customizations, testing method, and more; there are many factors that one must consider before calculating the final time of development. Hence, the best way is to consult with an expert about your project requirements and get an accurate time estimation.  

8. Are you the copyright owner of TelaDoc?

No, we are not the copyright owner of the TelaDoc app. However, we have years-long experience and access to some of the best professionals around the world that can create the exact same on-demand doctor app like TelaDoc. Right from features to custom designs, we can implement anything in your TelaDoc clone as per your needs and wants. Visit us to know more about our TelaDoc clone app development.