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What is Travelocity?

With a tagline of ‘Wander Wisely’, Travelocity is a pioneer of the travel and hospitality industry that offers many robust services including accommodations, tour packages, cruises, car rentals, and even online activity booking services. Whether you need to stay at your favorite resort, or you want to watch that perfect theatre show, the Travelocity app has got you covered. Multiple-language support, visual-rich resources, and versatile benefits to the merchants are some other reasons that eventually facilitated the trend of Travelocity clones. When are you planning to launch your own Travelocity clone?
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Successful Models

Leverage the successful business models and monetization technique of the Travelocity app to make your clone a hit.

Engaging UI

Attract users from across the world by offering a similar interface like the Travelocity app in your hotel booking clone.

Assured Returns

Get 100% returns on your investments in the shortest time and at less effort with your own custom Travelocity clone.

Easy Marketing

Easily market your app without investing much and reach masses with your custom hotel booking app like Travelocity.

Unique Features of Travelocity Clone to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for your Travelocity clone app that make your hotel booking app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
User Management

Add multiple users to your app by validating their contact details and manage the existing ones with their payment modes.

Add Merchants

Increase the chances of your earnings by adding a comprehensive range of merchants to your Travelocity clone.

Page Management
Content Management

Manage all the content published on your hotel booking clone including blogs, images, contents and reviews.

Total Commissions

Deduct the commissions from the payments made by your customers and alert the merchants for any due payments.

Track Booking

Keep a track of all the bookings done through your Travelocity clone and alert the users for cancellation or payment disputes.

Customer Base
Customer Support

Solve all your customer queries and help your users and merchants with real-time assistance through automated chatbot.

Discounts and Offers

Manage all your ad campaigns and track the performance of the offers provided to your customers.

Central Dashboard

Get real-time user-analytics that could help you frame your future strategies and offers with a centralized dashboard.

List Property

Enable your tour partners to list their properties on your Travelocity clone that could enhance the profits.

Manage Requests

Enable your hotel owners to manage all the requests of accommodation through the app while analysing their current capacity.

Page Management
Property Description

Enable your hotel partners to update their property description anytime they want with the same Travelocity clone.

Revenue Management

Offer a centralized module to your hotel partners for managing their total online payments and for bank transfers.

Online Verification

Make your Travelocity clone more secure and efficient by letting the merchants verify the user through OTP.

Custom Prices

Enable your tour partners to change their prices instantly while looking at the market trends and customer needs.

Ratings and Reviews

Help your partners to enhance their services by offering them reviews and ratings provided by the customers.

Total Bookings

Bestow your partners to manage their online bookings and requests easily while tracking the returns with a dedicated module.

Hotel Booking

Offer a comprehensive list of hotels and resorts nearby to the preferred area of the users and allow them to book those online.

Tour Packages

Attract global audiences with lucrative tour packages that completely satisfies their needs in their budget.

Flight Booking

Suggest the best offers and an accurate fare detail of the flights for your user’s travel plans through Travelocity clone.

Fare Estimate

Enable your users to access the complete fare details of their stay and travel as per their requirements.

Accept Request
Cancel Trip

Offer easy cancellation policies with quick payment returns to your users and get their trust with enhanced user-experience.

Pre Payments

Offer an engaging prepaid functionality to your users by enabling them to book the rooms at minimal cost instantly.

Reward Points

Engage your existing users and attract the new ones to your Travelocity clone by offering discounts and referral rewards.

Travel Resources

Attract more customers and entice the existing ones by offering them loyalty rewards and new-user discounts.

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How does Travelocity Clone Work?

Get a feature-rich hotel booking app that offers the best user-experience and promotes your business goals. Here’s how Travelocity clone works for your business.
  • 1

    The users have to register themselves on your Travelocity clone to access all the booking services and tour packages.

  • 2
    Select Service

    After successful registration, users can select any of the services while mentioning the date of travel to get a fare estimate.

  • 3
    Online Payments

    Once the service is selected, the users will get the final cost based on their requirements which they have to pay online.

  • 4
    Confirm Bookings

    Finally, the admin confirms their booking and sends them a digital receipt while transferring the payment to the merchant.

How Much Would it Cost for a Custom Travelocity Clone?

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Calculating the cost of any custom mobile application is not an easy task as it undertakes many factors for consideration, and Travelocity clone is no exception. You need to firstly have a clear idea of your requirements and then about the resources that will be involved in turning your idea into a reality. Hence, one of the best approaches to eliminate such a time-consuming process is to discuss your requirements with the experts. An expert will analyse your needs and will offer you an accurate estimation. To get an exact quote for your Travelocity clone, book a free 30-min consultation with our experts! 

Core Technologies Behind App Like Travelocity

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Travelocity clone?

Travelocity clone is the best way to launch your own travel and hotel booking app with assured success at less effort. With this on-demand hotel booking app development services, you do not need to invest much on finding the best models and features as everything could be clones from the original app. You can even include your specific features and designs to make that Travelocity clone as per your business standards.

2. How do I create an online booking app?

To create your custom online booking app like Travelocity, you need to follow some certain steps like, 

  • Identifying a suitable development model 
  • Selecting advanced tech-stack and features 
  • Investing in an aesthetic design 
  • Hiring professional app developers 
  • Creating MVP 
  • Following agile development methodology 
  • Testing your app 
  • App submission 

3. What other companies are like Travelocity?

There are other popular hotel booking apps like Travelocity that you can leverage to create your custom clones. To name a few, we have: 

  • Airbnb 
  • Expedia 
  • Priceline 
  • Trip Advisor 

4. What is Travelocity’s business model?

Travelocity partners with other hotel and small travel agencies to make their tour packages and attracts users with smart tech-stacks for its application. Besides that, the brand also charges a certain amount of commissions from each deal made through its app. For last minute bookings, the customer has to pay a little extra which also adds to its overall revenues.

5. What makes Travelocity unique?

Besides pre-payment and reward point functionality, the amazing deals in flight plus hotel bookings makes Travelocity the best for travellers. People from all over the world benefit from the smart algorithms and amazing offers provided by the Travelocity app, and that popularity is what makes Travelocity clone a trending aspect of the hotel booking app development market.  

6. How do I ensure a quality Travelocity clone development?

We follow agile development methodology for developing and testing your app. That means, you get involved at every stage during your Travelocity clone app development. Besides that, we also sign an NDA to ensure that none of your ideas and user data gets leaked to third-parties.

7. Do you offer app submission services for my Travelocity clone?

Yes, we do offer app submission services for your custom Travelocity clone. However, that service will affect your overall cost and time of app development. Hence, it is always a wise decision to firstly discuss this app submission requirement with your development partner to get an exact quote for your app.

8. Are you a copyright owner of Travelocity?

No, we are not the copyright owner of the Travelocity app. However, we can help you create a similar travel and hotel booking app like Travelocity catered to your specific needs. Right from features, to tech-stack, you can clone everything from the original app or can even add your custom features to make it apt for your business and target audience.