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Elevate your travel and hotel booking brand and ensure greater profits while sitting remotely with a feature-rich and custom Trivago clone.
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What is Trivago?

Trivago is an exceptionally popular travel and hotel booking platform that eases the work of travelers. You can easily find a perfect stay destination for your next travel by comparing the prices from different apps on a single platform. That means different prices of the same property can be viewed from multiple travel apps on a single screen, which eventually makes your selection process easier. You can easily click on the best deal and you will be forwarded to that site that is offering the lowest price. Due to such a unique concept, the Trivago clone is becoming popular day by day in the travel app development market.
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Better Reach

Enjoy better revenues and profits by reaching millions easily with a feature-rich and dedicated Trivago clone.

Popular Brand

Make your custom travel app development a hit by offering a similar experience to your users like Trivago.

Successful Models

Enjoy the limitless performance and huge revenues for your Trivago clone by leveraging our successful models.

100% ROI

Invest at bookless cost and get 100% returns on your investments quickly and easily with a custom Trivago clone.

Unique Features of App Like Trivago to Set You Apart

Offer your users the best experience and make your Trivago clone the best in the market with these competitive functionalities.
Need Custom Features?
Hotel Management

Manage all the hotels listed on your Trivago clone and add the new ones by validating their details with OTP.

User Management

Add users to your Trivago clone and manage the existing ones by offering them referral bonuses and loyalty rewards.

Online Commissions

Automatically deduct your commission from all the bookings happening through your Trivago clone with the mobile app.

Push Notification

Notify your users about your recent discounts and offers in a personalized manner with push notifications.

Discounts and Coupons

Increase the engagement of your Trivago clone and keep a track of all the discounts and loyalty programs with one tap.

Language Management

Offer the scope and reach of your travel app and enhance the user experience by offering multi-language support.

Customer Support

Automate all your customer care operations without much cost by including an AI-based chatbot in your Trivago clone.

Booking Details

Get complete details of all the bookings happening through your app and alert the users in case of incomplete payments.

Profile Creation

Enable your users to log in using their social media accounts or using their unique email address for a simple onboarding.

Stay Details

Let your users edit their stay and travel details by simply editing the dates, and place of travel to view all the stay options.

Fare Estimate

Offer a plethora of options to your users along with the best deal and let them choose from multiple sites easily.

Cab Bookings

Make your customer’s travel plans more efficient by allowing them to book the cabs directly from your Trivago clone.

Flight Bookings

Enable your customers to view and book tickets for various activities from a specific location using the TripAdvisor clone.

Booking Overview

Give your users a sense of credibility by offering them their booking overview through a confirmation mail or text.

Travel Packages

Increase engagement and generate more revenues by offering your customers a complete travel package.

Multiple Currency

Reach users across the boundaries by enabling your target audience to pay online in their preferred currency.

Register Property

Enable your hosts to add their hotels and other properties directly to the Trivago clone by creating a profile.

Edit Profile

Enable your partners to edit their property details and images anytime they want directly with the mobile app.

Custom Price

Increase the chances of businesses listing on your app by allowing them to change the prices with varying market trends.

Booking Management

Offer your hosts complete booking management options and also offer them all the details for the users.

Online Payments

Offer your business partners to collect the payments directly through your mobile app in any currency they want.

User Details

Facilitate a seamless connection between your customers and hosts by exchanging their details with each other.

Room Management

Enable your hotel partners to add or customize any of their rooms as per their wants seamlessly with the Trivago clone.

Support Module

Offer constant and reliable support to your partners and build credibility for your custom Trivago clone app.

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How Does Trivago Work?

Offer the most user-friendly and engaging travel app to your customers and ensure better revenues instantly. Here’s how your custom Trivago clone works.
  • 1
    Enter Details

    The users need to enter their details and also need to update their travel plans like the place, date of travel, and so on.

  • 2
    Get Options

    Once that is done, they can see multiple options for their travel stays, cabs, flights, and more on the Trivago clone.

  • 3
    Make Payments

    For all the services that they have selected, the users need to make payments using any suitable online channel.

  • 4
    Confirm Bookings

    At last, the admin directs the payment to the respective hotel owner who then confirms the booking of the users.

How Much Would it Cost for a Custom App Like Trivago?

Creating a custom travel app involves a lot of factors and complex calculations. Here’s how much will it cost you to launch a custom Trivago clone!

Calculating the exact cost of any custom app is a tedious task as the number of factors always vary as per the customer’s needs and expectations. Whether it be the choice of features and technologies or the number of dedicated resources hired by the client, or even the testing method opted; there are a plethora of things that must be considered before concluding. Hence, the best way to figure out the cost of your custom Trivago clone is through expert consultation. An expert would carefully analyze all your requirements and would present you with an accurate estimate. To get an exact quote for your Trivago clone, book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts today! 

Core Technologies Behind App Like Trivago

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make an app like Trivago?

To create a travel app like Trivago, you need to follow certain steps, such as: 

  • Validate your app development ideas 
  • Hire a professional and reliable app development company 
  • Look for the best features and designs 
  • Include next-gen technologies 
  • Create an MVP 
  • Develop your app 
  • Test your travel app 
  • Deploy on various online platforms 

2. What kind of app is Trivago?

Trivago is a travel app that showcases various properties and flight options to the users. With Trivago, the users can easily plan their travel while sitting at their homes. Right from hotel booking and flight search to popular destinations and even cab bookings, everything can be done from the same app.  

3. How does Trivago make money?

Trivago uses a CPC business model to generate revenues for its platform. CPC refers to cost-per-click that means, whenever a user clicks on the ads, the cost is paid from the business partners listed on the Trivago platform. Besides that, the app also charges a nominal fee from the hosts that wish to promote their business on the app. 

4. What technology does Trivago use?

Yes, we can help you convert your static website to a feature-rich mobile application. All you need is to fill our form below and consult your ideas and requirements with our experts for free and our proficient developers will start your project right away! 

5. Is app submission covered in your package?

Yes, we do offer app submission services for your travel app like Trivago. However, if you opt for other services like App Store optimization, then that may impact your overall cost and time estimate. Hence, it is always better to discuss all such requirements initially with our experts.

6. How soon can we start my Trivago clone app development?

As soon as you discuss your requirements and ideas over a free consultation call, and we prepare your NDA, our developers would start working on your project. You can choose your development team, and will also get notified on every stage of your app development with us.   

7. What resources will I need for Trivago clone app development?

You will need the following resources before starting your travel app development project for an efficient and feature-rich Trivago clone: 

  • Project manager 
  • Front end developer 
  • Backend developer 
  • API developer 
  • UI/UX designer 
  • Testers 
  • Digital marketing team 

8. Are you a copyright owner of the Trivago app?

No, we are not the copyright owner of Trivago. However, we have experts that are proficient in developing and delivering similar travel apps like Trivago with your choice of features and tech-stack. You can easily scale your Trivago clone as your business grows, and can even add more advanced features in the future with our post-launch services.