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What is ZocDoc?

ZocDoc is an innovative and techno-friendly digital healthcare platform that remotely connects the best healthcare experts. This easy-to-use on-demand doctor app has facilitated digital healthcare in a true sense by offering some robust features like online appointment booking, digital payment facilities, prescription sharing, report analysis, medication reminder, and much more. Due to such magnificent and essential features, today, the ZocDoc clone app has become a profitable trend for the startups and brands associated with the healthcare industry.
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Better Consultation

Offer more advanced and accurate consultation to all your patients across the boundaries with a custom ZocDoc clone app.

More Revenues

Consult more patients and generate better revenues while streamlining your appointment booking process with a telehealth app.

Wider Reach

Reach to the masses and efficiently market your app with the tried and tested strategies of the ZocDoc app for your clone.

100% ROI

Invest at a low cost and quickly get complete returns on your investments with a custom ZocDoc clone app.

Unique Features of ZocDoc Clone App to Set You Apart

Discover some of the unique and advanced features for your ZocDoc clone app that makes your doctor appointment app development a hit in the market.
Need Custom Features?
User Management

Add new users and doctors to your ZocDoc clone app by validating their details and maintaining their current information.

Central Dashboard

Get a bird's eye's view of all the processes happening on your ZocDoc clone app with their real-time status.

Total Bookings
Total Bookings

Get a centralized view of the doctors' total booking requests accepted, with their location and timing.

Online Commissions
Online Commissions

Deduct the commissions directly from the total payment made by the patient and send the remaining amount to doctors.

EHR Integration

Integrate tools like EHR and CRM in your ZocDoc clone app to enhance its working and capabilities.

Doctor Speciality

Categorize all your healthcare partners as per their location, insurance covers, and speciality to make it easy for your patients.

Medical History

Keep a real-time check at the patient's history and offer access-based rights to view that information.

Custom Service Fee

Upgrade your consultation and subscription fees anytime you want by analyzing the market trends and customer behavior.

Nearby Doctors

Offer geolocation-based services to your patients by enabling them to search for nearby doctors through the app.

Upcoming Availability

Enable your users to check the real-time availability of their chosen doctors in advance by selecting a date and time.

Multi-User Chat

Facilitate better treatments and consultation by offering a multi-user chat functionality in your ZocDoc clone app.

Book Appointment

Help your patients to book the appointment of their favourite doctors via the app as per their suitable time and date.

Add Insurance

Integrate the insurance functionality in your app and enable users to select doctors under those insurance covers.

Video Consultations

Include audio/video functionality in your ZocDoc clone app to facilitate better healthcare consultations for your patients.

Digital Payments

Offer multiple payment channels, including digital wallets, and iWatches to get instant payments and fees from your users.

Ratings and Reviews

Increase user engagement on your ZocDoc clone app and build trust by enabling your users to rate and review the services.

Profile Creation

Enable your doctors to create their detailed profile, including fees, certifications, speciality, and a valid contact number.

Schedule Appointment

Bestow your healthcare partners to schedule their bookings anytime, and any day they want as per their availability.

Accept/Reject Bookings

Offer a real-time view of the total booking requests made for a specific doctor, and allow them to accept/reject requests easily.

Total Earnings
Total Earnings

Offer a centralized platform to view the total earnings made by the doctors and allow them bank transfer from your ZocDoc clone app.

Add Certificates

Increase the chances of earnings for your healthcare partners by allowing them to edit their profiles and add new certifications easily.

View Reviews

Enable your doctors to view the reviews and ratings provided by their patients and help them enhance their services.

Patient History

Through your ZocDoc clone app, the doctors can view a complete history of the patients with access-based rights.

Share Prescriptions

Enable your doctors to share the prescriptions and analyze the reports online that can be shared with the patients.

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How does ZocDoc Work?

Offer a futuristic and user-friendly telemedicine app clone that elevates your healthcare services. Here's how our custom ZocDoc clone app works for your firm.
  • 1
    Choose Specialization

    The users, after successful registration, have to choose a particular specialization of the doctors to view the list.

  • 2
    Check Availability

    Once the patients select the doctor, they can view its availability, fees, certifications, and reviews.

  • 3
    Pay Fees

    The patients have to pay the fees using suitable payment options for the service they selected on the ZocDoc clone app.

  • 4
    Video Consultation

    Finally, the admins deduct the commissions and set up a consultation call with their chosen doctors.

How Much Does a ZocDoc Clone App Cost?

Launch a successful and business-centric ZocDoc clone app with our expert's consultation services. Fill our form below and get an exact estimation for your telemedicine app clone.

Creating an on-demand application requires the involvement of different factors and careful evaluation of your requirements, and the ZocDoc clone app is no exception. Whether it be the choice of technology, the features you chose for your on-demand doctor app, or even the number of resources you hired for your ZocDoc clone app, everything impacts your overall cost and time estimations. Furthermore, factors like scalability, customizations, and other opted services add more value to the app while increasing its cost. Therefore, if you are looking for accurate cost estimation, expert consultation is the only best method. To get an exact cost, book a free 30 minute expert consultation right away! 

Core Technologies Behind App Like ZocDoc

Discover the latest and reliable tech-stack that would help you stand out from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is telemedicine app development?

Telemedicine app development is an on-demand service that enables healthcare brands and clinics to connect remotely with the patients and make better revenues. Telemedicine apps benefit all the parties involved, viz., the patients, the doctors, and the admin. You can include your custom features, tech0stack and designs to make any telemedicine app fit for your business requirements. 

2. What is ZocDoc used for?

ZocDoc is used to consult with the best healthcare experts across the world while sitting at home. The doctors can connect with the patients and manage their daily routine, while the patients can access the best healthcare services. Besides that, a ZocDoc clone app is also a perfect choice for brands looking to launch a startup in the healthcare sector.  

3. How does ZocDoc make money?

ZocDoc offers subscription-based models to the patients and also charges them for every visit. Besides that, the app even asks for a specific amount from the healthcare partners to list them and to market their names on the app.  

4. Who are ZocDoc's competitors?

Many other prominent telemedicine apps are playing well in the market, such as: 

  • Amwell 
  • Zesty 
  • Practice Fusion 
  • Tlaloc 
  • Evariant 

5. What is unique about ZocDoc?

With ZocDoc, the patients can easily link their insurance plans to pay for their opted services. Furthermore, the app has a comprehensive list of healthcare experts for every field, be it mental health, urgent care, or even birth care. The doctors can also use that app to earn better revenues while serving the patient’s needs. Due to such a versatile model, ZocDoc is a top-rated app in the USA.  

6. Do you offer app submission services for a ZocDoc clone app?

Yes, we offer app submission services to help you launch your app on the Play Store/App Store. However, that service involves using resources and tools and thus impacts the overall time and cost for your ZocDoc clone app development. So, to get accurate estimations for your app, it is best to discuss these requirements during the initial consultation.  

7. What is the time needed for ZocDoc clone app development?

The time required to create a telehealth app like ZocDoc majorly depends on your requirements and the app’s complexity. Right from selecting an appropriate tech stack to developing your app and testing it, everything consumes time. If you want to get an exact time for your ZocDoc clone app development, then consulting your ideas and requirements with experts is the best way.  

8. Are you a copyright owner of ZocDoc?

No, we do not own any of the content and technologies related to ZocDoc. But, we have experts in app development that can help you create a similar telehealth app like ZocDoc in your budget. Right from features to the development team, you can choose anything for your custom ZocDoc clone app. Visit us to know more about our on-demand app development services.