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How Staff Augmentation Helps Your Business Thrive?

Lesser capital costs

Lower operational costs

Shorter time-to-market cycle

Higher resource availability

Improved workforce capability

Reduced risks and investments

Increased efficiency

Higher flexibility and scalability

Meet tight schedules

Increased customer satisfaction

More chances of achieving technology goals

Higher success ratio

Flexible Engagement Models to
Help You Find the Best Fit


With our offices spread across the globe, we are able to better understand our clients from different cultures and thus breakthrough cultural, linguistic and ethnic barriers. Matellio makes sure that all of our various chapters are in perfect sync with each other at all times using various in-house communication channels. Our teams in India are at all times linked to our various global offices to make information sharing easier and seamless.


Our working methodology combines the benefits of onshore and offshore development processes. In this model, a project manager is assigned to the client in the U.S. under whose guidance our team in India works on the project. With the help of our impeccable in-house communication, our off-shore teams stay connected to us 24*7, thus eliminating any scope of error in the development process or any loss of information.

Why Choose Matellio for Staff Augmentation?


Your dedicated team would work for you exclusively, giving an extra edge to your project.


You have direct management of the team through Scrum, voice / video chat, and PM tools.


Our monthly billing model ensures no surprises with predetermined, predictable costs.


Beyond regular reports, we offer detailed assessments and suggestions to make your projects better.


We break the mould. With Matellio, you can get what you need quickly, cheaply, and with quality.


Security and confidentiality are our top priorities. Your data, as well as the idea, is safe with us.

From Ideas to Prototype to Software Products that are Loved by Your Users!

Rapid prototype development services to create fully-interactive, high-fidelity prototypes that look and work exactly like your app is required to.

How Do You Choose Hiring Plan?

Hire Resources on Time & Material Basis Model for
  • Long-term projects with dynamic requirements
  • Unclear project requirements
  • Flexibility to modify the scope or vary workloads
Hire Us on Turnkey
Model for
  • Short-term projects or MVP development
  • Projects with a well-defined scope
  • For assigning test task to the developers
Choose Dedicated Resource Hiring for
  • Dynamic project requirements
  • Varying workloads and timeframes
  • Long-term projects and flexibility

Frequently Asked Question

If relied on as a permanent working model, staff augmentation will certainly represent an overall higher resource cost. The staff augmentation firm will add an overhead and margin to the direct cost of resources, the contractors themselves may also cost extra than you would pay for a permanent workforce performing the same function. In the short-term, the reduction of hiring/de-hiring costs might counterbalance the increased resource cost. When used as a long-term solution, however, that offset may pan out differently and subsequently will probably be lost.

Staff augmentation is not the same as outsourcing –they are two completely different delivery models. Outsourcing, allows companies to execute an entire project using resources of another firm; the responsibility for the entire project is handed to another firm. This firm would complete the work using its resources, services and workforce. The responsibility regarding accomplishing results lies completely with the outsourcer. Outsourcing tends to be a good choice if your primary goal is to minimize expenses and project risk.

Often businesses, need a couple of more involved talented and qualified hands on deck. Procuring these individuals in a conventional way could be a tedious and costly affair. In simple language, it’s hiring on a contractual basis rather than as a permanent employee basis.

Here is the process what we generally follow at Matellio:
  • Step 1: Requirement Gathering
  • Step 2: Requirement Analysis
  • Step 3: HR Vetting and Candidate Screening
  • Step 4: Technical Interview
  • Step 5: Candidate Shortlisting
  • Step 6: Review and Selection by Client
  • Step 7: Offer Confirmation
  • Step 8: Candidate Onboarding
  • Step 9: Project Kickoff

No, there is no need to fear commitment to our IT staffing solutions. Starting with a consultation, we ensure that we understand your individual staffing needs of the clients. We also don’t limit our clients in terms of team size wherein they can vary the same depending on their requirements. You are free to scale up or down the team size as per your requirements.

We also track our developer’s performance on a regular basis. Clients can let the project managers know in order to get the daily performance reports of the developers hired by them. Alternatively, these reports can be weekly/ monthly/ quarterly depending on your specific requirements.

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