Artificial Intelligence-based Monitoring Systems
Matellio leverages advanced AI algorithms with 3D sensing techniques to design a wide range of monitoring solutions for easing your operations and detecting what a normal-human might miss.

How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Software Monitoring Systems?

AI has come up with real-time monitoring of the data powered by intelligent analysis as a solution to deal with various issues in different sectors. The notion has been incorporated in a wide array of domains, be it healthcare, agriculture, or some home surveillance system for detecting any loopholes, whatever they may be. AI has proven to be much more accurate and reliable than a manual system as it ensures that no piece of information or data goes missing.


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Services an AI-based Monitoring System can provide

AI-based Monitoring System techniques for simplifying your operations.

Predictive Machine Learning

Predictive machine learning is a familiar technique utilized in monitoring and performance management for different kinds of software solutions. It results in a model of normal behavior which is capable of predicting different outcomes for the next data point to be observed.

Descriptive Machine Learning

Descriptive machine learning in AI-based monitoring solutions is utilized in examining and comprehending the sense out of some data. The information extracted then explains the meaning in a manner that human beings can understand and use it for fulfilling their purposes.

Generative Machine Learning

Generative machine learning is the descriptive model in reverse. One of the good uses of generative machine learning is to create realistic load tests. This advanced practice helps in evaluating the system performance using these load tests.

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AI-based Monitoring System Use Cases

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