How to Develop Online Coaching Business Platform Like Kajabi?

Updated on Mar 29th, 2024

As the business world is moving towards complete digitization, hardly any sector left has not been digitized. The education sector has kept up with the trend and has gained a massive user base and revenue figures.  Online education platform development has been on the rise since the last decade. The number of colleges and schools is growing at a rapid rate, yet they lack in various aspects that are needed for an ideal education model. The reasons for the failure of these offline institutions have become the reason for the success of these online learning platforms that focus on interactive learning. 

Along with the users, a number of entrepreneurs are interested in starting their online coaching platform. Online coaching delivers an interactive way of learning with various rewards. The most important reason for the popularity is that users can start learning from anywhere; they only require a reliable internet connection and a smartphone or computer. 

The online coaching industry has taken over the internet by storm, and everyone wants a piece of this fruitful pie. One such online learning platform is Kajabi. It helps the users in creating a meaningful online course and deliver these courses to interested students. Since its launch, Kajabi has gained a significant number of users and has been in the trend. Let’s get to know Kajabi and its working. 

What is Kajabi?    

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Kajabi is a revolutionary online platform that delivers a simplified technology system to its users that consists of everything needed to sell their products online. It has simplified the process to the extent that various online creators are finding it highly feasible to use. Users can create their website without unnecessary plug-ins and create their online courses in an ergonomic way. Apart from online course business setup, users can also design their marketing campaigns to enhance the reach of their products. 

Kajabi was launched in the year 2010 by Travis Rosser and Kenny Rueter. The team size of Kajabi consists of sixty members and has over 25000 individual course creators that are associated with the platform. The popularity of this online coaching platform is so massive that various giants of the online coaching industry avail their services, such as Brendan Burchard and Amy Porterfield. 

Various creators who use Kajabi for their online courses are termed as ‘Kajabi Hero’ if their sale crosses a thousand US dollars. Kajabi has gained a massive reputation because of the features and benefits it delivers to the users. A first and most important benefit is the absence of plug-ins that make it convenient for the users to manage their online course business easily. The course created on Kajabi is operational on both the computer and mobile devices making it easy for the customers to market their online course. Users from various backgrounds can use its effortless features and build the online course they want to market, including attractive page design and a result-oriented marketing funnel. 

The most essential feature of any successful online coaching platform is customer service which Kajabi has in abundance. It offers 24×7 customer support with its elegant chat feature that guarantees a reply with five minutes. It has constantly been improving its customer service and help its users at any point of their course creation. 

How Kajabi Works?    

Kajabi is a one-stop solution for any online course creator. You can create and manage your courses without learning about website creation or any other new technology. The website builder of Kajabi consists of free hosting and SSL certificate, page builder, a number of website themes, page builder, and blog accessibility. 

As a creator, you can create various study materials for your students, such as videos, eBooks, online lectures, polls, etc. To generate qualified leads, you can use Kajabi’s wide variety of marketing tools that enable you to create a number of landing pages and use its efficient CRM tool. 

It’s not like other online course platforms; here, you have complete control over the pricing and duration of your course, you can create your own policies for your students and deliver them quality education. All you have to do is to pay a fee to Kajabi, and you are good to go. 

Market Size of Online Coaching/Course Platform    

As per the report of Research and Market, the worldwide online education market is going to experience a CAGR of 9.23% by the year 2025. It has been expected that the online education sector will increase from a valuation of 187.877 billion US dollars in the year 2019 to a figure of 319.167 billion US dollars by the year 2025. Increasing use of the internet has given this field an immense boost. In times of pandemic, these online coaching businesses flourished as a vast fraction of students have to complete their studies. Enhanced adoption of cloud-based solutions combined with massive investments by the giants of the markets towards enhancing the security and reliability of the cloud-based education platforms. 

Online coaching businesses are delivering a number of functional features that have proven to enhance their popularity which ultimately increased their user base. Since the increase in the online course platforms numbers, the cost of hosting and other essentials has dropped, making it more feasible for other enthusiasts to join the field. As the number of platforms will increase, the market size is projected to grow at a significant rate. Online course platforms are implementing the use of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) in their app or website that allows them to deliver intelligent solutions to their consumer base.

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Top Features to Include in Your Online Course Platform Development    

The core features of any eLearning app or website make it worthwhile from a user’s point of view. Since your online coaching platform will entertain students, teachers, and the admins who manage the whole platform, the features need to meet their requirements. With enhanced features, you can create a platform that will be popular in no time. To develop an app like Kajabi, you can ask your mobile app development company to include the carefully designed and ergonomic features for each section. 

1. Student profile features

Advanced Search: This feature will allow the students to search for their desired online courses by adding filters for various parameters like pricing, author, duration, expertise level, etc. 

Recommendations: You can leverage the functions of cache to analyze a student’s behavior on your platform and suggest them a list of course based on their online behavior or their already selected course. 

Video Streaming: Students can use this feature to avail live or pre-recorded lectures for their selected course on your platform and make the most of their program. 

Intelligent Payment Options: Students will have to pay for their online coaching, and they will require a feasible payment option. Integrate a functional payment gateway on your platform for a seamless experience. 

Student Dashboard: Students will be able to analyze various factors on a single dashboard, such as course history, course progress, payment dues, tentative completion of a course, etc. 

2. Course Creator’s Profile Features  

Course Creation and Updates: The users should be able to create the online course of their choice with ease. This feature will deliver them various functions such as page creation, set pricing, duration of the course, etc. Apart from creation, they should be able to implement changes in their created course. 

Community Feed: Creators should have a community feed that will be shared with the existing students or the interested students. Creators can share various details and updates about their courses here to keep their community updated. 

Dashboard: A creator’s dashboard will be different from the student’s. Creators can manage their course from this dashboard and see the performance of their course, like number of the purchase, number of people enrolled, number of inquiries, etc. 

3. Admin Profile Features   

Add or Delete Users: As the role of admin consists of various decision-making, this feature will allow them to add or edit users on the platform. If a user has not paid the dues or has violated the policy of the platform, the admin should have the right to remove them. 

Statistics: Admins should be able to determine the performance of the platform and users over. This feature will allow them to get the overall picture of the platform in terms of performance and reward the users accordingly. 

Notifications: The admins will be able to manage the notifications of the platform through this feature. They can notify users about various upcoming plans of the platform to the users. 

Plan Change: If a user or student requests a subscription plan change, they should be able to perform that action through this feature.

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Online Course Platform Like Kajabi Development Process    

Online course business platforms are in demand and will be in demand as education never goes out of fashion. Before starting the development process, you should define your development approach whether you want a custom online course platform or a ready-made platform. Custom app or website development will enable you to do different from the crowd and implement your innovative ideas, whereas, in the case of ready-made developments, you’ll end up with repetitive features and functionalities. 

Now that you have decided on your development approach, move towards in-depth market research to find out about your competitors and their business strategies. Knowing the current trends of the eLearning market will deliver you a set of ideas for your project. Deep research will reveal various facts about the market, such as the most trending features, the customer’s expectations, and the revenue generation of each learning app out there. 

The next step involves creating a solid road map that will direct the process of the development of your app like Kajabi. With all the relevant data yielded from your research, decide the plan that will fetch you the platform of your dreams. At this stage, brainstorm with your in-house team about your business model, budget, and features to be included in your platform. 

After making a proficient development plan, move toward the next step of your online coaching business development process that is deciding the app architecture. Your ideal online course platform will consist of three user interfaces, one for students, one for creators, and one for your admins. At this stage, you should decide on the most critical factor of the process that is finding an ideal development partner. 

A reliable development partner will deliver you a team of experts that will create online coaching platforms of your expectations. You can go for a freelance team, but you may end up with a platform with low quality and functionalities. On the other hand, a full-fledged mobile app development company has all the resources and experience required to develop an excellent product. Various organizations like Matellio offer a choice of hiring models that can really ease up the process for you. 

The next step will involve developing a prototype and testing possible errors and bugs. You can ask your development partner for a prototype to get an idea of the final product. Prototype development help reduce the errors in the final version and save time and cost. The prototype will include all the features, tech stack, and functionalities that your in-house team has decided to include. 

After the prototype has been approved, you can move towards full-fledged app development. IF everything goes according to your plan, you can plan your launching procedure with an efficient marketing and distribution plan. 

1. Technology Stack Required for Online Coaching Platform Development  

A state-of-the-art tech stack will take your online coaching business platform to great heights of success. Various popular learning apps in the market use a set of tech stacks as per the features they are delivering. Technologies embedded in your platform define the functionality and ease of access of the users. 

In the case of front-end development, you can ask your Kajabi developers to use languages and frameworks like JavaScript, bootstrap, CSS3, Angular.JS/React.JS, etc. In the case of back-end development, you can consider Node.JS. 

For the purpose of database management, you can implement MongoDB, MySQL, Hbase, Cassandra, and Postgress. To facilitate easy payments to your users, whether the creators or the students, you can integrate PayPal, Stripe, Braintree-Wallet, etc. 

Push notifications are essential to bring back a dormant user or broadcast about various offers of the app and to enable them, you can use Twilio,, etc. For the purpose of real-time analytics, you can use Hadoop, Spark, Bigdata, CISCO, etc.

2. How Online Coaching Platforms Make Money?   

The most crucial part of any mobile app development process is revenue generation, and the development of any e-learning app is no different. Everyone wants to have a good ROI from their project and cross the break-even point as soon as possible. A diligent monetization model will assist you in achieving the desired revenue figure. Here are some of the top monetization models the existing online coaching business platforms use. 

Paid courses: Various platform charges students for their courses. However, some also a fraction of a course for free and charge for the other half. You can also implement this result-oriented strategy. 

Subscriptions: A traditional way of making money is subscriptions. Your platform can offer subscription-based on a monthly or yearly basis to deliver unrestricted access to a variety of content to the users. Make sure the prices are competitive. 

Paid Certificates: Several online coaching platforms use this model. They offer a certificate of completion that helps the users in their career path and levy a fee on the certificate. You can charge your potential students a fee for a course completion certificate that will display their performance and the expertise gained over the course. 

3. Factors Affecting the Cost of Development  

Cost is a variable factor in any mobile app development process. The overall price depends on a number of factors that are associated with your project. The first factor is the selected team for your development process; if you go for a freelance team with no structure, it will cost less. On the other hand, a full-fledged team delivered by a reputed team will consist of a project manager, business analysts, front-end and back-end developers, QA, and UI/UX designers. The next factor is your choice of a mobile app development company, its experience, reputation, and ratings. 

The number of features and their functionalities will also affect the overall pricing of the project. After the features, your choice of platform on which you want to launch your project will have an impact on the overall pricing. Single platform development will cost less as compared to cross-platform development. Location plays an essential role in the overall pricing; the location that you choose for your development will also affect the cost of your app, like Kajabi. 

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The Bottomline    

A lot of research is involved in the development of any online learning platform. Ensure to have your research in line and gather relevant facts. Understand the expectations of the users of your app and fulfill them with your technological expertise. Finding a reliable development partner is crucial as your app’s success and level of popularity depend on them. The online education sector is expected to cross significant milestones in the future; design your project to be future-ready. 

Matellio has developed a variety of online learning apps that have received great appreciation from users and clients. Our team of highly skilled engineers have diverse experiences and are well-rehearsed about the online education sector and the technologies involved in it. If you plan to develop an online coaching platform, we can turn your expectations into a reality. Request a Free Quote now! 

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