Top Benefits of Jira Salesforce CRM Integration

Updated on Jan 11th, 2024

Top 6 Benefits Of JIRA Salesforce Integration

Many organizations rely on at least one system in today’s tech environment. Salesforce CRM, for instance, is a customer relationship management system (CRM) that stores critical information about the clients and prospects. It also offers reports and visualizations to assist you in making informed decisions. Nowadays, modern companies have time-trackers, bug-trackers like Jira. When used independently, Jira and Salesforce CRM are unquestionably useful tools for team coordination and productivity. However, Jira Salesforce integration will help you to get much more benefit out of your investments in such tools.

The Salesforce Jira Integration helps the customer service department and the backend staff to see each other’s activities in real-time. With this transparency level, team teamwork becomes simpler, customer problems are addressed more quickly, and customer contact becomes more efficient. Salesforce Jira integration eliminates the need for team members to move between channels to find up-to-date client details or respond to a new request.

In today’s blog, we will talk about the benefits of integrating Jira with Salesforce CRM and also why it is so beneficial for your business. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

If you are new to Salesforce CRM and Jira, here’s a quick overview of both tools.

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What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that lets you keep track of and monitors your company’s interactions with its customers.

Marketing teams, for example, may use Salesforce Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to better coordinate marketing campaigns and achieve their objectives. Besides, salesforce CRM can be integrated with many other systems, for instance: salesforce ERP integration, Salesforce HubSpot integration, Salesforce Jira integration, and plenty others.

Apart from integration, you can use various other salesforce services like salesforce commerce cloud, salesforce service cloud, salesforce sales cloud, salesforce community cloud, etc.

Moving on, let’s discuss,

What is Jira?

what-is-jiraJira is a bug tracker, project manager, and problem tracker, all bundled into one. It’s a full kit that aids the business’s project management activities. This platform can be used in a variety of ways. The majority of organizations use JIRA for Scrum for problem monitoring, project management, or even software bug tracking. JIRA was created to monitor bugs and problems, but it was later modified to be project management software. JIRA is generally available in three versions: JIRA Core, JIRA Software, and JIRA Service Desk. Everyone aims to make tasks like traditional project management and agile methodologies easier.

  • Jira Core – JIRA core, as the title implies, is developed for project management teams and includes tools to assist them in completing a variety of projects.
  • Jira Software – The JIRA software incorporates all of the JIRA core components as well as agile features.
  • Jira Service Desk – The JIRA service desk is intended for IT employees and other positions categorized as service desks. 

Why integrate Salesforce CRM and Jira?

Businesses can reduce communication hurdles among their customer-facing and internal departments by combining Salesforce and JIRA. It aids in customer priorities, streamlines customer contact, and minimizes the workload it takes to resolve customer problems.

Salesforce CRM is being used to manage accounts, and Jira is used to monitor all core issues. The implementation enables a sales representative or administrator to gain a deeper understanding of the client’s current stage and expectations. Salespeople may examine integrated Salesforce and Jira records and alerts to obtain detailed information about each client or problem. This will allow you to take a more customized approach and give customers informative and appropriate queries.

The integration also enables:

  • Stronger team communication.
  • Collaboration between teams should be improved.
  • Improve your retention plan.
  • Full insight into how the runtime team treats each customer problem.
  • Improved customer support.
  • Enhances Transparency.
  • Configure and merge custom Jira fields with Salesforce CRM.
  • Enhances communication.
  • Better and increases productivity.
  • Customers will be able to access real-time alerts.
  • Increase the number of customers you have.

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Salesforce Jira Integration: what it offers? Top features!

Salesforce Jira integration offers lots of features and functionalities to you to streamline your business. A few of them are:

  • Project Roadmap – Salesforce and JIRA’s project roadmap makes it easier to get a good view of the particular product they’re working on. It aids in developing a project plan, the listing of different activities that must be completed to finish the work, and the creation of both short- and long-term objectives.
  • Time Tracking – The time tracking functionality is yet another outstanding component. It makes it easy to track how much time they spend on each task allocated in the process. This also aids teammates in monitoring individual progress and gaining a rough idea of how long the project will take to complete.
  • Dashboard – Dashboards give you a full picture of how well your company is doing based on key factors like industry dynamics, consumer behavior, and so on. For your company, you can build visualizations and produce accurate reports.
  • Reporting – You can get a lot of information about instances related to Jira issues, such as the total cases in which the Jira problem was addressed and a condensed overview of cases related to Jira by Jira status.
  • Security – It supports security-based constraints that limit the number of people or teams who can work on a given issue. Its Default Authorization Scheme adds new activities and assignments to it implicitly.

Jira and Salesforce CRM Integration

Several other features are:

  • Synchronization.
  • Task management.
  • Bugs management.
  • Reporting and Analytics.
  • Search and filtering options.
  • Advanced security.
  • Push notification.
  • Email integration.
  • Opportunity management.
  • Project management.
  • Contact management.
  • Export/import files.

Since we answered Salesforce, Jira, and what salesforce Jira integration offers. Now, it’s time to discuss,

Why Is Jira Salesforce Integration So Beneficial For Businesses?

Salesforce Jira Integration Top BenefitsThe business benefits of integrating Salesforce CRM with Jira are:

1. Unified Source 

The majority of the time, your team will end up storing critical project data in appropriate folders, through multiple networks, as well as on various devices. When group members ought to locate a bit of information right away, providing information through several devices may easily cause frustration or lag. You’ll build a single spot for your employees to manage information by storing all important project details in Salesforce CRM. Your team would be able to relate challenges and activities to the specific requirements specified in the documents – and vice versa – by linking Salesforce CRM to Jira.

2. Effective Collaboration 

Salesforce CRM is ideal for effective teamwork as it offers customized templates and a rich text editor for collaborative document development. When Salesforce and Jira are connected, collaboration becomes even stronger because departments can build new things anywhere within Salesforce CRM software.

Furthermore, Salesforce CRM and Jira integration improve cross-team communication by allowing teams to view the information in a user-friendly manner, which is ideal for bringing together both marketing and financial teams.

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3. Enhances Customer experience and engagement

Incorporate Salesforce Customers with JIRA to ensure that the service team has access to all client data and provides the highest level of service. Instead of switching between JIRA Service Desk and CRM, the representative would have more information to comprehend and communicate with clients would be more satisfied.

4. Enhanced reporting and analytics 

Jira is a project management methodology that produces a vast volume of project data. This is where linking Salesforce CRM and Jira together comes in useful. Salesforce CRM has an excellent reporting feature with the power of Salesforce Einstein Analytics Cloud. You’ll get a weekly update displayed on readable charts built on a simple layout with no coding needed if you integrate it with Jira. It’s the best solution for quick news.


5. Easy to provide Documentation to project reps 

Open and very well software documentation is important to the development process. The project team would appreciate access to the appropriate documents. You could enable individuals and support teams to quickly update review documents related to the tasks they’re continuously dealing with by merging Salesforce CRM and Jira software. Furthermore, you can build reliable connections to ensure that the relevant participants have access to the files they require at any time.

6. Saves Times 

Time is valuable, and efficiency is crucial, especially for sales and marketing account managers. Put the right details next to them in an easy-to-understand manner. Since all data will be synced, the Jira system will monitor all information of the open issues without having to add details manually in both systems or use both applications to monitor the information.

Salesforce Jira integration

Wrapping Up 

In this blog, we looked at a few of the good reasons to suggest Salesforce and Jira integration, along with some of the possible benefits. Salesforce Jira integration saves a lot of time, boosts efficiency, and yields a fast return on investment. Salesforce and Jira integration allow a company to get the most out of its processes and applications.

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