Social Media, Communication, Voting Application 

Social App Where Users Can Cast Votes on Things That Matter 

Project Introduction

Top Vote is an application built to settle the scores about things people love. Users can vote for things that matter to them and the things which they love. People who share content on the app can earn recognition and rewards, which they can redeem later under various different tabs.
Users can publish their best pictures, videos, and skills for a chance to be featured in TopVote’s hall of fame. Different brands collaborate to offer prizes to those who make it to the top. The concept of TopVote is promoting what users love and making it fun by introducing voting functionality.

Industry Brief

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Social Media


Website and Mobile App Development

Modern social media apps run on various concepts; Topvote takes it a notch higher by offering something most have only thought of as a mere feature. Social apps have gained a massive audience over the past decade, which led to more and more people experimenting with the niche. Topvote’s concept is to use the voting feature and have everything in the app revolve around it. Who doesn’t like voting and sharing their proud pictures and videos? That’s what TopVote is for.

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Technology Stack

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Highlights for Web and Mobile App Development for Topvote

Hall of Fame

A specific area in the app sets the top content shared exclusively apart.

Content Sharing

Users can upload audio, videos, photos, and more directly on the app.

Public/Private Voting

Users can list their uploads under public/private voting as they need.