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Citizenship Support is an incredible eLearning portal designed for aspiring Canadian Citizens. The website benefits users by offering a comprehensive range of preparation material along with mock tests, for free. With its innate information portal, it empowers the candidates to stay updated on the current trends with respect to Canadian Citizenship. The website also features a secure payment gateway that makes it easier for the Candidates to access official preparation material.

Industry Introduction

eLearning has revolutionized the way in which the knowledge is imparted to the seekers. New digital methods have largely replaced traditional methods of teaching that included chalk and duster. These digital methods do not only make the process of learning more exciting but have also make it simpler, more comfortable, and more effective. Knowledge seekers can repeat the lectures number of times, access updated content, receive quick delivery of lectures, and a lot more at comparatively lesser price.

Technology Stack

Language: Javascript, PHP, MySQL, HTML
Framework: Wordpress
Database: MySQL