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Diabetes Naturally is a healthcare web development and mobile application dedicated to support diabetic patients at different stages. It helps in managing diabetes by letting one track his insulin or blood glucose level for easy access to his concerned medical professional. The mobile application runs on the iOS platform. Users can register to the app for free for initial 14 days and later can opt for an optional paid subscription that offers additional features. They can set their goals, manage food intake, keep a check on calories burnt, set remainder for medication, track blood glucose level, weight management, stress management and keep notes on their health improvement. There is also a forum for paid users enabling them to ask health-related questions to experts on the app.

Industry Introduction

Diabetes is a responsibility one needs to take care of lifelong. It gets diagnosed when a person has high blood glucose either because of inadequate insulin production by the body or if the body cells do not respond appropriately to insulin. A routine like following a healthy eating plan, involving in physical activity, never skipping on medicines and monitoring diabetes comes as great support. With technology taking the forefront, many patients have become inclined to reap benefits from the online platform for fighting this disease.

Technology Stack

Language... PHP, Swift
Database... MySQL